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Smooth Criminal (Cover Art)

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Published: August 16, 2015
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Cover art for me and Michelle's new Michael Jackson cover! CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT ON YOUTUBE

Hey guys! So, Michelle Creber (Voice of Apple Bloom on MLP) and I have covered yet another Michael Jackson song! :la:
This is the final song on our new MJ Tribute EP, which you can...

On CD BABY: --->…
Or on GOOGLE PLAY: --->…

You can also check out more music from me and Michelle Creber HERE:…

Or more Music from me and by brother Baasik, if ya wanna:…

So, a LOT has happened since I last posted...

First off, I FINALLY got my permanent residency in Canada! :squee: (which means I can actually work up here without a permit! ;P )
I also booked my first Canadian voiceover gig as a permanent resident, from my first audition as a permanent resident, which ironically, I recorded in Germany… XD

Also, if you’ve been wondering why I haven’t released any music lately, it’s because… Well, I actually have!

My and my family have been working on an uplifting album as a family project and to help them get through the move (to Tuscon Arizona). Every single member of my family sings on it, so if you’d like to hear some of that, head on over to out youtube channel to check it out!…

You can also download the album HERE:…
Or on iTunes:…
If you feel so inclined.


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MonsoonVisionzHobbyist Digital Artist
One of my favorite covers <3
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Brings back memories :D
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ElementShimmerHobbyist Photographer
Amazing and love this song
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Winry88 Artist
Love This! And Your Covers Are Awesome!!
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RhiTESHobbyist General Artist
I watched the pmv for Beat It for the first time recently, & loved it! Great job, by the way!!
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StoneyStarStudent General Artist
why is there a HUMAN mark thing

why in the pony world of pony that are ruled by ponys are there A DEAD HUMAN

or maybe those pony killed the human~
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dragonknight22Student General Artist
i loved that song.
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ponymikuHobbyist Digital Artist
Surprisingly, I listened to all his song cover, yet I have not heard this one. I am such a bad fan*hits himself with a paper fan*
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dragonknight22Student General Artist
ah, dont feel bad soem people cnat awlays be godo fans liek, i liek venturian yet, i dotn wathc him that much.
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wait do you mean venturiantale because he is awesome
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dragonknight22Student General Artist
yeah, venturian is awsome
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assainwolf9Student General Artist
please remove yourself from this dimension
your an insult to faces

now for my actual rant:
you probably don't even know what a paedophile is, would you really believe someone you've never met. Just because he is a Christian doesn't mean he is amazing and talented. Religion has nothing to do with how well you can draw.
Also might I say that I was surprised that he was 19 because he acts younger than me, and I am 14.
I applauded the navy for not putting up with assholes like you,and Lattynskit.

       have a nice day :)
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dragonknight22Student General Artist
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LattynskitStudent Digital Artist
Dont respond. Just disregard. That's all he deserves. ^^
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dragonknight22Student General Artist
dont you dare spread rumors! this guy is the best singer and drawere ever.
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AleximusPrimeHobbyist General Artist
That guy is just some stupid troll with no life.  He made the exact same comment (he just changed the part about the Navy) about me and copied and pasted it into all the comments on my pics not to long ago and now he's doing it to BlackGryph0n too.  If you get a comment from him, ignore it and report him.
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dragonknight22Student General Artist
ok thanks 
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Caro-ChipherHobbyist General Artist
That song is great and your picture too!
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