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She's just being Pinkie Pie
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Published: February 10, 2012
:iconpinkiepieplz: HI AGAIN!!! REMEMBER ME?!

So you know those annoying TV and CC things that pop up at the begining of virtually every TV show on air? Yeah, Pinkie Pie totally sees them... :smoking:

What are the characters thinking here?
What would you say to Pinkie Pie if you were in this situation?
Care to write it down?
Maybe a little friendly competition?
Ending in bloodshed?
Stay out of my shed?
What the heck is wrong with me?
Ok... I'll stop now... :lonely:

EDIT: WOW!! :omfg: 3,000 faves in less than 24 hours?! :wow: YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!! :happybounce:

Yeah, this took to long... But it's my first vector with all the characters! So LA! :la:

Anyhoo, Kinda drew this to promo a new song BAASIK and I are collaborating on. So far, all we have is the teaser and that won't be ready until tomorrow... Still, I did just write a glitch/house song a week ago, so if y'all wanna listen to that insted, feel free! :D [link]

Anyhoo, thanks for yer support an' all!
Hope everypony is doin' well!
As always, I LOVE Y'ALL!! :tighthug:

:iconmlpfimplz: © :iconhasbroplz: & :iconfyre-flye:
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McOuchiesStudent Digital Artist
If they actually allowed them to do this, that would AWESOME!!!
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TheMasterDrawer6 Filmographer
you did a great job
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TheMasterDrawer6 Filmographer
Hi pinkie trying to be deadpool again please stop its creeping everyone out
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Pie is superior to deadpool
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jimmyhook19202122Student General Artist
Heh. that's our Pinkie Pie! <3
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TheCartoonWizardHobbyist Artist
She's just like Chowder and Gumball. They all break the 4th wall 
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"what are they thinking?" OK, challenge accepted:

Pinkie Pie Smile Icon 2 : I can see all our happy friends from here! Hello, br- You watch us, Deadpool?!? I AM SO EXCITED!
Happy Fluttershy Fluttershy bothered sprite : Pi-pinkie pie? Y-y-you scare me when you b-break the fourth wall. I get v-v-v-ery shy when strangers w-watch me.
:iconapplejackhayplz:  : Ah told you you need to cut back on yer sugar intake, Pinkie Pie! Did yah ferget what happened last time? That pony ain't right; Twilight.
twilight sparkle mlp (oh my god) plz  [channeling her agitated The Lion King 3 - Mad Timon Icon mode] : Young off-the-rails Pinkie Pie, get down from there!
Pony Rarity Surprised Emoticon.
: Pinkie, darling, that's no way for a pony to act. We don't swing from (sees an edge of the black box)- -Emoticon - Rarity Reaction MLP Rairty (Panic) Plz  - - something that TERRIBLY UNFASHIONABLE!
MLP Rainbow Dash (Pondering) Plz : Rarity, this is Pinkie Pie we're talking about here. We've known her for, what - six years? She does this.
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I'm surprised they haven't done that in the show yet. I would love to be a moment where Pinkie is looking up at the TV logo as it fades away and one of the other ponies is asking what she's looking at and she she explains by breaking the fourth wall.
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ThomasZoey3000Hobbyist General Artist
The title says it all. Pinkie Being Pinkie, and we wouldn't have it any other way.
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SonAwesome's avatar
She does... when she wants too
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AmrasFelagundHobbyist Writer
Goodness, Pinkie, you know that nopony else can see what you're holding on to, so you look like you're just floating on nothing...
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Pinkie's like, "Hey bronies!"

Flutters is like, "Wh- why are there... boxes above us!?"

AJ's like, "What?"

Twilight's like, "Why?"

Rarity's like, "What are these icons?

And Dashie's like, "Seriously, Pinkie?"
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TheSAdveturesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol true.
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InvaderXMoviesStudent General Artist
BRAVO on so many levels!!!! Clap 
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pokemon-mlp46Student Digital Artist
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xXWindflowerXxHobbyist General Artist
<3 it
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Pinkie: Hi humans!!!!!
Flutters: Oh.... My
AJ: How in TARNATION did she get up there?
Twilight: *Has had enough of the randomness that happens when Pinkies around*
Rarity: Oooh, that's interesting....... Even though it is Pinkie
Raindbow: *Scoffs* Yeah, whatever, you can break the fourth wall, so what? I could do that too if I wanted, but I won't!
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CrystalCadenzaHobbyist Digital Artist
Breaking the fourth wall!
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JNinelivesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hehe :D.
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Pinkie: "Hi everybody!"
Fluttershy: "oh my!"

Applejack: "How did she-"

Twilight: *turns to Applejack* "Don't ask."

Rarity: "Actually, I'm a bit perplexed, myself."

Rainbow Dash: *pfft* "Show-off!"

:D I love it!
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Shoonah101DrawingsStudent Traditional Artist
Deadpool and PinkiePie, the duo of forth wall breakers! :la:
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PhoenixOfWildfiresHobbyist Traditional Artist
It's very easy to imagine her doing this in the actual show.
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