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“Who says ‘bopping’ can’t be fabulous?... Well, I suppose it wasn’t until I began...”

Well, there you have it! The mane six bops!

I don’t intend to stop here of course. I still have many other favorite ponies to add to the boppathon! (Lyra, Luna, Chrysalis, Trixie, Derpy, and Vinyl Scratch to name a few.) But for now, I am going to take a short break from Pony Bopping…
I’ve got a few new song ideas I really want to try, a few old ones I’ve need to revise, and it’s been a long time since I have done a good ol’ fashioned vector. Not to mention I have a few animations I’ve been meaning to crank out. (I’ve at least gotta finish those “Ponylicious” thingies, right?! :shrug: )

I am currently in the Philippines with the PI Navy SEAL's, but I will be back in Japan very soon! Sadly, I will only be back for a few days, because the Navy is flying me out to Annapolis to audition for the Electric Brigade! If I make it, I will be moving back to America next February and I’ll finally be able to go to Bronycon!! :la: OH CELESTIA I HOPE I MAKE IT!!! :fingerscrossed:

Until then, I’ll continue writing music, creating vectors, and making bops, Licious’s, and messages from our favorite characters! :D

My next project will probably be re-releasing “Proud to be a Brony” with better vocals for the Brony Documentary coming up. (I have to hurry with that one cause they need it soon… ^^; )

Love you everypony! Stay :iconrdsoawesomeplz: !

:iconmlpfimplz: © :iconhasbroplz: & :iconfyre-flye:

P.S. I know, Rarity’s colors aren’t quite right (you have the .gif to thank for that…)
If you like, I can upload the SWF into scraps. You gotta ask nicely though. ;)
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Great job blackgryph0n on your voice impressions and artwork It was mind blowing excellent job