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'Be a Good Sport Applejack...'
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Published: April 5, 2011
Rainbow Dash never plays fair! :tantrum:

AJ: "I don't get it, I been playin' this game since I was a filly, and that's the third time I fell on ma face today! Land sakes I feel clumsy..."
Dash: "Aww don't feel bad Applejack, you're pretty good at Twister! I'm just twenty percent better!!..."


2nd day using Inkscape, 2nd Vector! I love this program! :la: I was inspired to draw this after watching the MLP-FIM episode, "Fall Weather Friends." [link] Rainbow Dash kept using her wings to help her beat Applejack during the Iron Pony Competition. AJ doesn't have wings, so it is really unfair to her, but nopony else watching them seems to notice! :shrug: I can kinda relate to that, I remember as a kid playing Twister with my family, If ever I would find myself with a leg or arm over my sister, I would always end up loosing... :confused:

Beloved Watchers: Sorry for all the MLP fanart guys... In my defence however, this show has really helped my expand my cartooning stiles! Have any of yall seen it yet? Whaddya think? :O_o: (If you don't wanna watch it, at least play this game, it will make you feel better! [link] :) )

Character Design © :iconfyre-flye:
My Little Pony © HASBRO
Twister © HASBRO
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JamestheRedEngine91Hobbyist General Artist
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and you though playing this game as a human was difficult 
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FluffyMarshmallowHobbyist General Artist
Look like some cool photoshop
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The-Irken-LuxrayHobbyist General Artist
Challenge her to an arm wrestle and she'll beat you.
Challenge her to a pie-eating contest and she'll beat you.
Challenge her to an apple-harvesting contest and she'll beat you.

Challenge her to a game of Twister, and she won't last a minute.
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LightningBreeze14Hobbyist Digital Artist
applejack ? or rainbow? wich one
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The-Irken-LuxrayHobbyist General Artist
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YouTube links are still in the descriprion... :)
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SilverWing27Hobbyist Writer
O.O Oh my God it's Twister! O.O >3<
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i used can i still use it?      Sparkler Riddleback-Clap Love Heart COM: Angel clapping icon  Strike and Rozan-double clap Derpy Clapping Pony Icon Gift-icon :GIF: Clapping Dubby Snapshot Clapping Pony Icon-request-1 Sparky Riddlefront-Clap Pony-Rozan-clapping-2  Grey-clap-icon Goldboom clapping pony Taka-clap Frostwhite gift Heart Happy clapping pixel icon 
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ponyaaHobbyist Digital Artist
Rainbow Dash move your wing.
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You do know how wrong that looks? Right?
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There has been so many times i just wanted to punch rainbow dash in the face
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Rainbow dash would fuck you up.
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You know it's a not even existing horse-pony-pegasus thing from a child-friendly TV show we are talking about right?
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AvaTheInklingHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Shut up. Dash rules. Aj sucks. Get over it.
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AvaTheInklingHobbyist Traditional Artist
um okay??
why am i not allowed to like applejack
last time i checked, i'm allowed to have an opinion. it's cool that you like rainbow dash but please don't harass me for not enjoying her.
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REMUSJOHNProfessional Digital Artist
awww! NO.
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As macready said in John carpenters the thing "cheatin bitch"
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Mysterystar42Hobbyist Artist
This is me and my cousin when we play Twister....
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lunandrarityHobbyist Digital Artist
be a good sport applejack...
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