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Just Applejack from my Twister image. [link]

Created in Inkscape.
Applejack © HASBRO and :iconfyre-flye:
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AppleBloom: Nice move, Mom.

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Hey can I use this image? Its for a profile pic
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Um, I highly don't believe you're ACTUALLY BlackGryph0n. Unless you are, then that would be ackward.
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And why would it be awkward?
(Also, it's pretty easy to prove that this is me, as a link to my page is in the description of pretty much all of my youtube videos. ;p )
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It would be awkward because I'm insulting someone who doesn't deserve to be insulted. And ANYBODY can get the link to ANYONE's channel, so that was a bad counterexample.
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Then you misunderstood my example.
I said there is a link to this deviant art page in the description of all of my youtube videos. So if I wasn't the real Black Gryph0n, why would the real BG put a link to someone else's deviant art account in the description of his youtube videos?
Furthermore, how would I get high resolution cover art without logos unless I had access the source files and could remove them from the vector directly?
How would I have photos of Black Gryph0n that haven't been posted anywhere else?
How would I have animations on here that were uploaded BEFORE they were uploaded to youtube?
There are lots of ways to prove that this is me, but you have to do a bit of digging to find out.
I'll make it easy for you though. Click the deviant art link in the description of my newest youtube video:…
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Nice to meet you, Gabriel.
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LOL! Hello! :P
Nice to virtually meet you too.
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What the... what is that FACE!?
That is CREEPY!
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Sorry for laughing at all this.
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It's ok, I didn't hear you. ;)
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I'll try harder next time :P
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Used here, thx a whole lot for making it :D…
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hi can I plz use this image?
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Applebloom (yes) plz : You sure are, Mom.

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Someone made a base of this, and im not sure if they had your permission? [link] =3
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Keep your balance!
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AJ losing in Twister? Unthinkable ;P
The pose and "dynamics" are nicely done. Kudos.
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