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ACADEMY (Cover Art)
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Published: June 1, 2014
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Cover art for me and Baasik's new track! --->   ACADEMY   <---


This song is unique for a few reasons (aside from being completely different from our usual sound-d-d-D-DROP THE BASS!!... Sorry). Anyway, wanna know why? I'LL TELL YOU WHY!!! *ahem*

Two weeks ago, I flew to Annapolis, Maryland to work with my brother Nate (Baasik) one on one, and get the rest of the songs on our IMmortal album finished. I also flew down to attend his graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy, and Commissioning as an Ensign in the U.S. Navy! He graduated last week, and we are currently at Walt Disney World, with happy hearts and monumental sunburns from our four day Caribbean cruse from which we just disembarked! :P (Got some great potential music video footage too. ;) ) After this, Nate will be heading to Pensacola Florida to attend flight school for two years, then it's off to the fleet to fly F-35's. (Or F-18's. Depends on how well he does/where he's stationed/if F-35's ever get commissioned. :P )

So, as you can see, the title of this song is relevant for two reasons. :iconsaluteplz::iconwonderboltplz:

Track created, mixed, and mastered by Baasik.
Melody written by me and Baasik.
Lyrics written by me.
Sung by me.
Me me me.

- -- --- --------( Lyrics: )--------- --- -- -

Can't sleep cause I'm in too deep and I'm wide awake.
Cold tears for the years they've taken away.

Dawn breaks, every muscle aches and it's just begun.
And we won't sleep 'till the sun's gone,
And the moon takes it's place.

But I need to fight to be the best.
You gotta train if you want it,
Nothing ever changes without it.

And I need to fight to be the best.
Glory only comes to the winner,
I guess I'll have to be better.

- -- --- ---------( End )--------- --- -- -

There are two songs on this album that I can't WAIT to release... Seriously! I'm dying here! XP
But I can't release them until the album comes out. However, If you want a sneak peek, you can always check my vine account... ;-)

Thanks for reading through all this crap, my good friend the Dedicated Description Reader! Together, we shall wipe out Deviant Art and YouTube ignorance one comment at a time!
Love y'all! and Semper Fortis! :iconrainbowdashsaluteplz:

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there is a guy trying to make you look bad
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BurnedBrowniesStudent Artist
umm I'm new and i want to  add things to my favorite  but  i don't  know how so i was wandering if you can help me a little.
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TheOnesAdoptsStudent Digital Artist
Gimme that dog tag xD
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TFT-TigerrifficStudent Artist
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TheOnesAdoptsStudent Digital Artist
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TFT-TigerrifficStudent Artist
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Probably one of the best songs ever!

Also, could I use some of your pictures for a personal project? I don't exactly expect you to reply, but I thought I'd ask.
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One of your BEST songs yet, keep up the EPIC work! =D
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you have a poor life
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AleximusPrimeHobbyist General Artist
That guy is just some stupid troll with no life.  He made the exact same comment (he just changed the part about the Navy) about me and copied and pasted it into all the comments on my pics not to long ago and now he's doing it to BlackGryph0n too.  If you get a comment from him, ignore it and report him.
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well I did block him
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AleximusPrimeHobbyist General Artist
yes, and be careful about talking to him, he may target you as well.  He's been doing this for a while now and still manages to get away with it despite numerous IP bans so DA obviously isn't helping one bit.
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well I will be careful and I will keep my eyes open
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PonyUniverseHobbyist Digital Artist
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AleximusPrimeHobbyist General Artist
best thing to do is not reply to him at all.  Just block and report him.  If you've commented on enough of Gabes pics, he'll reply to that too so you'll more likely see it again.  Just block anyone with the name "Sepulchre" followed by a bunch of numbers after it.  He did this to me a few weeks ago also.
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I see well I blocked him and I will keep an eye out for anymore of these "Sepulchre"
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Zynx-the-WoatHobbyist General Artist
I haven't gotten to listen to the song yet...I will soon ^^;
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