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Soldier 1

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My illustration :Soldier
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Wow, just excellent !
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That is awsome, great work
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Nice job! I love the colors and the pose.
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Loving the work :) looks awesome :)

iv just designed a T shirt you might be interested in, could you have a look at it please and vote highly for it would help me out massively, need good votes to get it printed cheers :)

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great pic, most awsome is gamma
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Reminds of that "gone Hunting" in BF3
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Nice Picture.

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Oh my God!!This guy is so hot!! *.* I love soldiers,so...^^ Wonderful background and wonderful soldier.. ;D Very good work!Nice. How long does it take to finish it?:omfg:
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We are the most powerful military force in the history of man. Every fight is our fight, because what happens over here matters over there. We don't get to sit one out. Learning to use the tools of modern warfare is the difference between the prospering of your people, and utter destruction. We can't give you freedom. But we can give you the know-how to acquire it. And that, my friends, is worth more than a whole army base of steel. Sure it matters who's got the biggest stick, but it matters a helluva lot more who's swinging it. This is a time for heroes. A time for legends. History is written by the victors. Let's get to work.
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how long did this take?
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Thats an SVD(Snaiperska Vintovka Dragunova) issued as the offical mid-range sniper rifle of the Soviet army in 1959. The scope it's using is called a PSO-1, very popular with SVD's at that time.
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that is impossible. Look the shape of the barrel and the front sights. This is derivated from the AK series, but since he has a scope and a bulky magazine, it's obviously a derivative of the Dragunov series, very popular russian battle/sniper rifles.
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actually, huh...
the inner mechanism is totally different. all they used from the AK was the concept of gas-operation. then they set it on semi-auto with a rotating bolt - unlique the AK.
but its nderstandeable - the SVD looks a lot like a AK. if you grab an AK, give it a longer barrel and that compound stock, it already looks like an unscoped SVD.
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wow, this is so impressive. i love it^^
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like it!, SVD Dragunov!!
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Your fantastic work is featured here in a Memorial Day Feature: [link]

Thank you so much! :hug: :heart:
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