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Just Luna ^~

Thank you guys, who answered on the question I asked some time ago- who would you like me to draw. Luna won~! (= With about 15 votes ;D So here she is!! I hope you like how she came out (=
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Och, this work is very beautyful. Good work
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I'm wondering, what program did you use to make this?  I'm thinking either PS or Illustrator, or maybe even SAI, but still I'd like to know.
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I'm just like, Who needs Celestia? 
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Good NIGHT....I want your talent o-o
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I"m just so.......O_o .......Shocked .......La la la la .......Nuu .......Eyepopping .......Love .......speechless.
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This is a MLP FIM code/morph in ROBLOX in a MLP FIM RP game
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Wow. No words for it. This is GORGEOUS! Princess Luna is my favorite character too.
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Can I use this paint for my Luna-car?
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Ahh!  I love this! =3
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Can i post a my oc with this pose? (Color changed , mane changed , different carecter , OC)
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cuz i am done with it but i wanna know if it is ok
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Such grace seen in a figure.
KirbyFluttershy's avatar
This is just beautiful! love the eyes and well everything!
Brindlespirit16's avatar
OMG!! So beautiful! 
LunarLightningStrike's avatar
beautiful and amazing!
CrimsonColt7's avatar
like it ? no.
Love it ? ABSOLUTELY !!!!!!!!!

HyperactiveClap - Small - Glasses Clapping Pony icon: Nighty Moon 
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:eager: I'm so glad!! :)
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will you do Nightmare Moon without her armours next ?
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