A day at the fair (HW#2)

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Published: January 29, 2016
        Page 1 (7 Panels)

           Panel 1
Establishing shot of a fair. Day time. A small
           group of people are gathered outside the bumper cars.

           Panel 2 BROOKS and CARTER are getting into their separate

Brooks is short with brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a white shirt with a vest over it and his signature trilby.
Carter is a bit lanky with dark shaggy hair and wearing a black jacket.

                   I wonder why the girls didn't want
                   to join us.

                   Beats me.

           Panel 3 CAM and MELLA watch them, leaning against a
           railing. Cam is holding a large, colorful teddy bear.
           NOTE: ZERO and KICKER are standing next to them.

Cam and Mella are sisters. Cam is tall and slender with brown hair and brown eyes. Mella a bit shorter than her sister. She’s heaver and curvy. She has dark curly hair and brown eyes. Both sisters are wearing dark colored clothing.

                   You think we should have warned

                   Ah let them have their fun.

           Panel 4 AUDREY and TROJAN get into their cars.

Audrey has reddish brown hair and dark colored eyes. She’s wearing a black shirt a  tan colored slacks.
Trojan is dark brown hair and brown eyes. He's a bit skrawny.

                   I warn you, I kinda of good at

                   Bring it on.

           Panel 5 ZERO and KICKER watch from outside the railing.
           Zero is munching on some cotton candy.

Zero is short with an athletic build. She has blonde hair with the ends dyed pink                and blue eyes.
Kicker is tall and a bit muscular. Has short dark brown hair.

                   Troy knows she used to be a stunt
                   driver right?

                   Let them enjoy their day off.

           Panel 6 Carter and Brooks are now inside their cars.

                   Alright Brooks, get ready to be...

           Panel 7 AUDREY barrels right into Carter, taking him by
           complete surprise. SFX: BAM!

         Page 2 (7 Panels)

           Panel 1
Brooks sits back in his car in complete shock.


           Panel 2 Audrey bashes into Brooks.

           Panel 3 Brooks adjusts his hat.

                   Where'd she come from..?

          Panel 4 He's hit by Audrey again...

           Panel 5 ...and again...

           Panel 6 ...and again.

           Panel 7 Audrey taunts Brooks from her car. Brooks is
           slumped forward with hands on his wheel and the brim of
           his hat covering his eyes.

                   Sorry honey, am I too fast for you?

         Page 3 (7 Panels)

           Panel 1
Close up. Brooks looks up with his sly maniac
           driver grin.

           Panel 2 Cam and Mella become worried. They know what's
           coming next. Zero and Kicker stare at them in curiosity.


                   He's got that look in his eye!

           Panel 3 Audrey looks around for Trojan.

                   Now where's Trojan...

           Panel 4 Brooks barrels right into her.

           Panel 5 He hits her again.

           Panel 6 Brooks mocks her from his car.

                   Sorry sweetheart, am I too fast for

           Panel 7 Zero and Kicker are concerned. Cam and Mella stare
           at them.

                   Did he just called her sweetheart?

                   He's so dead.

         Page 4 (6 Panels)

           Panel 1
Audrey and Brooks circle each other.

           </b>Panel 2</b> They glare at one another.

           Panel 3 Carter and Trojan are parked next to each other.

                   This isn't going to end well.


           Panel 4 Brooks and Audrey charge straight for each other.

           Panel 5 SFX: BAM!

           Panel 6 Audrey and Brooks are sitting on a bench outside
           of the fairgrounds. They both very annoyed. SCOPE and MARS
           have come to picked them up.

Scope  has brown hair that’s braided. Her eyes are grey.
Mars is Asian American with brown hair and dark colored eyes.


                   So how exactly did you guys get
                   banned from the fair?

                   Don't ask.
© 2016 - 2019 Blackfoxross
This is something I wrote for RandomTownComics .
 Our homework was to write two characters from different universes and have them meet. So I chose my characters Brooks from a detective story and Audrey from a GI Joe parody story. 
It was suppose to be two pages but I went over so I tried to stay under three, only that didn't seem to happen either. I guess I need to practice writing more scripts. 
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elperico13|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
 Fun to read i could just imagine what was going on. I want to go on bumper cars now LOL. All i would say now is research comic book writing, because when you are to write a story that is gonna be drawn, as an artist, 7 panels  on every page is doesn't give me enough space on the page to add too much detail and plus the word balloons that gotta be added, but i mean yeah other than that yeah and anyways im sure you where doing this from a story stand point fitting as much as you could into as little pages as possible.
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Blackfoxross|Hobbyist General Artist
Ah right, sorry about that. I usually write around 5 panels per page but I wanted to keep the story short. But I'll definitely keep that in mind next time. 
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elperico13|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Its good just trying to help, and ok 
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