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I do not take credit for any artwork here what-so-ever. I simply edited together 7 deviant artworks that I thought would complement each other.

"My little Ponyville" was done by Bering, "Happy Pinkie" was done by kyrospawn, "Rarity - Yay" was done by Quanno3, "Fluttershy" was done by theNaro, "Rainbow Dash Happy" was done by krazy3, "Happy Twilight" was done by Geogo999, and "Happy Applejack" was done by cryocubed.
If you like this then please go to the pages by the links and give credit to them for their hard work.

Original Artwork by Bering- [link]

Original Artwork by kyrospawn - [link]

Original Artwork by Quanno3 - [link]

Original Artwork by theNaro - [link]

Original Artwork by krazy3 - [link]

Original Artwork by Geogo999 - [link]

Original Artwork by cryocubed - [link]

Inspiration and Story: I was looking through my CD collection recently and liked the artwork that my The Birthday Massacre CD's had. So I decided to do a My Little Pony tribute to their art style. This was my biggest vector editing project yet, but it was also my favorite one to tackle. I probably listened to every Birthday Massacre song while working on this. :3

Music for this Piece: The Birthday Massacre - Never-ending Story
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cool stuff dude
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Dude, That deserves a brohoof :icongirlybrohoof1plz: :iconbrohoofplz: :icongirlybrohoof2plz:
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I don't listen to The Birthday Massacre much anymore, but a few songs of theirs bring back fond memories.
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It finally happened. The Birthday Massacre and My Little Pony crossover. I thought this was only in my head. :XD:
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Glad I could be of service pulling it out of your head then! And here I thought I was the only MLP/Birthday Massacre hybrid fan out there. XD
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*flails with confusion and joy*
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ah I like it, these constrast are very cool.
Nice work XD
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Thanks! I was going for something akin to this.


I had the eyes completely blacked out at first like their Walking With Strangers cover, but I thought having them purple and white looked cooler/creepier. :D
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ah I see, this effect is not bad XD
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This poor artwork's taking quite a beating in joining a group. I guess it's the pieces name or something. It'd be nice if I was told why I was declined half the time. :\
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Alright, I caved on the name. Can groups show this piece some love now? :(
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