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Gotham Sirens - Roadtrip

We stand together!
I made the wig of Ivy, the Catwoman stuff and Harleys Make up!
Featuring our sweet Batgirl <3
And my own blackfantastix Catwoman Bike!

thank you *prettyhatepictures for the picture!

Thank you Demask Fetishstore Dortmund for the great Corset!
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Can another live action movie be made with Poison Ivy? Preferably one that is actually made with quality?
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Who are all these lovely ladies?
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Wow, just wow!
+fav Clap +fav 
The magnificent four ;-)
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woow hot girls!~ hook a young college stud up ^^
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catwoman is the only beautiful creature I see in this picture.
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Hi, i dress up as Uma Thurman style Poison Ivy, and really love the wig you made. Would you sell one? or let me know what you used? kind regards (see my current costume at ) thanks x
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sweet pic.. four HOT women on a bike.. NICE
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LOve Your Creation!
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wow love all girls
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I love seeing you on a motorcycle, don't know why. Maybe it's the latex.... Sweet picture, I would love to have been there.
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can i come with u?....
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Hm, I think the Catwoman and the N52 Harley Quinn are my favorite here.
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Cool. Interesting cast of characters. Would love to see more from this series.

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I so want to be a Super-Villain..............and I would so demand this as my Harem of Evil...
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You did a WONDERFUL job on Ivy's wig!
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That is a party I want to attend :nod:
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