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For WeirdKev27, and his awesome avatar.

Been a while, eh? Had to make a alternate account to deal with points.



All tests positive.

All tests are positive of the presence of sexually transmitted diseases inside of my body.

Me. Princess Molestia. The sexiest being in all of Equestria. Getting confirmed by a team of three of the world's greatest doctors to be a walking plague. As an immortal, this wouldn't kill me. At all. I would feel a slight tinge of pain every now and then, but I couldn't die from these…things.

But others could.

I was in disbelief of course.

"Haha! This must be your way of seducing me!" I laughed in the face of the doctor. "Seriously, how many girls have you gotten to mess around with by using the 'you're dying' card? Given…"

"I'm not joking." The doctor replied, looking quite grim. I denied the obvious fact he was telling the truth, but I continued.

"Oh, Doctor Sore Bottoms, report to patient Molly in the grand suite!" I declared with great volume. I looked around, trying to get others into the mood for some romping with my patented stare of sexy! It didn't work. The doctor looked genuinely sad. Luna, who had previously barged in, looked downright distraught. Even Derpy looked sad.

"Come on! ORGY IN THE GREAT HALL! LOAD UP THE…" I went into my Canterlotian Voice for the battle cry for the sex…

…but Luna always was louder.

The next week after that was boring. No sex meant no fun for me, of course. I felt restless. I wanted to get wild! Sure, I could do dolls, and myself but that wasn't me! I was MOLESTIA! I wanted ponies left and right bending over! I wanted to see asses dancing in a line so I could lick them! Dammit, I wanted to do everypony!

Watching others do it was the next best thing. But still, no true satisfaction. As fun as it is to make ponies do want I wanted, I couldn't do anything I truly wanted. No sex in the fountain with Rarity. No sex in the Everfree Forest wearing tree costumes with Fluttershy. No sex inside of a large marble cake with Pinkie. No sex inside of a raincloud with Rainbow Dash. No sex in the middle of a haystack with Applejack. And no sex with Trixie and Twilight, one of my greatest and most favorite events.

Life moved forward. I found myself more invested in politics rather trying to bed the politicians. Though I felt an weariness in my body, I continued to do other things. I could do sports in sexy outfits. Holidays in sexy outfits. Video games in sexy outfits! Heck, every since I got the results, I've been spending more time getting and wearing more sexy outfits! Cosplay is so fun! I'm going as Bloodrayne for Nightmare Night this year!

So…things were different.

I no longer did the activity of sex. I couldn't. I was a bomb of diseases. But I found new things to past the time with.

I actually felt…good.

Nothing could replace the excitement of the fun of naked romping. But I could have fun anyway.

Long live Molestia…
For :iconweirdkev-27:

A PC! Haven't done this in a while!

Points go to my alt: :iconblackeyehawkex:
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TheBrandonianHobbyist Artist
But Luna and Twilight (and Cadance) are both immortal as well so.......Lenny Eyebrow Wiggle 
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why does this make me feel sad?Waaaah! 
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Don't Worry Mo, Nurgle Loves you just the way you are...
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And this is why immortality and unprotected sex will ruin you.
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KleinerKillerProfessional Writer
Dear... dear god.... did I just read what I thought I just read?
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Why, yes.

I can make the devil scream. Yes I can.

Interested in a point commission? Starts at 100 points, just $1.25!
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KleinerKillerProfessional Writer
I'm... not able to give you any money, primarily because I have no use for currency in my time. Is there any other method to get a commission?
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Arrange some things with friends. Do commissions for others! Get the points, and I'll give you a watcher discount.
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KleinerKillerProfessional Writer
Okay, this is embarrassing... what are 'points', and how do I obtain them?
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go here for details :icondahub:
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Points are deviantart's personal currency. They're easy to work with, buy them from the shop, they're 80 for $1, starts at 400 points/$5, and you can use to buy stuff from the store (Risky, as they can't be refunded. That's why I got banned in the first place.) and are used for personal deals, like commissions.

To obtain them, either buy them from the store or get them from someone. Contests are held every now and then giving them away.
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KleinerKillerProfessional Writer
How can I get them from others?
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Do something for them, like a story commission. If you do it right, they'll give you points, the same way one gives llamas, under the same menu.
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Yes, points. Like he just said.
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Thanks Hawk!
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