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Rise And Shine || [Takao Kazunari]
Darkness and silence. These were the only things surrounding you as you lay in bed, comfortably tucked into your soft duvet. Despite their somewhat negative sound you considered these two things to be a blessing. You had had a pretty rough and exhausting school day and right now wanted nothing more but to rack out.
However, your wish remained unheard as your cell phone, which was placed atop your nightstand, suddenly played its tune, signalling that a new message had arrived. Your [eye color] eyes snapped open as the unwelcome melody brusquely yanked you out of your much-needed slumber. It certainly didn't take a genius to know who the messenger was. Only one person had the nerve to bother you this late in the night.
Feeling your eyebrow twitch slightly, you languidly grabbed your [color] phone and glanced at the display screen. Since your eyes were still adjusted to the dark it was almost painful to look into the glowing screen. After you saw the caller ID you briefly contempla
:iconblackdragonofthemoon:BlackDragonOfTheMoon 125 8
Loving Is Teasing || [Sarutobi Sasuke]
≎≎≎≎ ❣ ≎≎≎≎
Most would think a ninja's life was fairly simple to live by. Who wouldn't want to to be able to move around swiftly and noiselessly, have extraordinary senses and take your enemies out before they even comprehended what was happening.
Well, you certainly questioned the people who have invented that silly stereotype. Heck, it was ANYTHING but simple to be a Takeda ninja! Especially when one 'particular' person just happened to be your superior.
Sarutobi Sasuke.
Even to that very day you weren't sure if you should call it an unfavorable stroke of fate. Sure, there was no doubt about him being a competent and skilled (maybe even one of the best) shinobi out there, but you simply couldn't figure out why he treated you that way.
Sasuke seemed to get a real kick out of annoying the daylights out of you, playfully tease you at any given moment, and save you at the most inappropriate times to make you look helpless and
:iconblackdragonofthemoon:BlackDragonOfTheMoon 33 1
It's A Wonderful H Y D R A Life [1]
[K] Project
═════╣Nothing But A Test Object╠═════
"Such mysterious creatures only existed in myths, didn't they?"
••● ••● ••● ●•• ●•• ●••
"You are nothing but a test object. This is the sole purpose a monster like you was born for!"
These are the last words they said to you before you were rudely pushed back into your glassed cell. You stumbled to the ground after the harsh shove, but didn't bother to get back up. Instead you curled up into a fetal position, wrapping your arms around your frail body. The sad excuse of the button-up shirt you were wearing did little to save you from the coldness.
You were not a monster! You knew yourself
:iconblackdragonofthemoon:BlackDragonOfTheMoon 21 6
Hero At Heart || [Kassim]
Head securely veiled in a white cloth, Kassim was leisurely walking through the richer and fancier quarter of Balbadd, in search of his new target. His golden eyes roamed about the area, his eyebrows furrowing slightly at the sight of the obese men that were talking animatedly a few yards away. The precious-looking rings they were wearing around their fat fingers gleamed whenever sunlight touched their surfaces.
Kassim huffed inwardly and turned his head away. He loathed the rich. He loathed them with a burning passion. Their selfishness and the condescending looks they constantly gave the people of the lower class made him sick. Just slave owners who treated others like trash were worse.
The brown-haired male relaxed his right hand; in all his thoughts he hasn't realized that he had subconsciously clenched it into a fist. At the moment he couldn't do much anyway.
As the golden-eyed youth rounded the corner of a house, he stopped dead in his tracks at the sight before him. It was the s
:iconblackdragonofthemoon:BlackDragonOfTheMoon 69 11
Always On My Mind || [Kiyoshi Teppei]
It was commonly known among the Seirin basketball team that Kiyoshi Teppei was a very happy-go-lucky person. Constantly smiling and always emitting a warm, optimistic and welcoming aura. Moreover he was protective of his teammates and would selflessly sacrifice himself anytime - which often earned him a scolding from Hyūga. Kagetora called him an airhead - which wasn't that wrong either - for the tall brunette often seemed to be a little scatterbrained.
To put it briefly, he had all the fitting qualities of a dorky, but doting big brother.
Chin placed in the palm of his large hand, Kiyoshi gazed out the clean classroom window, enjoying the view of the school yard's greening trees. Currently it was lunch break, but his bentō remained untouched as he let the warm sunshine that cascaded into the classroom caress his skin.
Summer was certainly a very pleasant season. Always sunny, always relaxing.
"Oh, [Last name], what are you doing here?" the brown-eyed male sudden
:iconblackdragonofthemoon:BlackDragonOfTheMoon 130 20
T h e s e F e e l i n g s || [ o2 / 5o ]
✧ S H Y ✧
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Moniwa Kaname x Female!Reader
Word Count: 888
Genre: Fluff
⋌ ⋋⋌ ⋋⋌ ⋋⋌ ⋋ ⋌ ⋋⋌ ⋋⋌ ⋋⋌ ⋋
Moniwa fidgeted restively with the tie of his uniform as he stood outside a certain someone's classroom. Soft laughter and light-hearted chattering could be heard inside the large educational interior, most of the students either cracking jokes or prating about their plans for the desiderated weekend. However, despite all the jumbled words the black-haired volleyball player could easily pick out her voice. And that instantly returned his mind to why exactly he was here in the first place.
'Okay, calm down, Kaname. You can do it, just ask her.' he mentally encouraged himself, swallowing the anxious lump that had tena
:iconblackdragonofthemoon:BlackDragonOfTheMoon 24 3
Wadd's Little Helpers [2]
MAGI: The Labyrinth Of Magic
Lesson ❖ o2 ❖
Yamuraiha: [Name] has a secret passion for dancing.
Pisti: But she's quite self-conscious about it for reasons we can't understand.
Once again Sindria was experiencing a lively and colorful night. Flambeaus lit the streets and places where the inhabitants were feasting and having a good time. Luckily the damage caused by the Southern Sea Creature this morning was quick to be repaired so the celebration wouldn't have to be cancelled. And now, the Maharagan was in full swing as laughter and music filled the air.
"Long live the King! Long live Sindria!" the people exulted with joyous smiles, raising their glasses.
Sinbad was standing on the palace's balcony, watching the spectacle from above. It made him smile to see all those happy faces and how
:iconblackdragonofthemoon:BlackDragonOfTheMoon 28 2
Sweetest Surprise || [Sanada Yukimura]
≎≎≎≎ ❣ ≎≎≎≎
People say spring is the season of new beginnings; the season of purity and blossoming. Spring is the time when the world finally awakes from its long winter sleep, plants slowly start to sprout and flowers begin to bloom.
You couldn't agree more.
The warm spring night felt so unreal with the pink and white sakura trees standing in full bloom. Red paper lanterns hung in their lush branches, illuminating and accentuating their unmatched beauty. Granite lanterns lit the crowded paths as the people skittered around numerous stalls, buying food or trinkets, playing various games, and just enjoying themselves.
Japan was celebrating Sakura Matsuri, the "Cherry Blossom Festival", and the province of Kai was no exception. Since Sengoku was the era of warring states you cherished the times when the warlords concluded a temporary armistice to celebrate festive days.
Strolling around the brightly lit streets of Kai a
:iconblackdragonofthemoon:BlackDragonOfTheMoon 37 13
Lewd Dreams || [Alibaba Saluja]
It was a peaceful and quiet night. Countless stars speckled the black sky and the crickets clittered along to the melodic songs of the nightingales.
Alibaba was walking through the corridor towards his destination; her bedroom. The clicking of his shoes echoed softly through the deserted hallway as he advanced further and further with quiet but confident steps. The blond male knew that she was waiting for him which caused an almost unseeable smirk to flit across his mouth.
Slightly turning his head to look outside, Alibaba couldn't help but think what a perfect night it was. As cliché as it sounded, the star-cluttered night sky and the moon along with the clittering and singing of the crickets and nightingales created a very romantic atmosphere.
The brown-eyed teen turned his head forward again; he had reached his destination. Behind this wooden door, inside this room, she was waiting for him; waiting for her prince to arrive. Alibaba started to grow excited as he placed his ha
:iconblackdragonofthemoon:BlackDragonOfTheMoon 172 14
T h e s e F e e l i n g s || [ o1 / 5o ]
✧ D E S I R I N G ✧
Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Mibuchi Reo x Female!Reader
Word Count: 1,302
Genre: Romance
⋌ ⋋⋌ ⋋⋌ ⋋⋌ ⋋ ⋌ ⋋⋌ ⋋⋌ ⋋⋌ ⋋
Lunch break was slowly nearing its end as Mibuchi made his way back towards his classroom. The wide and prestigious hallways were illuminated by the spring sun, its warming beams inciding through the large windows like floodlights. The tall male slightly turned his head to the side and glanced down at Rakuzan's extensive and beautiful school garden. Several students were occupying the numerous wooden benches or sitting beneath the greening tree branches. Due to the pleasant weather the majority of the student body either spent their lunch break down in the yard or on the roof.
As a result Mibuchi hardly encountered an
:iconblackdragonofthemoon:BlackDragonOfTheMoon 58 4
Happy New Year || [Kiseki no Sedai]
It was almost time; just a mere few hours separated you from New Year's Day.
To say that you were both excited and happy would be understandable. Normally you celebrated New Year just like any other holiday - in company of your family and relatives - but this year it would be slightly different. One week prior your parents had announced that they were going to spend New Year's Day with their workmates, giving you permission to celebrate said event with your middle school friends.
You still felt jittery and joyful as you reminisced about the subsequent happenings. Right after your parents' statement you had texted your school friends, politely asking them to spend New Year with you, and within one hour every single of them had replied.
Momoi Satsuki
: New Year
'Yes, of course, [Name]-chan~♥ And
Dai-chan will come, too, I'll make
sure of that~ ^^'
Kuroko Tetsuya
: New Year
'If [Last name]-san would like me
to come, I will.'
Murasakibara Atsushi
:iconblackdragonofthemoon:BlackDragonOfTheMoon 89 42
On A Rainy Day || [Kagami Taiga]
"[Name]-chan, you were absolutely stunning today! I swear, with you on our team the championship will be a cakewalk." Emi exclaimed joyfully, putting the hoops and balls back into their appropriate places. You turned your head towards the redhead, giving her a shy but genuine smile. "What are you talking about, Emi-chan? I'm not that great."
She snorted amusedly at your humble comment. "Of course you are! I mean, you perform like a professional, [Name]-chan. I've never met a person who's this devoted to rhythmic gymnastics like you. And ribbon dance is quite obviously your specialty." The red-haired girl pointed at the satin ribbon you were currently furling.
You, Emi and two other girls you were close friends with, Karin and Chikako, were part of Seirin's only rhythmic gymnastics club. The four of you shared the same passion for expressive dancing with gymnastic elements and since there was no such club at the beginning of the school year you simply decided to found one yourselves. It
:iconblackdragonofthemoon:BlackDragonOfTheMoon 173 18
Wadd's Little Helpers [1]
MAGI: The Labyrinth Of Magic
Lesson ❖ o1 ❖
Yamuraiha: Don't call her weak in any way, that majorly drives her up the wall.
Pisti: And also don't interfere during battle when you see she has everything under control.
As usual, the Sindrian bazaar was busy and crowded. Every time the merchant ships returned there was always a lot of pushing and shoving at the harbor before the merchandise and goods were brought to the market and put up for sale.
You were currently strolling around the streets, basket in hand, browsing the various booths and the products the sellers had to offer. You were mainly looking for food since you wanted to cook dinner for the King, the Generals and yourself this evening. Being very close friends with all of them, you held a high position within the palace.
:iconblackdragonofthemoon:BlackDragonOfTheMoon 31 8
Stay With You || [Chousokabe Motochika]
≎≎≎≎ ❣ ≎≎≎≎
It was simply impossible to fall asleep like that.
Thunderbolts struck through the overclouded, black sky, making your eyes clamp shut as the white, electric light illuminated the stormy night for a split second. The roll of thunder that followed a few ominous moments later caused you to involuntarily wince and clutch your blanket.
Damn it all! You abhorred thunderstorms, but the lightning flashes and the thunder were the least things you worried about.
The thing that made you panic was the fact that severe gusting winds churned up the sea, causing Fugaku to rock slightly. Sure, Fugaku was a swimming village, a pretty much indestructible fortress, but you couldn't help it. The shaking movements of the ship brought back awful childhood memories.
Another lightning flashed, this time accompanied by a loud thunderclap. You twitched at the almost ear-piercing noise as a mixture between fright and anger settled in the pit of
:iconblackdragonofthemoon:BlackDragonOfTheMoon 28 4
One Of These Mornings || [Totsuka Tatara]
The camera lens zoomed in on her, capturing every second and every movement on the tape. Ever since Kusanagi sent Totsuka to wake [Name] for the first time, he was enchanted by the sight presenting itself to him.
She was so beautiful.
The way the rays of the rising sun fell onto her sleeping form through the window made her look like an angel. Her placid breathing was like music to his ears. Totsuka smiled gently as he raised his hand and started to caress the young female's [hair color] tresses, his camera still focused on her sleeping face.
"It's mornings like these that are worth remembering and that I value so much." the brunette man hummed, letting a content sigh escape his lips. Sluggish and calm mornings were a rarity in the HOMRA bar; the brown-eyed male couldn't even remember the last time it was this peaceful.
Lost in his train of thoughts, Totsuka didn't notice the [hair color]-haired female stirring awake. As her [eye color] orbs adjusted to the light, the first thing that
:iconblackdragonofthemoon:BlackDragonOfTheMoon 39 13
Take A Chance On Me || [Ren Hakuryuu]
Mismatching blue eyes watched her from afar. She was Hakuei's personal attendant, an important asset for the Ren family, noted for her unwavering loyalty. Admittedly, due to her pacific nature offensive combat wasn't her strong point, but she could easily make up for it with her amazing healing skills.
The fourth prince of the Kou Empire beheld the scene in front of him as his older sister and the [hair color]-haired girl sat atop the bench which was situated in the palace's royal garden and drank tea together. Hakuryuu couldn't help but blush lightly as he watched the girl's delicate hands refill Hakuei's tea cup, a gentle smile gracing her perfect features.
The dark-haired teen turned around and leaned his back against the cool surface of the marble pillar, closing his eyes in the process. His heart was beating erratically, causing him to release a shaky breath.
It was always the same. Every single time. Hakuryuu couldn't even look at her - let alone talk to her - without feeling his
:iconblackdragonofthemoon:BlackDragonOfTheMoon 175 32


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