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~ Team Aerial Spark ~

Name: Meryl
Gender: Female
Species: Archeops
Ability: Defeatist
Moves: Hyper Beam (only used when desperate), Stone Edge, Earth Power and Ally Switch.
Personality: Loves to fiddle with hair or her longer feathers on her head she categorizes as hair. She is usually cranky and will snap at anyone however this is a defense mechanism to survive the cruel world. A side of her hardly ever seen is her motherly side,  caring and gentle. She will use Ally Switch with any of her friends to get them out of peril, even if it puts her life in danger.
History: Her parents lived on a large farm. She was always surrounded by Archen be it her sisters or brothers, there were quite a lot. Being the youngest of the family she was often picked on, this is where her harder shell comes from. Once she evolved she decided to fly off, to find a better life from all the teasing and name calling.
Nature: Calm
Characteristic: Strong willed

Name: Bai
Gender: Female
Species: Mareep
Ability: Static
Moves: Thunder (TM), Signal Beam, Cotton Guard, Power Gem
Personality: Loves to speak her mind and tell the world her opinions. Cannot stand meaningless violence - she has often rushed into the middle of fights to stop them, only resulting in being injured. She is not the type of pokemon who will give up or let her friends give up. Caution: She is extremely protective.
History: Bai grew up in a loving family, but unfortunately, her parents' love only reached out to family. Her parents ruling their region, they ruled with an iron fist and forced their people into poverty. Punished whenever she showed kindness to the villagers, she decided to leave her kingdom in family in search of how to bring justice to her people.
Nature: Modest
Characteristic: Highly Persistent


Collab team... yerp! With RavenclawesomeNuna

Meryl and her art (c) me
Bai and her art (c) RavenclawesomeNuna
App template (c) respective owner
Pokemon (c) Gamefreak/Nintendo
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Just a heads up, but the fraction under each characters' stats represent the number of points they have left unspent. As such, they should both read "0/10". Fix this as soon as you can, please!