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My Bio

This is the place where I put all my art, most of the time. I'd highly advise to not get too attached to any one thing I make, because I may not continue with it next time. I'm constantly experimenting and I tend to be inconsistent with everything I do; it's best just to come along for the ride.

Other places I'm at:

FurAffinity: Basically the same as here, but with more music you can find, which is hilarious given what the site's really known for.

Soundcloud: Intended to be the main music place, but storage limitations keep me from uploading everything there.

OpenArt: AI art is apparently all the rage (or thing to rage against) these days, and here you can see what I've cooked up or enhanced some of my art with.

Favourite Games
Strategy, Simulation, Management, and RPGs.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Pencil and Paper, Tablet, Maya LT, Photoshop, and FL Studio.


I forgot that DA allowed you to link your Soundcloud account like this.

Llama Farm

You know, when we talk about "enshitification", it's almost always about web platforms, companies, and other things often made up of groups of people... But we never ever look at ourselves and wonder when we went downhill and became absolute shit. Well it may not be much, but I thought that today I'd do some introspection about when I started to become shit with my own work. For starters, when was the point where I started to just absolutely become garbage with my work? I'd personally argue that it was around the time of the pandemic (early 2020) that I really started to go downhill with everything. However I suspect some people may think I started to get worse earlier on. But what could have possibly been the root of all this? In this case I'd assume that some of you probably felt that I started to become shit right after the Brony Boom started to die down (personally I stopped following the show closely after about season 4 I think). But why would MLP have anything to do with me
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I'm honestly getting surprised that I have any time to sit down at the computer these days. So I've taken on a third job now as I've typed this out. That means I'm now working for the state of California (IHSS), AMC Theaters, and now Door Dash when the other two aren't giving me enough hours. It's not that I can't make money at my other two jobs (both pay over $15 an hour), it's just seriously not enough hours (IHSS caps out at 44 hours per month, while AMC can vary greatly depending on movie trends), but there just isn't enough money coming in per week to cover everyday expenses or save up for my rent without taking on a 3rd job. Sure, food delivery sucks and it eats up gas, but I have made some serious money with delivery. And to top it all off, my aunt still insists on calling me every 20 minutes to complain about some trivial thing or whine about not having enough money, even though now since we're separated she can qualify for far more assistance than I can simply because she's
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Well I did it gang! I finally saw a Wes Andersen movie, a Christopher Nolan movie, and a Martin Scorsese movie on the big screens! I finally feel like an accomplished movie goer... Oh and I got done watching that one Freddy movie tonight...
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