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Ok this is the finished version finished in almost four to five hours since i drew the line art and this took all night to do. Well I could not remember for the love of me what their colors were only a brief discription so I went by what i remember.

Of course the guy in the Background is Skywarp looking ever lost.

The one in the foreground is Footloose and the one behind her is her twin Slipstream.

Well there you have it folks the finished version of 'Warped' well that is my caffeine induced drawing mistakes and all.
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Woow, this is cuute. :D *love* The expressions are spot on, especially Lucy's raspberry. XD Warp does clueless so well.

Thank you! :D *love*

(...thinking about it, I... don't think I ever did decide on colours for the little ones. ¬_¬ ...oops.)
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that is alright i stuck with silver for now.