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I can't remember for the love of the all mighty what was Hardline's colors. So i just went with gut instinct and colored him anyways at 1 in the morning.

anyways here is the photo that Prowl took of everyone after that big raid of the blue stuff.

here is everyone recharging on the long couch in the police station with a picture of cybertron in the background.

so Keaalu here is the photo that she made up near the last chapter before the surprise at the end of 'Screaming Blue Murder'.

here you go have fun.
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I find this most daliciouse! Nice work!
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lol funny isnt it in Keaalu's story it was the talk of the base.
IggySeymour's avatar
Yup it shure is! :D
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Hahaha that's cute!! Looks like you put a lot of effort into it. :)
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yea that was cute after i read the chapter that involved it and it did took some time to get the colors right lol i enjoyed doing it. by the way when are you finishing up little wonders
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LOL. Yeah. TC gets the ladies. :D
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Keaalu did pose him as a ladies man in the story the quiet and mysterious type besides 'Warp was already taken and 'Screamer is just well 'Screamer
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When I read that part in the fic I was like "Yeah, Thundercracker finally has groupies!"
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yep he likes to play the hot, sexy and mysterious type
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Whoa. Just, like... whoa. Total awesomesauce. :D However long did this take you? So cool. :D Thankyouuu.

I need to get off my tush and link to these in my FF profile so more people can see them. Yaay. :D

*dies of awesome*


PS: I have a personal website, could I host this and the other two there as well maybe? (Obviously with all the appropriate credits and links and things...) [link] *does doe-eyes*
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nearly a month to do both i did most of it on my vacation time.
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Nice drawing.. this had to take lots of time.
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yea a couple of weeks i hope keaalu likes it
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