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Shardiantale Asks:Frisk/Flowey/Sans-Puns

(Made: 4/4/16 Posted: 4/5/16)


Things to know:

- This takes place shortly after the Barrier is broken, so all relationships at the end of the game before the credits pick up where they left off (So there is Undyne x Alphy, but they're still at the shy, uncertain stage)

- Remember that this takes place shortly after the Barrier is broken. This is a version of Shardiantale where none of them have met your OCs or sonas. So if you're a Shardiantale character or playing as one, they haven't met you before now. Only Shardian OCs will be drawn as face-to-face chats but only if they are from this version of Shardiantale (so no Lich or half-Lich OCs will appear. I'm sorry but I want to stick to the rules I placed for my story for this AU) UNLESS they are a dimension-traveling Monster character.

-In the events of a dimension-traveling Monster, remember that these Shardiantale characters do not know you or your OC. It will be a first-time meeting.

- This series involves Flowey pot, so Frisk knows Flowey is Asriel, but he's back to being Flowey and the jerkward that he was in the game.

- ALL main characters are available for questioning. All of them. Even the ones that...Shouldn't exist. Or that you need to up the FUN to even meet. Also "The true name" is still around...

- The characters are still in the Underground which is closed off from humans for safety reasons (it isn't like the Barrier though). If you wish to give them something or give one a hug, you won't be able to at this time. Giving them something though, well it'll just be magically transported to them.

- In this version of Shardiantale, Frisk is a GIRL. If you don't like that, then you can find a different ask series. My Frisk is a female.

- This Frisk is also Sans' Soulmate, but currently is unaware. Because of this he is a bit more protective of her, similarly yet very differently from how he is protective of Papyrus. All while also trying to keep the fact she's his Soulmate a secret. At least from her.


- There is NO character bashing. The only character anyone feels the need to pummel is Flowey. So no, Toriel does not hate Asgore. She's still pissed at him but that doesn't translate to hatred. This goes for all characters. If you have a dislike for one, respect others and me by not making it so strongly known.

- You can ask more than one character something and you can ask them as many things as you want. Don't make your questions repetitive though unless I hint that it's something they need to be pushed into discussing.

- All questions will be linked to the asker, both for their convenience and the convenience of those that come across this series in the future.


Undertale and characters (c) Toby Fox (and Temmie?)

Shardiantale AU, Shardian species, and art (c) BlackDragon-Studios
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