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Ask C.S: He Uses Jokes and Puns

(Made and posted: 2/9/16)

* laughter's the best medicine after all right?

((Poor thing...C.S doesn't even have to do anything to scare them. lol *shot* Just a heads up though guys, Sans isn't an angry guy...He'll only get real scary if you're threatening his family, his friends, or his lover. When it comes to himself or anything else he hides behind a grin and a bunch of jokes and puns. He never reacts angrily to something related to him or his flaws.))



-All responses will be answered with a picture. I will link you to the response when it's up.

-Ask on any 'Ask Sans' picture.

-This will remain PG-13 at best, but mostly will be SFW. So no Bone Zone.

-All questions will be answered as the character. His behavior and comments are not a reflection of my own. I am trying to keep him as in-character as I can.

-AUs, M!A's (Magic!Anons, basically 'so and so looks/acts like this for a certain number of asks), and OCs are allowed, but please link me to a picture otherwise Sans will answer solo or you will be drawn as a grey faceless person.


Sans and Undertale (c) Toby Fox

C.S and art (c) BlackDragon-Studios
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Wow, I guess he can say he's big boned and it would be true.