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Premiata Forneria Marconi - 3

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Sad guardian

Luna - closeup

Luna - scratch in progress

Dome, reverse angle

Dome, side

Dome, detail

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We came a long way


Natural Selection

Death Vol.1 :: A story by gun

Death vol. II :: Last breath

Yellow :: round 2

Dawn of Fear - vol.I

The End vol.I

Dead Space

Hitman Absolution

two prostitutes


The Homeworld

Sci fi alley

scandinavian summer blues

Spectrumtastic Toes.

Fresh science word


Sad guardian

Llama: Llamas are awesome! (3)
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Apple Keyboard

Apple Keyboard

7th august Apple showed to the world the iMac restyle, featuring a new keyboard and iLife 08. I'm a windows user, but i was searching for a laptop-looking-keyboard from years... so much that some months ago i was starting to think gow to build an alluminum keyboard by myself! :shocked: I ordered it the day after the Apple Media Event, it was scheduled to be sent today and arrive tomorrow.... but i'm happy to announce it arrived today! :drool: Luckily enough the [cmd] is available as [win], i'm missing the contextual menu (that acts like right clic)... and i'll need to type some hours to get used to the new [ALT] positioning. The only thin

Microsoft @ CES 07

Microsoft @ CES 07

Are moments like this, 1am in the night, watching a video of a recent, major appointment about IT, like Microsoft keynote @ CES '07 (, that i would like to have a blog. Because, in my sarcastic, critic way i would talk about how poor is the presentation of Microsoft, compared to events like Macworld. I don't own a mac, i use pc & win from win 3.1 so... i think i can be a bit evil on this. I'm so critic because, despite they're introducing some stuff that can be really intersting, they're not selling it. They aren't just able to do that. Starting from presentation: :bulletblue:

Larger than life

Larger than life

Actually listening: "Wide Awake" - Audioslave; "Don't Stop Me Now" - Queen Actually reading: various articles on videogame developing; "A scanner darkly" by Philip K. Dick Actually watching: A scanner darkly by Richard Linklater; Absolute power by Clint Eastwood Various news!!! :bulletgreen: i bought a marvellous black Honda Hornet 600cc 2005 edition... well, i got it back in september but i'm lazy in updating journals. btw... i already fell two times :/ luckily at low speed, first time it had just some scratches...this second time was also a scratch on the fuel tank :cries: i'm trying to fix with some stucco and original honda paint (50&

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MonsterBrandProfessional Photographer
thanks for the watch! :glomp:
Ciao, sei invitato su


la community italiana più grande di DeviantArt. :P
Belle le foto alla PFM, ma ho trovato interessante soprattutto il tuo ultimo lavoro "L'attesa"..bravo :)

agenzia pubblicitaria - telegrammi - Affitti
Ma grazie! :)
Sono affezionatissimo a quel pezzo... eh le cose che si riescono a fare quando si è innamorati :love:

...infatti se noti non è realmente "ultimo", è molto vecchio, ma non volevo mai pubblicarlo, anche perchè avevo un pò intenzione di aggiungere delle cose, poi non l'ho mai più toccato e così...

...mi spiace non poter leggere al momento quel che hai scritto tu nelle tue dev invece, sono abb preso, e DA lo cago abbastanza poco, ho 900 deviations watchate da vedere :/
Thx for the add!
Thanks very much for the watch! =)