WTF??? Weren't you DEAD?

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WTF???!!! Weren't you DEAD?

In short: Nope... apparently not.

In long: That was fallacious news broadcast that got out of hand...
I had some bad times and a friend of the son of a close friend in Belgium was wrongly informed that I had successfully committed suicide.
Being into CG himself this guy posted in CG talk something in the lines of "Sad news for the industry but Black (Aka Blackdidthis) has passed away... "
He had even set a specific date of death.

I had only heard of this over 6 months later with my recovery and the stubborn search from a good friend.

I posted a reply to it only to hear that the CG-Talk staff has put the post down permanently. And an asshole from the staff was a complete jerk sending me an insulting mail.

With this needless post having had cost me an income for serious period of time; I apparently had legal rights within international law to demand my name cleared.
I requested this and the same jerk (aka asshole... just so you can keep up) sent me an even ruder message telling me to back off on law suit stuff as it is completely ungrounded.

Pieter (my lawyer) stated that it would take some time and effort but that we would win and have them obligated to announce recognition for their mistake as well as expenses and/or losses paid for.

I just thought to myself for a moment...
Firstly: most possibly the only reason this shithead (You may know him as the jerk or asshole) was being such a jerk was because the stupid idiot somehow deleted the post and there would be NO way for them to reproduce the posts with their original contents.
And secondly.... hell what do these forums earn anyways? This idiot (a.k.a.: Asshole, Jerk stupid idiot) is a low life nobody that just tries to be a "somebody" by "representing" CG talk. So My actions won't be against him; but the commune…and as much as I may hate what this nobody thinks he got away with... that community means so MUCH to a lot of people... And it is not dancing on the rainbow to keep a community alive. It IS hard work.
So why try to ruin or make life harder to such a place.

And about the other guy that claimed me dead... I got convinced that he truly believed that I was on the other side. And it appears that he was only trying to do something good.
On the other hand; I have never personally met him and from now on I doubt I ever will.
Just a short story about how CG-Talk announced me to be dead for more than half a year.
It amazingly cost me more than one would expect.

Since I have been asked this TOO often; I just made a file out of it to forward people to read about it rather than to explain it each and every time :(
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