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Wtf by blackdidthis

Before commenting: PLEASE do read fully:

I have to clearly state that I in fact COMPLETELY understand these girl(s)...
There are too many disturbing characters out there/here that are too capable of triggering ones paranoia.
Perverts are of different levels and people tend to do things that many would have considered not possible to be done to a human being.

This is especially valid for females and/or children in my book...
I in fact had taught my son to scream to the top of his lungs saying "PERVERT" as loud as possible to obtain attention.
Even if the person is innocent/misunderstood (In the case of a child); I would always prefer a false accusation and then a fair trail to have them prove innocence rather than have the child go through what he/she must if the alarm is not in fact a false one.

But in THIS case...
Being on the other side of the table I just HAD to rant a little.
I so accept that my habit of talking too comfortably about the physical characteristics of someone is not something too many people are tuned to. And I do tend to choose a rather complicated set of words in aligning my thoughts into sentences... Also given that English is not the language I am best at: It is just a whole lot harder to correctly reflect what is in my head into the interpretation of others.
Though I honestly DO try my best.

None the less I have just read the above replies!
I must sadly confess that I am not too good at replying as often as I should.. And this was apparently stacked up for two days.
(My sincere apologies to those many that I have not answered to.. Those that DO know my replies are well aware that I take my time to fully concentrate on our messaging and reply as fully as I can. And such I postpone too many of them for when I am fully available. I am so sorry).
And apparently I have been declared by two people that know nothing about me to be something rather horrible!

I have already stated that I already can fully understand these girls (Well I think the second one is also a girl. I really do not know them).
So such: my rant is not to their insult...
My rant is to how I have been openly insulted and then had my hands tied... I do not have any right/ability to appeal.. To explain myself... Bring a case to DeviantArt... I have ability to do nothing that would permit me to explain myself.

The only two things I actually CAN do is to report the reply as Spam so the content can be read by "officials" (Which I have already done)... And I can block these two users from my settings (Which I have also done).
What is bothering me deeply is that I have been declared a criminal minded psychotic serial killer" and then blocked off by two people in a public commenting section in front of everyone that can/shall read it since it was not on a deviation but a gallery folder (And especially: not a personal note)...
And this deeply disturbs me.

It would be far too optimistic to expect them to be civil enough in this situation to send me a note in private and say what they want and then block me...
But I so wish that it was the case.

I have been a member for DA for too many years... Not was I always active but still I have had contact with hundreds of you: Girls/boys of heterosexual orientation or anything of other personal choices...
And in not one of them do I believe I was lacking respect to any one (EVEN someone that has actually sent me a message with a direct insult: I have kept my cool).

There is also a THIRD thing I could do in this situation...
And you are reading it right now...

So firstly: I want to apologize from ANY of you that would think the same as these members about me and/or my choice of words/communication and thank them for not being like these two...

Secondly: I just HAD to do something about what member I-SailorStar-I has said about me for what I have very wrongly chosen to say as to compliment member Rachel8889' hands.

But more importantly: I would SO like to have SOME means of being able to defend my name when a situation such as this would develop.

Thank you for reading...
You don't HAVE to say anything nor give support or defend either side...
I just got too annoyed and HAD to do something to feel better about it.
I am very sorry for carrying my personal business to you guys..

But shall you come cross this comment and insult in future tense: Just know that I regret my how my words and compliments were wasted on rather superficial spectators... And regret how I have apparently offended t least two people.
I SO wish DeviantArt would have SOME way other than what I have been permitted to do.

For those wondering why I blocked them as well:
I have more than enough intellectually challenged people in my life to make things more complicated than it is with the simplifying their logic chooses to go for.
It was a very disappointing incident but it was a well performed attest to what their capacities are consistent of and I am more than happy to part my ways from them.
I am sure their lives will be better without me...

And though I am sure they must be fantastic souls in their real lives: I so feel that I too would definitely rather have my life without them.
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