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Thanks! :)

This is my 40th devation!

This wallpaper pack is a part of my ongoing IOS 7 and Mavericks collection upload!

This is a very nice wallpaper that comes with IOS 7. I have made it available in more resolutions.

:bulletblue: Resolutions:
- WXGA (1280x720) (requested)
- FHD (1920x1080)
- WUXGA (1920x1200)
- Macbook PRO Retina 13" (2560x1600)
- Macbook PRO Rerina 15" (2880x1800) 

Original wallpaper:

Fav it if you like it! :)

Do you want me to include a special resolution in my work?
Comment below! :)
© 2013 - 2020 BlackDiamondOne
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thanks for sharing!!
darlamack's avatar
Amazing!!!  Thanks so much for sharing!
BlackDiamondOne's avatar
No problem! Glad you liked it! :)
linescolideinme's avatar
Just a resized, blurry copy of the original.
Absolute waste of time.
thechampishere03's avatar
scandalsavage83's avatar
Wow, so pretty rude, even if someone is not right. And the person posted above has a point. Its not any of those resolutions actually but just resized image and it can't be "better than original one" simply because of original one has it's native resolution and isn't something - even well-retocuhed - resized.
thechampishere03's avatar
Shut da fuckin hell up
scandalsavage83's avatar
Man, you really have to learn to talk people. If your mom and dad missed to do their job and give you some culture of the contemporary civilised society save some money for a teacher then. Because if you will open your month like that in real life you have a risk to pick your teeth from the ground with broken hands :)
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Thank you for your sharp eye. I havent noticed it by myself. You are a savior... 
linescolideinme's avatar
Glad I helped. By the way, you should consider doing some original work instead of repackaging other people's work.
It's 100 times better to get positive comments on stuff which you designed your self.
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Hello, I'm fairly new here and I was wondering where I would go to download this and how I'd go about doing that. Thank you!
BlackDiamondOne's avatar
Hey. Its a download button on the upper right side here.
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Good work!
thank you for wallpaper of my desktop ;)
orphicpixel's avatar
We featured it to our Wallpaper of the week series
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Thank you very much! I really appreciate it! :)
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