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Kotal Kahn

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I can not wait for the MK X! Freaking awesome new character- Kotal Kahn (relative of Shao Kahn, I think...) His fatality is so brutal and his Aztec-style is very impressive. Love that guy. :)

Kotal Kahn/ MK X (C) WB/ NetherRealm Studios 
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Kotal Kahn is literally one of my top favorite characters. I mean, he's just so badass! This artwork is badass!
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AmiFanHobbyist General Artist
Kotal Kahn is badass!  I love his voice so much!
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Nice job on the expression, colouring, lighting and shading.
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Kotal Kahn is not related to Shao Kahn.
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ToastyCosplayProfessional General Artist
Yes he is.

I read about it.
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aauditorStudent Digital Artist
Well you read the wrong information. He is not related to Shao, or you would most likely see a blue tint on Shao's skin, or some sort of resemblance between the two.

D'Vorah gave Ko'atal the name "Kotal Kahn", declaring him the new emperor of Outworld. "Kahn" is a name to show leadership, which was given to Shao Kahn, Kotal Kahn, and Mileena Kahnum. 

Another thing, Kotal is Osh-Tekk, and Shao is some fucked up species i dont know
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ToastyCosplayProfessional General Artist
*shrug* oh well...I'm not perfect ok XD
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Some call him a ripoff of Ogre from Tekken fame.
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RamsesEGYPTHobbyist Traditional Artist
Mkx is way better
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Tekken's Ogre wasn't exactly an original character, either.

Both Kotal Kahn and Ogre were inspired by actual Aztec mythology.
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nice artwork
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Can't wait to learn more about this character
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yellowpikmin88Hobbyist Writer
a lot about him has been revealed in the short comic. He's quite an interesting character
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Yeah he honestly is and he's a lot more sympathetic than Onaga and Shao Kahn
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yellowpikmin88Hobbyist Writer
Oh definitely. He's much more honorable and has no interest in conquering and absorbing earthrealm. He only attacked when the special forces attacked D'vorah (though that was partly her fault for attacking Sonya who in turn was being judgmental that Kotal would be like Shao. Though it's probably cause he's got Kano on his side as well). And it's been shown in the trailers that Cassie's team have an audience with him about how to stop Mileena. My guess is she and Quan Chi will be the true villains of the game while Kotal's group may get into skirmishes with earthrealm they'll likely join forces to defeat a common enemy.
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That makes sense I imagine he will work to help defeat this blood god demon
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it seems ogre from tekken
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HalowingHobbyist General Artist
Great job!!
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anyone else think he looks a little like ogre from tekken
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Definitely both have the Aztec theme
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yeah but not just the aztec theme color scheme as well
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AlkharonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hwoarang and (Ancient) Ogre are my all time favorite Tekken characters, while Shang Tsung, Goro and Shao Kahn are my MK faves. You can imagine my face when I first saw the snippet of Kotal Kahn in those first reveal trailers. I wanted to know more of that character and when I finally got to see his name and gameplay, I just lost my shit right there. From the similar look to the traditional Aztec sacrifice fatality, I was quickly drawn to Kotal Kahn and can't wait to start using him, knowing his lore and just plain have fun with this awesome addition to the MK universe.
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I believe this is the first Kotal Kahn fan drawing. Excellent work! :clap: He's my favourite new character. :D
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BlackDemaHobbyist General Artist
Thank you ^_^
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