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Swan Grace

REFERENCE: *Drezdany-stocks 's Swan Dancing 3: [link]

Daily Doodle: 46) 2.03.2009

After :iconmynti: 's last comments i remembered what it meant to digitally PAINT and how i layed down the colours at first..decreasing the brush size SLOWLY XD

So today's doodle was chosen without ANY thinking at all XD
I mean...i did a few origami swans/ducks like in prison break then i continued working on my modular swan origami, heard even a song called swan lake XD so i said what the $#!^ !! I'LL DRAW A SWAN TODAY!! :ohmygod: and then i was like....what have i dooooonnee T.T

:lol: but it turned out good i'd say :)

Some experimenting with my ooh so beloved chalk brush :heart: set on other dynamics
1h work or so....i lost track

enjoy the colours :giggle:
i just love changing!!

ps. so sorry if the wings look weird ^^; i didn't quite understand them from the ref...and i was to lazy and pumped up to go look for other refs either..and i also made it more chubby =.= ...
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vivist's avatar
Excellent, beautiful painting
BlackDelphin's avatar
Thank you very much~ :thanks:
JustMeOnyX's avatar
cat de gratioasa e :love:
BlackDelphin's avatar
vai mersi frumooos :smooch:
cu asta am avut mare dubii dak sa incep sau nu :)
JustMeOnyX's avatar
bine ca ai facut-o :)
DDGrafix's avatar
Very nice - I love the looseness of your brush-work in this one!
BlackDelphin's avatar
thank you once more!
i particularly got lose with the water, witch i did at the end and got pretty comfortable with the brush
M-Ozana's avatar
super! excelent! :) ai zice ca aceea lebada face parte din vise. ;)
Naga-Shesh's avatar
Beautiful painterly style! you could have me fooled if you said this wasnt done with a tablet and PC XD

i feel that the edges could use some sharpening..but that's also fine the way it is,cause its feathers :)

keep it up!
BlackDelphin's avatar
well the little details pretty much give that away :laughing:
but thank you :glomp:

yeah..particularly on the right side they should look different...but it was my first encounter so i weren't expecting TO much of myself xD
FinalVirucide's avatar
Quite a graceful, elegant piece. For me, its so reminiscent of the paintings from the impressionist era.
BlackDelphin's avatar
ooh thank you very much! you are the 3rd person who commented on this piece and said about the impressionist era :)

i am glad i could reflect some of this beautiful creatures' grace :heart:
Prinnyking3's avatar
Man, it really is great. Something for me to aspire to.
BlackDelphin's avatar
ooh stop making me blush!! :blushes:
you might wanna come back from time to time...i shall do some more swans, flamingo ducks n parrot like birds this weekend :)
at least i hope so :noes:
Prinnyking3's avatar
totally, I'll put you on my tracking list, I really like your style!
BlackDelphin's avatar
ooh you did!! :omfg: thank you! :blowkiss:
malikadnanayub's avatar
Very nice, i like the stroky feeling :)
BlackDelphin's avatar
llifi-kei's avatar
'Tis a really beautiful swan! ^__^ I really like how you blended so many colours together in this, and especially the lighting on its wings. =D
BlackDelphin's avatar
i'm starting to get a taste of blending from another angle :)
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