Goodbye From Him and Thanks.

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Having mulled it over for some time, I have decided that DA is kinda surplus to requirements.

Don't get me wrong, I've met some great folks here who create some super art.

For me, I'm more of a solitary beast doing my own thing, on my own terms and usually with determined disregard for what the rest of the planet is up to.

Professionally, DA serves no purpose. A lot of folks use it for social networking type stuff and I'm happier doing that on FB. I can honestly say that DA has not helped in my professional development in any way, that's all happened in the real world with good old fashioned networking, hard work and people seeing real work they can hold in their hands.

I conduct a lot of business via FB and none whatsoever here. DA just doesn't really facilitate that and it's rather reassuring to find that people who like what I do want to deal with me direct, commission work from me direct or own prints that have been personally handled by me and signed (as opposed to having been ordered and issued by some anonymous server somewhere. Lol).

At the end of the month then (May 2012) I will deactivate this account.

Anyone who wants a taste of what I'm up to can easily find me on FB, just search for John D'Anter Art & Design.

I bid you all farewell from this place and, if our paths do not cross again, I wish you all the very best of everything life and the universe has to offer.

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aww, hope to meet you out there =D
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It's very sad to hear that you're leaving, but I'm sure you have your reasons. Each person has the right to choose the way of connecting to whichever system. Sure dA sucks for so many reasons, personally I find it very hard to dig through enormous amount of rubbish to get to one or two really nice pieces of art. But Facebook tires me even more. I won't even speak about Tweeter. Following blogs tires me as well. Other sites also use art for sale or are even more crappy. For me, it has helped a bit professionally. Socially, no matter how many watchers one has, the good connection is made with few people only, which is cool and real-life like. But if dA is a burden to you then you should close it. I wish you luck and success in what you're doing in every way!
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I'm sorry to hear you go. I have a Facebook account, but I haven't really been using it much, socially or professionally. I wish you the best but your work will be missed.
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Best of luck to you John!
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Sad to hear that... Since I refuse to get sucked into facebook, I say goodbye!
Your work is been inspiring to me & undoubtably to many others (that's the
only reason for me to be on dA, to see inspiring stuff) I wish you good luck!

for your information, when you delete your account, your works will stay forever
inside groups & people's favorites, to prevent that, you should delete them one by one
before you deactivate your account...
take care & cheers, Vulture