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Gonna love ya and leave ya!

I'm in the process of deleting out my galleries.

Once that is done this account will be closed.

I'm conducting all of my business via my FB art page here:…

This is a logical business move for me as I live and create in the real world and prefer to deal with people face to face where possible. I also want 100% control over my work, my print production, the quality of the art I sell and the financial returns from this. I have direct access to a wide cross section of people on Facebook. That's real potential sales, real income, a fair return for my efforts and an opportunity to eventually make a proper living from my work.

For those of you who do not wish to join me there or, who do not have FB access, I wish you all the very best.

Ladies and Gents it's been a real pleasure.

May the old gods walk with you.

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I'll head on over and watch, I have a FB page as well.