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Female Centaur

Ok, esta es la primera vez que hago un trabajo yo solo de mi mismo :) Jejeje...
Vi los stocks en la pagina principal y enseguida se me vino a la mente la idea de crear algo.
No soy muy bueno en esto, pero espero que guste.


Ok, this is the first time that i do a proyect from my self, by my self :) Jejeje...
I saw the stocks on the main page, and immediately comes to my mind to create something.
Im not very good with this, my english neither :(, but i hope you like it.



Gracias a / Thanks to:

Horse: :icongloomwriter: [link]

Girl: :iconkatanaz-stock: [link]

Background: :iconelenadudina: [link]

Frame: :iconnight-fate-stock: [link]
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WOW! hawt as hell! 8-O
A very beautiful photomorp, if I do say so myself!! Keep up the good work!!
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Me gusta esto. ¡Buen hecho! Creo que va a mejorar en hacer esto con el tiempo. Sólo hace falta práctica!
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really well done
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Thank you very much bro :D
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I'd say work on proportions, the woman section is very large compared to the horse (her arm, from fingertip to shoulder, is a good bit longer than a leg).
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Yeah, you're right, it looks a bit strange ^^;
Thanks for the comment :)
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^_^ Very welcome, glad to help.
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lovely colors here :)
i think it would look better if the horses hooves (or whatever they're called) wouldn't be cut off at the bottom
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Oh yeah, i know what you mean.

I did it because it looks a little bit fake, cause the difference betwen the bakground of the original stock and the new background. ^^;

Thank you very much for the comment, it makes my works better. :)
great image;) i've done something with the same concept, if you want to see

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It looks great! I love the mood this sets. You did an awesome job with the background... Glad you could use my stock!
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Thank you very much!
Glad you like it too. :)
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precioso trabajo!!! :iconyoureverywelcome:
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Looks good, great atmosphere and tones. My only critique is that her upper body is rather long. instead of connecting her at the waist, the better connection point would have been just below her rib cage. Would be more proportionate with the horse :)
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Yeah, you're right.
I screwed up a little bit. ^^

Thanks by the way.
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