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The Mastermind Arrives.

"Previously, on KST Book III: Warrior of Shadows, It was a battle against Mewtwo as our heroes in Sinnoh fought with Luigi Guy, Arianna, Jack, Russell, and the Pokemon Trainer.  Right in the middle of the battle, Heatran woke up and attack both our heroes and Mewtwo.  It was thanks to the Pokemon Trainer that Heatran was stopped.  After Luigi Guy and Arianna were sent home, Sword Knight appeared saying Kirby, Blaze, and Lucario were in trouble.  What could have become of them?"

Koopa's Komics three days before Alpha Red.  Goomba, Koopa, and Sir Kibble put this week's newest comics out on the racks as Shy Guy runs the cash register.  Marth, Shadow, and Captain Falcon walk in.

Sir Kibble: Aw, Sir Marth, Sir Shadow, Sir Falcon.  Welcome to Koopa's Comics.  May we get you anything?

Captain Falcon: Nope, not today.

Goomba: Then either buy something or get out before I start charging a lotterin' fee.

Shadow: Watch it, you little piece of trash.

Marth: What Shadow means to say is that we're only here to bring Sir Kibble with us on a mission for the Order.

Sir Kibble: Me?  I don't believe it!  Really?

Marth: Of course.  You are my apprentice afterall.

Captain Falcon: Yeah, so let's get going.

Sir Kibble: Yay, verily.  Chums, I shall be back as soon as our mission is done.

Koopa: Okay, Sir Kibble.  Have fun.

Shy Guy: Be safe, Sir Kibble.

Goomba: Alright, get going, Tin Can.

Shadow: Let's go.  I can already feel my mind going numb. (as all four exit) Oh, and don't do anything stupid while we're gone.

Koopa: Can do, Shadow.  Bye!  Alrighty, time to put up the latest issue of "Super Troopa and the Koopa Heroes."

Goomba: Oh, puh-lease.  Who really likes that comic book anyway?

Random Lad: (pops in) Hi, I'm Random Lad, Defender of the Deli Shop on the corner of Elm Street and 3rd street.  HEY! (picks up a comic book) The new issue of "Super Troopa and the Koopa Heroes" is out!  Nice!

Goomba: (Koopa looks at him)  .... Shut up.  He's a nerd.

As Random Lad reads the comic book, Eggman Nega walks into the comic book store wearing a trench coat and hat and walks up to the counter.

Shy Guy: Why, hello there.  Welcome to Koopa's Komics.  How may I help you?

Eggman Nega: I'm looking for someone.  Can you help me?

Shy Guy: Sure thing.

Eggman Nega: (aside) With this disguise, no one can tell who I am.  I'm so brilliant.

Random Lad: Ohmygosh! (tears the trench coat off Eggman Nega) It's that talking chicken with the robot crab!

Eggman Nega: Gah?!  How did you figure it out?

Shy Guy: MIIIIOOOO....!

Eggman Nega: Keep your voice down.  I really need Super Troopa's help.

Goomba: No way!  Let's ruff him up to next Tuesday.

Random Lad: Yeah, let's go!

Koopa: No, wait!  Let's hear what he has to say.

Eggman Nega: Thank you.  Now, listen well.  For some time, I've been trying to upgrade the Heavy Lobster to fight your so-called friends, Kirby and Blaze.  However, Mewtwo has been... displeased with my attempts to do so, so he's gone to an expert in robotics to finish the upgrades.

Shy Guy: Oh, dear, who has he gone to?

Random Lad: I know who the villain is.  It's none other than the Mastermind of Crime and Super Troopa's arch nemisis, Mr. Cyclops!

Eggman Nega: No, you dolt.  He calls himself Mr. Cyc- How did you know that?

Random Lad: (shrugs his shoulders) Lucky Guess.

Eggman Nega: That's why I need Super Troopa.  I need him to go into this Cyclops's lair and defeat him.

Shy Guy: Wait, why are you asking for our help to ruin your plans to take over the world?

Goomba: And do we know that this isn't that Waddle Doo mug in disguise?

Eggman Nega: Because I will not be upstaged by some one-eyed freak.  My robotics are the best, and I intend to keep it that way.  Besides, Waddle Doo is elsewhere for... an errand.

Koopa: Shy Guy, Goomba, I think the doctor is telling the truth.  We must all work together to stop the dasterdly Mr. Cyclops.

Eggman Nega: So, you're that stupid super hero that's running around at night screaming "Tallie Hoo?"

Random Lad: No, of course not.  This Koopa doesn't wear a cape.

Goomba: That dork has reached a whole new level of stupid.

Koopa: Very well.  I shall go find Super Troopa. (runs off) Wait here.

Goomba: Oh, not again.

Super Troopa: (jumps in) It is I, Super Troopa, Defender of the Innocent.  Come, Koopa Heroes, Random Lad, we haven't a moment to lose. (runs out the door) Tallie HOO!

Shy Guy: Well, here we go again. (follows Super Troopa, tripping out the door) Mio!

Goomba: Hey, nerd, you comin' or what?

Random Lad: Hold on, I'm still waiting for Koopa to come and join us. (Goomba kicks his let) Ow!

Eggman Nega: (aside as he leaves putting on the trench coat) That kid is a baffoon.  At least I can try to find the secret blueprints to the Heavy Lobster that Dedede told me about.

Later that day, Shy Guy, Goomba, and Random Lad arrive at a tall tower with the words "One-Eye Enterprises" written on it.

Super Troopa: Here we are, Koopa Heroes, the headquarters of Mr. Cyclops.

Shy Guy: Oh, dear.... why does it seem scarier than it looks?

Random Lad: Because a madman that's the shape of a tomato is in there.

Shy Guy: Mio?!  ...I'll just stay out here.

Super Troopa: Nonsense, Maskianouge, we Koopa Heroes stick together through thick and thin.

Goomba: I think that mask has finally gotten to his head.


Shy Guy: MIO?! (kneels over in fear as a Paratroopa wearing a baseball cap appears) Don't hurt me.

Robby: Hi, Super Troopa!  It's me, Robby, your biggest fan!  Oh, boy!  I can't believe it's really you! (holds out a comic book) It's just like in my latest issue of the Koopa Heroes.

Random Lad: Hey, I've got that same issue too.

Robby: I know, sweet, isn't it?  I can't believe the two newest Koopa Heroes, White Rose and the Red Avenger.  This week's issue seems to reveal some sort of relationship between White Rose and Super Tro-

Super Troopa: ROBBY! Uh... if you show a secret passage to the labratories of Mr. Cyclops's building, I'll sign your comic book.

Robby: Well... I don't think that my boss, Mr. Cyclops, would like his only intern to reveal that secret... but what the heck?  Anything for you to sign my comic book!

Shy Guy: (aside to Goomba as Super Troopa signs the comic book) Hey, Goomba, do you think White Rose is fashioned after that Koopa girl that keeps coming into our store?  Ya know, the one that Koopa can't talk to without stammering?

Goomba: (aside to each other) Bleh, heh, heh, heh!  There's nothing like nerd love.  What a dork!

Shy Guy: You're one to talk.  You've got that crush on Ms. Blaze.

Goomba: Shut up, ya mug.

Robby: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  Here. (pulls a tree branch.  A secret passage opens up) This should lead you to the labs.

Super Troopa: Thank you, Robby.  Take care now.

Robby: You got it. (As the other jump down into the passage) Oh, boy!  Roshi's gonna be soooooo jealous!

Shy Guy, Goomba, Super Troopa, and Random Lad continue on through the secret passage.

Random Lad: I betcha that Koopa's running the comic book store so that business can boom.  That's why he's not here right now.

Goomba: Brilliant theory, ya geek.

Shy Guy: I don't g-g-g-get it.  H-o-o-o-ow did M-m-m-mr. Cyclops become real?  He's j-j-j-just made up.

Super Troopa: That is what you thought of the Nega Troopa, and he's real.  I may not know how or why, but I must stop him from helping the evil Mewtwo from harming the damsel-in-distress.

Random Lad: Holy Crud!  It's the Nega Troopa!

Shy Guy: What?!  Where?

Random Lad: I'll handle this! (jumps on Super Troopa) Hah, hah!  Justice is victorious.

Super Troopa: Random Lad, it's me, Super Troopa.

Random Lad: Whoops.  My bad.

Shy Guy: At least nothing too bad has happened to us. (the floor opens under them) Mio?

Goomba: You just had to jinx it, didn't- (all fo them fall down) YOOOOOOUUUUU....!

All four of them fall down into a cage in the labratory of One-Eye Enterprises.  Then, a strange, one-eyed creature with a unibrow carrying a cat walks up to them with a Kritter in a suit.

Goomba: Holy Cheese and Crackers... he IS real.

Super Troopa: Mr. Cyclops.  We meet again.

Mr. Cyclops: Super Troopa, my arch-nemisis.  It is so good to see you've fell right for my trap.  Isn't that right, Fwuffy? (cuddles his cat) Yes, it is, yes it is.  Sinclair, what shall we do with our intruders?

Sinclair: Well, the modifications to that Heavy Lobster robot aren't done yet.  Professor Doctor is trying them out on the Mega Clops MK VI.  If that works, we'll put them on the Heavy Lobster and get our money from our client.

Mr. Cyclops: Very good, very good.  My only question is who are these other three?

Sinclair: The Shy Guy and Goomba work at that comic book store Robby always goes to.  As for the kid, I have no idea.

Random Lad: I'm Random Lad, Defender of the Bandineros.  Evil will run to their mommies at the sight of my Random Gun.

Mr. Cyclops: Random Gun?

Random Lad: Yes! (pulls out a funky megaphone) Tada!

Shy Guy: Random Lad, that's a megaphone.

Randon Lad: This should put a stop to your plans, you villain! (water squirts out of the Random Gun and hit Mr. Cyclops's shoe) .....heh, heh.

Goomba: Oh, you GOTTA be joshin' me.

Mr. Cyclops: Oh, no.... don't get my socks wet.  HAH!  You're pathetic.  Tell that bag of bones to get in here with my new robot.

Sinclair: Yes, Mr. Cyclops.

Mr. Cyclops: Oh, and give Fwuffy a bath while you're at it.

Sinclair: Sir, I keep telling you that cat hates me- (Fwuffy begins mauling him) AAAAAHHH!  GET HIM OFF ME, GET HIM OFF ME, GET HIM OFF ME!

Sinclair runs away as Fwuffy continues mauling him.  A second later, a Green Dry Bones wearing a lab coat appears on top of a robot with mounted cannons and a spinning top for a base.

Mr. Cyclops: Ah, Professor Doctor, tell the audience about my latest toy.

Professor Doctor: After studying an alien race called the Topman Tribe, we've been able to contruct the 6th edition to the Mega Clops family.

Mr. Cyclops: And if all goes according to plan, we'll slap this onto the Heavy Lobser.

Shy Guy: What if your robot malfunctions?

Mr. Cyclops: Then we'll put it on anyway.  Soon, once these so-called "Sol Emeralds" are found, I'll blow up the Heavy Lobster with the upcoming Mega Clops MK VII and take over this world.

Super Troopa: We'll put a stop to you, right, Random Lad? .... Random Lad?  He escaped the cage.

Random Lad: Here I am. (walks up to the cage, opens it, enters in, and closes the cage) I had to let the dogs out.  What I miss?


Super Troopa: Nevermind that. (all four jump out) We well never allow your evil plans to come to fruition, Mr. Cyclops.

Mr. Cyclops: We'll see about that.  MK VI, ATTACK!

The Mega Clops MK VI revs up and charges for our heroes.  Super Troopa takes out his grappling hook, grapples on to the ceiling, then swings over the robot.  Random Lad and Goomba jump to each side of the robot.  Shy Guy runs away from the robot in terror.

Shy Guy: MIIIIIIIOOOO!!!  Don't hurt me!

Goomba: C'mon, you mugs.  We can beat this hunk of metal.  C'mon, we technically created Mr. Cyclops.  We should know everything about his robots.

Super Troopa: Actually, I've only thought of up to the MK V.  I have no idea how to defeat this one.

Goomba: Ah, that's just perfect, ya nerds!  What do we do now?

Random Lad: Reserve our own copy of Super Mario Bros. Wii?

Shy Guy: Here's a better idea. Keep running!

Mr. Cyclops: Yes, yes, run, you cowards!  Run like hamsters in your wheels.

Professor Doctor: Hmm, the gyros on the MK VI seem to be functioning proplerly.  I just hope they don't hit the top of the robot's head.

Random Lad: The top of the head?  Thanks, Doctor Professor.

Mr. Cyclops: That's it!  I'm docking your pay.

Professor Doctor: Oh, fudge, not again.

Shy Guy: Okay, we know where to hit it, but how do we hit it?

Random Lad: Leave that to me. (picks up Shy Guy and throws him in the air) Go get him!

Shy Guy: MIIIIOOOO! (bonks the MK VI's head) Mio! (lands on the ground) Next time, warn me when you're gonna do that.

Super Troopa: I think he's got the right idea.  To me, Fungus Lad.

Goomba: Oh, no, if you think you're gonna- (Random Lad picks him up and and throws him in the air) YOU STINTK!

Random Lad: All in a day's work.

Goomba: Bleah! (bounces off the robot and lands on his feet) Oohh... pretty stars.

The Mega Clops MK VI's spinning top base short-circuits and breaks off.  The robot stands still facing our heroes.

Mr. Cyclops: This is just perfect.  How's the MK VI suppose to fight them now?

Professor Doctor: That's why I installed all that hidden weaponry, Mr. Cyclops, sir. (the MK VI points two dozen cannons at Super Troopa) You see?

Mr. Cyclops: Ah, I see.  Very good.  Perhaps you're not as looney as I thought.

Shy Guy: It's official.   We're dead.

Super Troopa: Never say never, Maskianouge.  We may be outgunned, but we're not out-spirited.

Goomba: Do you ever shut up?

Random Lad: Don't worry, I've got this one. (pulls out the Random Gun) None can stop the Random Gun.

Professor Doctor: Is that a megaphone?

Mr. Cyclops: Ah, hah, hah, hah!  Witness this display of uselessness and stupidity, Professor.

Shy Guy: Random Lad, I don't now's the time to squirt the mean robot... (the Random Gun starts charging up) Mio?

Super Troopa: Uh, Random Lad, what's going on?

Random Lad: Imma chargin mah lazzah, what's it look like I'm doing?

Mr. Cyclops: Hah!  I'm calling your bluff.

Professor Doctor: Uh, sir, I don't think he's bluffing....

Random Lad fires a gigantic laser out of the Random Gun, vaporizing the Mega Clops MK VI and tearing a hole in building.  After the laser blast, the entire building starts to collapse.


Shy Guy: (faints) Mio.

Professor Doctor: Sir, we gotta get outta here.  The whole place is collapsing.

Mr. Cyclops: Blast you, Super Troopa.  I will have my revenge.  (he and Mr. Cyclops disappear behind the rubble) I've got my EYE on you.

Random Lad: Now that villainy has been stopped, let us pose heroicly in triumph.

Super Troopa: How about after we escape this death trap?

Random Lad: Good idea.

Random Lad picks up Shy Guy as they, Goomba, and Super Troopa escape from the building as it collapses to the ground.

Super Troopa: We did it, Koopa Heroes, we have thwarted yet another evildoer's scheme.  We did good today.

Goomba: Whatever.  Now who's gonna buy me a taco?

Shy Guy: Miiiooo... (wakes up) What'd I miss?

Random Lad: Now that Professor Cyclops and Mr. Doctor are defeated, all we gotta do now is stop the bad guy, that talking chicken, and that robot crab from kidnapping the damsel-in-distress.

Shy Guy: Excuse me for just one moment. (faints again) Mio.

Meanwhile, back at Eggman Nega's hidden base, Mewtwo and King Dedede learns Mr. Cyclops's defeat from Eggman Nega.

Mewtwo: What?!  How did that princess find out?

Eggman Nega: Apparently, that super hero turtle caught wind of his "arch-nemesis's" activity and came to ruin everything.

Mewtwo: ...Very well.  Here is our next move.  Nega, go to Sinnoh with Tedhaun and try to capture that boy.  Dedede, find those blueprints to the Heavy Lobster.  We need them to make the Heavy Lobster strong enough to take on the Warrior of Shadows.

Eggman Nega: Very well. (Mewtwo teleports away)  Dedede, you don't think there is a Warrior of Shadows, do you?

King Dedede: I couldn't care less if this warrior was one of my Waddle Dees.  All I want is revenge!

Eggman Nega: Still keep your guard up.  I would have imagined Mewtwo getting much angrier than this.  He must somehow know that we set that turtle up to defeat Mr. Cyclops.

King Dedede: We?  Don't drag me into this.

Eggman Nega: I will if you try anything funny.  You better find those blueprints or else.

King Dedede: I'm on it. (Eggman Nega leave) Hmm... I kinda miss my dummy, Waddle Doo.  I wonder if he's convinced this "Grif" guy Mewtwo told me about to join our cause?

"The stakes are higher now that Mewtwo is stepping up operations.  Not only is he going to upgrade the Heavy Lobster to its full potential, it seems he's planning on recruiting a new player in this game.  Will the Heavy Lobster become strong enough to defeat even the Warrior of Shadows?  And who is this Grif person?  Find out on the next episode of KST Book III: Warrior of Shadows."
25th Episode of the Kirby Superstar Team Book III: Warrior of Shadows. Shy Guy, Goomba, and Koopa are commissioned by Eggman Nega to stop Super Troopa's arch-nemisis, Mr. Cyclops, from upgrading the Heavy Lobster.

Read Episode 24. [link]

Read Episode 26. [link]

Mr. Cyclops, Robby, Professor Doctor, Sinclair, Fwuffy, and the Mega Clops MK VI belong to me.

Mentioned are Roshi and the Red Avenger (created by ~LuigiGuy) and White Rose (created by ~PrincessZelda14)
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