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Over the Mountain

"Previously, on KST Book III: Warrior of Shadows, Luigi, Stephen, and Ristar met Stephen's girlfriend, Arianna, and her Pikachu and newly evolved Ninetails.  Once all together with Luigi Guy, Luigi told Stephen and Ristar about Galactic Knight and his concern that he might go after Arianna.  That night, Galactic Knight appeared and tested Stephen, proving that he can protect Arianna when all odds are against him."

Stark Mountain Trail.  Luigi, Stephen, Ristar, Kujo, Arianna, and Luigi Guy hike the trail up to Stark Mountain.  Luigi Guy is skipping all over the place as Sparkle and Riolu walk together.

Luigi Guy: I'm on an adventure with Luigi!  This is so cool! (dancing around) Yippee!  Whoopee!

Sparkle: (watches Luigi Guy) Chu?

Riolu: (shrugs his shoulders) Rio.

Kujo: Weirdo.

Arianna: I see someone's energetic this morning.

Luigi Guy: Every day's a good day when you're with your hero!

Luigi: Aw, shucks, Luigi Guy, you're making me blush.

Ristar: (aside to Luigi and Stephen) So, Arianna is not the Warrior of Shadows?

Stephen: (aside to each other) That's what Galactic Knight said.  If this warrior is not Arianna, I may know who it is.

Luigi: Who?

Stephen: I think it may be a Pokemon Trainer.  I've met him before, the one with a Charizard, Squirtle, and Ivysaur.  I overheard right before my battle with Palkia that this same trainer beat Palkia in a battle.  He could be the one Galactic Knight and Mewtwo are after.

Ristar: Do you know what his name is?

Stephen: No, I never got his name.  Whoever he is, he's tough.

Arianna: Is everything alright?

Ristar: Uh, yep, everything's fine.

Arianna: Okay.  How about we stop for some lunch.  I'm getting kinda hungry.

Stephen: Sure thing.  C'mon, dudes! (lets out his Poliwhirl, Cubone, Electivire, Skarmory, and Nosepass.) It's time for some lunch.

Luigi: Good idea.

Nosepass: (snoring) Nosepass....

Arianna: (giggles) Your Nosepass is still a sleepy head.

Cubone: Bone? (looks up at Arianna) Cubone.

Arianna: Hi, Cubone.  Do you all remember me?

Cubone: (nods) Bone, Bone.

Poliwhirl: (thumbs up) Poliwhirl.

Stephen: (sets out two batchs of food) Here you go, Skarmory, Electivire.

Skarmory: Skar. (starts eating) Ska.

Electivire: (munchs on his food) Vire, vire.

Kujo: Hey, I'm hungry.

Stephen: Okay, okay, I'll get everyone their food.

Stephen and Arianna hand out food to all the Pokemon.  Luigi, Ristar, Stephen, Arianna, and Luigi Guy eat their lunch.

Luigi Guy: Okay, I'm done. (starts dancing around again) I'm so excited about my grand adventure with Luigi!

Luigi: Hey, Stephen, you said that there was some sort of Pokemon named "Heatran" in Stark Mountain.  Is that true?

Stephen: Supposively.  Its a legendary Pokemon, and I plan on catching it. (takes out a Pokeball) I hope I have enough Pokeballs to catch him with.

Arianna: You can do it, Stephen.  I know you can.

Ristar: Yeah, man, you just gotta believe in yourself and your Pokemon.

Stephen: Thanks, every- (Luigi Guy knocks the Pokeball out of his hand and into the air) Whoa! Hey, LG, could you watch whatcha doing?

Luigi Guy: Sorry.  ...LG?  I like the sound of that.

Riolu: Rio? (stands up looking at a moving bush) Rio...

Sparkle: Chu?  Pika, Pika.  Pikachu.

Arianna: What is it, Sparkle?  Is something back there?

Luigi: Uh... normally, moving bushes means trouble....

Loudred: (jumps out of the bushes and starts running) LOUDRED, LOUDRED, LOUDRED, LOUDRED- (the Pokeball lands on its head) LOU?!

Stephen: My Pokeball! (the Pokeball forces Loudred in.  It shakes for a bit, but then stops) ....Okay.  I just caught a Loudred.

Ristar: Wow.  I've seen that thing run around all over the place.  I'm surprised you were able to catch it.

Jack: (voice) NO WAY! (he and Russell jump out of the bushes) I was gonna catch that Loudred!

Stephen: Don't you two have anything better to do than to pester me?

Russell: Well, no, actually.  We're... (nervous laugh) kinda lost.

Jack: Don't tell him that!  You think you're so cool, huh?  I'll show you.  Go, Lickitung!

Lickitung: (comes out of its Pokeball) Licki-i-i-i-i!

Jack: I'm challenging you to a battle.  Winner gets Loudred!

Russell: How about we make this a double battle.  Me and Jack vs you and that girl.  Um, sorry, what was your name again?

Arianna: It's Arianna.

Russell: (blushes) That's a pretty name.

Jack: That's stupid.  Russell, get out your Arbok.  Me and you are gonna trounce him and her in a double battle.

Russell: I just said.... oh, why bother?  Go, Arbok!

Arbok: (comes out of its Pokeball) Cha-a-a-bok.

Stephen: If it will get you two outta our hair, then let's go. (puts on his shades) Electivire...?

Electivire: Vire. (stands up and pounds his fists together) Electivire.

Arianna: I think I'll have Rose battle this time.  Ready, Rose?

Ninetails: (nods) Nine.

Russell: Oh, my.  You have a Ninetails.  You must have evolved it using... (checks his pockets) Strange, I thought I had a Fire Stone in here.

Jack: Nevermind that!  Lickitung, Stomp on Ninetails!

Lickitung: Licki-i-i. (jumps up to use Stomp) Tung!

Arianna: Rose, use Flamethrower.

Rose: (burns Lickitung to a crisp with Flamethrower) NINE!

Jack: Guh?!  I don't believe this!

Russell: My turn.  Arbok, use Poison Sting!

Arbok: (fires Poison Sting) Cha-a-a!

Stephen: Dodge and use Thunder Bolt!

Electivire: Electivire. (dodges the attack and attacks with Thunder Bolt) Vire!

Arianna: Alright.  Now, Rose, use Confuse Ray.

Ninetails: (uses Confuse Ray on Lickitung) Nine.

Lickitung: Tu-u-ung...!

Jack: Don't just stand there!  Use Lick!

Lickitung: Licki? (uses Lick on Arbok) Tung?

Arbok: Cha! (becomes paralyzed) Cha-a-a-bo-o-ok...

Jack: Guh!  Not on Arbok!

Stephen: Finish this with Iron Tail.

Electivire: Electivire! (swings Iron Tail at both Pokemon.  Both Lickitung and Arbok faint) Vire, Electivire.

Russell: Oh, no. (calls back Arbok) They beat us.

Jack: Grr... (calls back Lickitung) I know that.  You're still not gonna beat us to Heatran! (he and Russell run off) Later!

Stephen: Good riddences.  Good job, Electivire.

Electivire: Electivire.

Arianna: You were amazing, Rose.  I'm so proud of you.

Rose: Nine.

Ristar: Way to go, you two.  You make a great team.

Arianna: Thank you, Ristar.

Kujo: (aside) Looks like fun...

Luigi Guy: This has been fun and all, but we still have an adventure to enact!  Let's go!

Luigi: Okay, we should get going.

Later that day, inside Stark Mountain, Luigi, Stephen, Ristar, Kujo, Arianna, and Luigi Guy search through the interior to find anything suspisious.

Ristar: Here we are.  Stark Mountain.  Keep your eyes open.

Luigi Guy: Nothing will get in our way, right, Luigi?

Luigi: Y-y-yep... I just hope we don't disturb this Heatran thing too much.

Arianna: See anything, Sparkle?

Sparkle: (shakes her head "no.") Pikachu.

Arianna: Me neither.  It would be helpful if we knew what we were looking for.

Stephen: You and me both.

Ristar: Hey, I forgot to ask.  Arianna, how did you get here from another dimension?

Arianna: Well, normally, I wouldn't show you this, but you are Stephen's friends, and I trust you. (takes out a pink rod).  This is called the Mystic Rod.  It's what gives me added power to my magic.

Luigi Guy: Wow, it's so mystic... and pink.

Mewtwo: (voice) And it belongs to me.

Luigi Guy: Huh?  Who said that?

Luigi: Oh, dear, it's Mewtwo.

Jack: Ah hah! I knew it! (he and Russell jump in) I knew you punks were after TWO legendary Pokemon.  Well, tough, they're both mine!

Luigi Guy: Wow, wait to kill the moment.

Arianna: Oh, dear... I remember hearing that voice ordering that clock monster to attack me.

Mewtwo: Indeed. (appears in front of them) I am Mewtwo, and that rod belongs to me.  Hand it over.

Russell: Holy smokes!  It is Mewtwo!  I never thought I'd ever see it in my life.

Mewtwo: Hand over the rod, or things will get ugly.

Stephen: I'd rather battle you for it. (puts on his shades) Now what Pokemon should I use this time?

Mewtwo: Hmm.  As I thought.  You're nothing but a coward afraid to fight himself.

Arianna: No one calls Stephen a coward.  I'll show you.

Arianna takes the Mystic Rod and lifts it up into the air.  Her body glows bright pink as the Mystic Rod transforms into a sword.  Arianna's outfit then changes into a black masked outfit.

Luigi Guy: What the heck?

Nerissa: Don't be alarmed.  It's still me.  I've changed into my altered ego, Nerissa.

Mewtwo: You think you can fight me on your own?  Foolish little girl.

Nerissa charges for Mewtwo with her sword.  Mewtwo uses Teleport to dodge her attack, and then he attacks her with Shadow Ball.  Nerissa slices the Shadow Ball in two, then attacks again.

Russell: Wow, Stephen, you've got such a kick-butt girlfriend.

Stephen: Thanks.  Heh, heh, heh...

Luigi Guy: How come she gets all the action.  C'mon, Luigi, let's kick his butt!

Mewtwo: Stay out of this. (pushes the rest of them back with Confusion) I will deal with you after I finish off the girl.

Nerissa: Stephen!

Stephen: ...I'm okay.  Keep up the good work, Nerissa.

Nerissa: I will.  Don't worry. (attacks Mewtwo) You'll pay for that! (Mewtwo catches her with Confusion) What?!

Mewtwo: You can't stop me.  And now, for the Mystic Rod.

Sparkle: Chu! (jumps up, grabs the sword with her mouth, then runs back with sword) Pika.

Mewtwo: You little rat.  Give that back.

Ristar: No way. (he, Luigi, Stephen, Kujo, and Luigi Guy guard Sparkle) We're not letting you near this sword.

Mewtwo: So be it. (uses Confusion to hold Nerissa over a ledge) Below here is a pit of lava, and if you don't give me that rod, I will drop her in.

Luigi: You can't do that, you cheater.

Mewtwo: Watch me.

Stephen: Hold it, dude.  She's the only one that can control the Mystic Rod.  Why do away with her?

Mewtwo: Humans don't deserve to command that much power.  You all are nothing but cowards.  You're the worst of them all, boy.  Doing away with her is fate worse than your death.

Jack: Whoa, time out.  I hate Stephen as much as the next guy, but come on.  That's his girlfriend for crying out loud.  You're nuts.

Nerissa: Stephen, don't listen to him.  I don't care what happens to me.  I just want you to be safe.

Stephen: Mewtwo... I don't know why you're doing this.  Pokemon aren't evil, and I think you're not evil too.  Whatever the reason is you're doing this, I can't comply with what you're asking me.

Mewtwo: You dare sacrifice this girl's life for your own skin?

Stephen: It's not easy to explain, but if I give in to your demands, that makes me an even bigger coward than you say I am.  I won't back down.  I'm going to fight you as hard as I can and more to ensure her safety.

Kujo: Really?

Stephen: One more thing, I have a message from Galactic Knight.  You have lost the bet.

Mewtwo: ... (smirks) Is that so?

Nerissa: Stephen... (Mewtwo throws her over the edge) Aaaaaaahhh....!

Stephen: ARIANNA!

Ristar: I got it!

Ristar stretches his arms to catch Nerissa, but two sets of vines beat his hands to her.  The vines pull Nerissa back up to the ledge and to the others.  Everyone turns to see a Pokemon Trainer and his Ivysaur.

Luigi Guy: The plot thickens!

Mewtwo: Who are you?

Pokemon Trainer: My name's not important.  I'm not going to let you get away with hurting an innocent life.

Jack: Oh, this is just great.  A random Pokemon Trainer appearing out of nowhere to save the day?  Man, who's writing this crap?

Stephen: (aside) He looks familiar. (puts on his shades) I'm right behind you, dude. C'mon, Poliwhirl!

Poliwhirl: (comes out of his Pokeball) Poliwhirl!

Ivysaur: Saur, Ivysaur.

Poliwhirl: (thumbs up to Ivysaur) Poliwhirl.

Mewtwo: This will be intriguing indeed.  Very well.  I'll take ALL of you on and prove I am the most powerfull Pokemon in existance.

Luigi: Br-r-r-ring it.

Luigi Guy: Yeah, what he said.

Stephen: You up for this, Nerissa?

Nerissa: Of course. (picks up the sword) I'll always be by your side.

Ristar: Are we gonna sit here and twiddle our thumbs, or are we gonna get to it?


"Deep within Stark Mountain, our heroes have arrived to take on Mewtwo himself.  With the help of Luigi Guy, Nerissa, and a new Pokemon Trainer, they go head first into battle against the Genetic Pokemon.  Who will succeed in this climatic battle?  Will Jack and Russell help out?  And what of Heatran?  Find out on the next jaw-dropping episode of KST Book III: Warrior of Shadows."
23rd Episode of the Kirby Superstar Team Book III: Warrior of Shadows. Our heroes in Sinnoh make their way to Stark Mountain. There, Mewtwo attacks wanting an item from Arianna.

Read Episode 22. [link]

Read Episode 24. [link]

Nerissa, Arianna's alter ego, belongs to *PrincessZelda14
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