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Kennedy and Roman by BlackCarrot1129 Kennedy and Roman :iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 4 0 Roman the Wolf by BlackCarrot1129 Roman the Wolf :iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 4 0 Kennedy the Oriole by BlackCarrot1129 Kennedy the Oriole :iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 3 0
The B-Team Episode 30 - Petey Piranha
In 2007, a group of Mario series characters dressed up as 80's T.V. characters and went trick-or-treating.  They promptly returned home with 4 bags of candy and played video games.  Today, still wanting more candy, they survive as soldiers of stupidity.  If you have a problem, if no one else wants to help you, and if you can't find anyone better, maybe you can hire...The B-Team!
Boo as John "Hanni-Boo" Smith"
Shy Guy as Face/Faceman
Dry Bones as "Howling Mad" Murdock
and Goomba as B.A. Baracus
Theme song parady abruptly ends with Petey Piranha crashing out through the side of Bowser's Castle.  Petey Piranha roars and carries out two cages with Bowser and Bowser Jr. trapped in each of them.
Bowser: What the heck is going on here?
Bowser Jr.: Papa!  What's happening?
Bowser: How dare you trap us like this.  I'm the one who traps Princess Peach, and sometimes Sprixies.
Petey Piranha laughs.  He taps the t
:iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 2 0
Just Liz Doolie by BlackCarrot1129 Just Liz Doolie :iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 3 0
The B-Team Episode 29 - Toadette II
Shy Guy's House.  Shy Guy and Dry Bones sit on the couch.  Goomba walks into the kitchen.  Boo paces back and forth.
Dry Bones: I keep telling you, what you see in cartoons doesn't happen in real life.  That's why that cat you found didn't survive that anvil.
Boo: Murdock, we live in a world where we get squished all the time, and we come out of it okay.
Goomba walks back in from the kitchen.  A Thwomp lands right on top of him.
Goomba: Bleah!
The Thwomp rises back up into the air.  Goomba pops himself back to normal.
Shy Guy: Dry Bones, are we cartoons?
Boo: Never mind that, Face.  We've got a bigger problem.  I'm bored.  Seriously.  Bored.... Bored!  Bored, Bored, Bored, Bored, Bored, Bored, Bored! (holds up a two-by-four plank) Board!
Goomba: Gimme that. (takes the plank) I'm gonna save this for, um, you know, a rainy day.
Dry Bones: We can't expect a grand adventure to pop-up every week.  Sometimes, there's just nothing to
:iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 1 2
The B-Team Episode 28 - Luma
Shy Guy's House.  The B-Team return in their B-Team Wagon.  Shy Guy and Dry Bones pull the wagon as Boo and Goomba ride inside.
Boo: And that's why I've been banished from the school dance.
Goomba: You don't go to school.
Boo: Just one of many reasons why I was banished.
The B-Team turn the corner to the front yard.  Huck-it Crab throws rocks at a Luma.  The Luma cowers before Huck-it Crab.
Luma: Stop it, you meanie!  Please!
Shy Guy: Oh, no, a Luma's in trouble.
Boo: Hey, no!  Bad Huck-it Crab. (picks up Huck-it Crab) We do NOT throw rocks at Lumas.  We throw them at people we hate, like Bowser, or Piranha Plant, or the Little Man from the Draft Board.
Dry Bones: It's okay, little Luma.  Huck-it Crab won't bother you anymore.
Luma: Oh? (looks up at Dry Bones) Momma?  Where's my Momma?
Shy Guy: Oh, did you get separated from Rosalina?  She must me really worried about you.
Boo: (pets Huck-it Crab) Johnny did.  I know it wasn't my f
:iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 2 4
The B-Team Episode 27 - Hammer Bro
Mushroom Village.  The B-Team stacks up on top of one another, Boo floating at the bottom, Goomba on top of him, Shy Guy on top of him, and Dry Bones at the very top.  Dry Bones reaches for a Blitty asleep in a tree.  A Mouser waits at the base of the tree.
Mouser: Please be careful of my Blitty.  He scares so easily.
Dry Bones: Boo, can you float a little higher?
Boo: I'm givin' it everything she's got, Murdock, but she can't take much more of this.
Goomba: Boo, how come you ain't just floating up and grabbing that darn cat-block thing?
Boo: I thought this would be more comedic.
Mouser: Please hurry!  My Blitty must be so scared.
Shy Guy: Come to think of it, what's so comedic about saving a Blitty from a tree?
Dry Bones: Almost there... (grabs the Blitty) Got it.
Boo: Now for the comedic part!  Hee-yup!
Boo tosses Shy Guy, Goomba, and Dry Bones up in the air.  All three land on top of Boo as Dry Bones still holds the Blitty, still asleep, in his arm
:iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 1 2
The B-Team Episode 26 - Morton
Morton Koopa Jr.'s Tower.  Koopaling Morton Koopa Jr. tosses and turns in his bed.  He sits up.
Morton: Oh, man, I can't sleep.  Maybe another sugary soda will help.
Morton searches his fridge and pulls out a soda.  He enters back into his room and sips his soda.  Boo sits at a chair next to his bed.
Boo: How come you didn't bring one for me?
Morton spits out the soda.
Morton: What the heck are you doing in my room?
Boo: Well, I heard that you couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd come by and read you a bedtime story. (holds up a storybook) I picked a great one.
Morton: How old do you think I am?
Boo: Do you really want me to answer that?
Morton: Get out of my room!
Boo: C'mon, it's a great story.  I know, I wrote it myself, and it's all about you.
Morton: You wrote a fan-fiction about me?
Boo: Well, that would imply that I'm your fan, but I'm not.  I'd rather write about my favorite hero, Mario, as he meets up with my favorite video game heroes and save t
:iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 3 3
The B-Team Episode 25 - Snifit
Mushroom Village.  A lone Snifit runs up and down the village in a panic.  He arrives at a lake where the B-Team gather around a catapult.
Snifit: A-hah!  There you are.  Excuse me, you are the B-Team, correct?
Dry Bones: Yep.  That's us.  What seems to be the problem?
Boo: Hold that though.  I just wanna do one thing.
Boo turns to the catapult, Shy Guy sitting inside.  Boo pulls a lever.  A second later, Shy Guy flies through the air.
Shy Guy: MIIIIOOOOO.....!
Shy Guy splashes down into the lake.  Boo, Goomba, Dry Bones, and Snifit stare out into the water.
Boo: Approved.
Shy Guy swims back to shore.  Snifit waves his arms in front of Boo.
Snifit: As I was saying, are the B-Team, the ones who rescued her royal majesty, Princess Daisy, from the dastardly Piranha Plant?
Boo: And what does that have to do with us, Not-Shy-Guy?
Snifiti: I am Snifit, the loyal bodyguard to the very princess you saved.  Rather embarrassing for me a
:iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 2 2
The B-Team Episode 24 - Nastasia
Mushroom Village.  The B-Team, Toadsworth, Toadette, and the Toads and Koopas stare at a Whomp on the path.
Whomp: Nope.  I ain't movin' from this spot.
Toadette: But you're blocking the way to Peach's Castle, and a lot of these Toads need to head to work.
Whomp: Not gonna happen.
Shy Guy: What if we said, "Pretty, pretty please?"
Whomp: What is this, kindergarten?  NO STINKIN' WAY!
Toadsworth: Toadette, I told you that calling this hooligans wouldn't do anything to help our situation.
Toadette: Just give them a chance.  I know they can do it.  They've always pulled through.
Toadsworth: Like the time they threw a wild party in the Princess's castle?  Or what about when they wouldn't help with our Bullet Bill situation?
Boo: There was that time we used your toothbrush to clean out every trash can in the Village.
Toadsworth: I beg your pardon?
Boo: Don't worry, B.A. bought you a new one.
Goomba: Crud, I knew I forgot something.
Green Toad: Oh, who are you ki
:iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 4 0
Zeladanial and Rhay - Something Has Gone Awry by BlackCarrot1129 Zeladanial and Rhay - Something Has Gone Awry :iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 8 2 Super Troopa and Nega Troopa - 2019 by BlackCarrot1129 Super Troopa and Nega Troopa - 2019 :iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 4 2
The B-Team Episode 23 - 9-Volt
9-Volt's house in Diamond City, evening.  The B-Team roll up to the house in their B-Team wagon.  The knock on the door.  9-Volt's mother, 5-Volt, answers the door.
5-Volt: Oh, good, you're here.  Come on in.
Goomba: You know, I pity da fool who's momma has to invite people to her kid's own sleepover.
5-Volt: All the same, I do appreciate you answering.  A sleepover is just the thing for my son to make some more friends his age.
Boo: You kidding me?  I've always wanted to meet a fellow avid gamer like myself.
5-Volt: Well, the rest of the guests are with 9-Volt as we speak.
Boo: (aside to Dry Bones) Who names their kid, "9-Volt?"
Dry Bones shrugs his shoulders.  The B-Team follow 5-Volt inside the house and up to 9-Volt's room.  9-Volt sits next to fellow Warioware employees Penny Crygor, Ashley, and Red.
5-Volt: Okay, sweetie, the rest of your guests are here-
Ashley: SHY GUY! (throws her arms around him) I'm so glad to see you again, my friend.
:iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 4 2
Stephen Murdock - 2019 Design by BlackCarrot1129 Stephen Murdock - 2019 Design :iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 3 2 Secret Santa 2018 - V in action. by BlackCarrot1129 Secret Santa 2018 - V in action. :iconblackcarrot1129:BlackCarrot1129 5 7
Enjoy my art. :fish:

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SPE Chapter 1-3
Chapter 1-3 The Sands of Yold
“Looks like we’re out of the mountains and into the frying pan! I’m burning up!” Eddy complained.
“Quit complaining! I sense that the Pure Heart is even closer!” Tippi encouraged. They walked and soon reached a red palm tree.
“Is that a red palm tree? There’s something you don’t see…. Ever,” Eddy stared for a bit.
“There’s something suspicious about this. Maybe we have to do something here?” Mario wondered.
“Like what? Jump 9 times and a door will magically appear?” Eddy joked. Mario did just that, and a door did appear. “Wow, I’m good…” They entered and were now in another section of the desert. After some running, they came upon quicksand. “We’re trapped here…” Eddy whined.
“Don’t give up hope! Something doesn’t feel right!!” Mario said.
“Like what? There’s going to be a pathway if we flip?” Eddy joked
:iconwonderpikachu12:wonderpikachu12 1 2
LLAMAS by sorakairi1014 LLAMAS :iconsorakairi1014:sorakairi1014 137 62 SSbb Rayquaza kidnap Diddy by Rhay-Robotnik SSbb Rayquaza kidnap Diddy :iconrhay-robotnik:Rhay-Robotnik 1 5 BCrequest Goombgenius _ Vivian by Rhay-Robotnik BCrequest Goombgenius _ Vivian :iconrhay-robotnik:Rhay-Robotnik 7 3 stormie :D by RoseRaptor stormie :D :iconroseraptor:RoseRaptor 43 66
SSBB Moveset Baby M and L
Baby Mario
Attack: 2/5
Speed: 3/5
Attack Speed: 3/5
Jump: 3/5
Reach: 3/5
Gravity: 2/5
Weight: 1/5
Traction: 2/5
Height: 1/5
Baby Mario changes the colour of his overalls, hat, and shoes
(Default) Red
Baby Mario appears on the battlefield coming out of a warp pipe with Baby Luigi.
Up: Baby Mario jumps up and down laughing.
Left/Right: A question mark appears above Baby Mario head.
Down: Baby Mario does the peace sign and saids "Baby Mario Time"
Wall Jump
A: Baby Punch
AA: Baby Punch
AAA: Baby Kick
A>: Baby Jab
Smash A>: Hammer Strike
A^: Baby uppercut
Smash A^: Upper Hammer Strike
Av:  Low kick
Smash Av: Baby Sweep Kick
Running A: Baseball slide
A: Baby Kick
A>:  Hammer
A^: Upward headbutt
Av:  Same as Mario's
A: Cape: Baby Mario swings a cape in front of him.  It can reflect projectiles and flip enemies around.
B^: Super Jump Punch: Baby Mario jumps in the air with h
:icons64:s64 8 4
SSBB Moveset Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr.
Attack: 2/5
Speed: 4/5
Attack Speed: 4/5
Jump: 2/5
Reach: 4/5
Gravity: 2/5
Weight: 1/5
Traction: 2/5
Height: 1/5
Bowser Jr changes the colour of his scales, shell and hair.
(Default) Green
Bowser Jr. appears on the battlefield through a portal of sludge.
Up: Bowser Jr. puts hands around hips and laughs
Side: Bowser Jr. makes funny faces saying " Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah!"
Down: Bowser Jr. sticks his tongue out and saids "You stink!"
Wall Jump
A: Left swipe (Jr. is a lefty)
AA: Right swipe
AAA: Flip swipe (does a flip in mid-air after right swipe and whacks enemy in head with brush)
A>: Jab (with brush)
Smash A>: Stab
A^: Backflip kick
Smash A^: Same as Bowser's (he doesn't have sharp spikes)
Av:  Low kick 2%
Smash Av: Same as Bowser's
Running A: Baseball slide
A: Goes in shell and spins
A>:  Kick
A^: Upward headbutt
Av:  Mini Bicycle Kick
A: Flip kick's the ene
:icons64:s64 7 6
WAKE UP WITH THE KING by mastafuu WAKE UP WITH THE KING :iconmastafuu:mastafuu 6,440 1,215
Smash Bros Live: Race Part 2
The gang's aboard the Daisy Cruiser, what could happen during the Grand Prix...
Mario: So, ready to race again?
Wario: Yeah, this will be the best Grand Prix outside Mario Kart!
Before the Cruiser left, Daisy had invited a certain king and his son...
Blaze/Wave: Hey Daisy.
Daisy: Blaze, Wave.
Bowser: Jr, what are you doing to the marsmallow?
Jr: Punishing it for no good reason.
Wave: You invited Bowser and his son?
Daisy: In our...uh, Mario, was it the sixth party we went on a cruise?
Mario: It was the seventh, the sixth we had to stop the fight of Brighton and Twilia.
Daisy: Bowser got mad and nearly ruined our good times because he wasn't invited.
Blaze: Everyone nearly suffered for mushroom man's forgetfulness...
Daisy: You could say that.
The Small Fries and Koops had their own convesation...
Ness: Special items?
Koops: Yeah, these items have individualism. Meaning, that person can only obtain the item. However, Kirby is like King Boo or Petey Piranha, Ness.
Kirby: Petey? Where is
:iconsmashtekk:SmashTekk 3 0
Tikal and Krystal by Kaya-Snapdragon Tikal and Krystal :iconkaya-snapdragon:Kaya-Snapdragon 2,103 492
Smash Bros Live: Race Part 1
Time for some high throttle racing...this time on karts.
While the others were racing, Kirby and Ness sat by the side and watched. Those Small Fries had an idea...
Kirby: Let's hold our own Grand Prix, the SBL Grand Prix!
Ness: We have a problem, Kirby. While Blaze is with Daisy on the Bloom Coach and Wave is with Koops on the improved Koopa Dasher then...How are we going to join the race?
Kirby: With this...(Brings out Stary Kart).
Ness: First air ride, then extreme gear, now go kart...The Warp Star really has changed.
Kirby: Look, the others are here.
The Starrios and Powerhouse Princesses came by the Small Fries...
Wario: Hey, what's that thingie?
Mario: Hey kids, anything new?
Ness: We were planning the SBL Grand Prix, intrested?
Mario: That could be fun.
Daisy: Neato!
Just then...
Wave: Hi Falco.
Falco: Hey Wave, others.
Koops: What are you spacemen up to?
Fox: We're in a conflict right now.
Falco: Foxie says that I'm not a decendant of Babylon, but I disagree with him.
Fox: Then
:iconsmashtekk:SmashTekk 3 0
Smash Bros Live: ??? 3
Ness: Here's some goodies before the episode Race...
SBL Act Out
Starrios: Hello...
Small Fries: Hello...
Powerhouse Princesses: Hello...
Starrios/S.F./P.P.: (Funny Noises)
Ness: Guess what's next?
Wario: This it envolve fried garlic?
Mario: Not at all.
Kirby: We're gonna play the hottest game that sweeping the nations of Nintendo and Sega...
Wario: Is it fried garlic?
P.P./S.F./Mario: No!
Ness: It's called...
P.P./S.F./Starrios: SBL Act Out!
Wario: Mario...
Mario: Okay. (Everyone moves aside) On this paper, is the name of a smash fighter, fighter related character, or an object.
Wario: Is it fried garlic?
Mario: Wario! (Puts him aside) Now, the others don't know what's on the paper...
Blaze: No idea.
Mario: Over there please...(Puts her aside) Now, here we go, no talking...(Starts moving in two bit frame movement)
Wario: Person...(Mario holds up four fingers)
Kirby: Four words...(Mario tips hat)
Daisy: Mister...(Mario holds his fingers in the air)
(Gang guessing names)
Ness: Game...(M
:iconsmashtekk:SmashTekk 2 0
My SSB4 Wish-list by Lakitubro101 My SSB4 Wish-list :iconlakitubro101:Lakitubro101 13 35
Some of my favorite artwork and literature on dA. Check 'em out. Or not. Your choice.

Who will join the battle?

Sat Jan 19, 2019, 10:29 AM

Hello, all.  BlackCarrot here.  Before any concrete confirmation comes out, I want to speculate on the possible DLC characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.  I've got a few ideas on who might make the cut, and I wanted to share them with you.

Please note: These are a combination of my own personal picks and some I think do have a fair chance to get in.  With the announcement of Joker from Persona 5 confirmed, who knows what other fighters Sakurai has already confirmed.

Before we get started, I will also be including the possibility of Echo Fighters to be introduced with a few of these picks.  I believe it is possible to have Echo Fighters with the play style of the DLC characters (and NOT of existing characters).

Let's begin.  Long journal ahead.

:bulletred: Bandana Waddle Dee (Kirby series)
-This is my brother's top choice.  He LOVES Bandana Waddle Dee, and it would be fantastic to have all the playable characters from Kirby's Return to Dreamland duke it out at once.  Plus, he's a Spear-wielding fighter, and we haven't seen that in Smash Bros. yet.  He can pool his moveset from his Spear Ability as well as the Parasol Ability as he known to wield both of them.  His Spear-Helicopter move can serve as his Up-Special.  As for his Final Smash, three ideas come to mind: (1) Give him King Dedede's first Final Smash, the Waddle Dee Army, (2) Giant Waddle Dee Ball, or (3) The Star Ally Sparkler.

:bulletred: Mipha (Breath of the Wild)
-Any of the champions would make great additions to the Smash Bros roster, but Mipha is my personal favorite. Besides, she's Spear-Woman, like Bandana Waddle Dee, and more female fighters are always welcome.  Her attacks with her trident will make her stand out from the others, and they incorporate techniques from Zora Link from Majora's Mask.  Her ability, Mipha's Grace, could operate as a Down Special, only being able to heal about, maybe, 10-20% damage when a meter she has fills up (fills up by taking damage or by time).  Her Final Smash could have the Divine Beast Vah Ruta attack anyone in its line of sight.

:bulletred: Monster Hunter (Monster Hunter Series)
-We have Rathalos in the game as both an Assist Trophy and a Boss, but not much else from the Monster Hunter series.  I've never played a Monster Hunter game before, so the name I have is just a placeholder.  This may be my most likely pick based on just this.  All I can say for certain is that Monster Hunter's costumes will derive from whatever armor you can make in the Monster Hunter Series.  Final Smash will probably summon a monster just as big and strong as Rathalos.

:bulletred: Jibanyan (Yo-Kai Watch series)
-Yo-kai Watch is pretty big in Japan, so I wouldn't doubt that its mascot, Jibanyan was announced.  As for moveset, I'm not well-versed in the gameplay or abilities Jibanyan has.  I do have a great idea for his Final Smash.  He uses his signature move, Paws of Fury, to trap his opponents in between him and an oncoming truck, damaging them until the truck sends him and his opponents flying. Jibanyan will be fine, only his opponents get damaged/K.O.ed.  His costumes will be the TON of Jibanyan variants there are.

:bulletblue: Robonyan or Shogunyan (Jibanyan's Echo Fighter)
-Like I said, TONs of Jibanyan variants, but either Robonyan or Shogunyan can vary in moveset to become Echo Fighters.  There Final Smash can be similar, with Robanyan firing missles and Shogunyan slicing with his sword.

:bulletred: Heihachi Mishima (Tekken Series)
-This is one of two choices for a second Namco series representative for Smash Bros.  Why Heihachi?  He had a Mii Costume in the previous game, so why not?  All I can say for certain that his moveset would derive from his style of martial arts seen in the Tekken games.  His costumes can alternate between young Heihachi and old Heihachi.  I have no idea what his Final Smash could be, but he seems like a fun choice.  (If I had to choose alternate choices from the Tekken series, my logical choice would be Jin Kazama, but my personal choice would be either King or Julie Chang/Jaycee)

:bulletred: Nightmare (Soul Calibur Series)
-This is my second choice for a second Namco series representative.  Plus, who wouldn't love another villain in Smash Bros?  With Nightmare wielding Soul Edge (as seen in Soul Calibur 2), they can make him unique from other sword wielders.  Such a long and heavy sword could have Nightmare on the heavy-side and more power-based attacks.  That, however, would make him open to more attacks.  A fair trade-off if I do say so.  Besides, who wouldn't want to recreate Nightmare vs Link in the Gamecube version of Soul Calibur 2?

:bulletblue: Siegfried Schtauffen (Nightmare's Echo Fighter)
-As the warrior who became Nightmare when taking hold of Soul Edge, Siegfried has been known to have a very similar moveset to Nightmare.  He can wield his own sword or Soul Calibur itself.  Who knows?  That's all I have to say.

:bulletred: Shantae (Shantae series)
-We all need an indie game representative in Smash Bros, and since Shovel Knight is just an Assist Trophy, Shantae is next choice.  Don't let her being a Spirit in Ultimate diminish her chances.  Mewtwo and Lucas were trophies in Smash 4 before they were announced as DLC. Her first game was on the GBA, so why not?  And again, more female fighters.  Shantae can use her magic and transformations to fight, giving her a unique moveset from everyone else.  I've only played Half-Genie Hero, so whatever she can do in her other games, she can as her specials or Final Smash.

:bulletred: Saki (Sin and Punishment series)
-Since Saki does not return as an Assist Trophy, perhaps this may be a sign that he's getting the upgrade just like Little Mac did.  It's possible, you know?  His moveset can mirror what his Assist Trophy can do.  He can boast in both long-range and close-range attacks, so then maybe his defense and recover could be brought down.  IDK.  His Final Smash could be a transformation he is capable of(?)  Sorry, I'm not well versed in the original Sin and Punishment.

:bulletblue: Isa Jo (Saki's Echo Fighter)
-Isa Jo is Saki's son who debuted in Sin and Punishment: Star Successor.  We can have another father and child pairing like Chrom and Lucina.  So, yeah, similar moveset and Final Smash were both assume their own transformations and attack... somehow.

:bulletred: Medusa (Kid Icarus Series)
-This is NOT meant to be an Echo Fighter of Palutena.  Sure, she may be like Ness/Lucas and Villager/Isabelle, but here me out:  In Smash 4, Palutena had the most diverse alternate moves you can assign to her.  Whatever Special Moves Palutena can't do, give them to Medusa.  Her Final Smash can have her head pop-off and transform to turn her opponents to stone then knock them out.  To be honest, I'm not holding my breath for Medusa, but you know, more villains, more female fighters.

:bulletred: Felix or Sveta (Golden Sun series)
-With Issac returning as an Assist Trophy, two ideas came to mind for a Golden Sun fighter.  (1) Felix, the antagonist turned protagonists from the second Golden Sun game.  He's a Venus Adept like Issac, but for Felix, he could utilize more Earth Psynergy attacks.  His Final Smash could call upon a Summon, a powerful being with devastating attack power.  (2) Sveta, Jupiter Adept from Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.  As a Morgal, she's half-human/half-animal, and that would give her a unique moveset along with her Wind Psynergy attacks.  Her transformations could mirror that of Corrin's.  Either one is fine by me, but Sveta is my choice between the two.  She's an awesome character.

:bulletred: Amaterasu (Okami series)
-This would make Capcom's third rep, but I think Amaterasu's worth it.  She can pool in movesets from her Brush Techniques like Cherry Bomb and Vine and her weapons.  I'm not sure what her Final Smash could be, though.  Again, I won't hold my breath for Amaterasu, but it's fun to dream.

:bulletred: Shield Knight (Shovel Knight series)
-I was devastated when Shovel Knight became an Assist Trophy, but as I came up with this list, a thought occurred to me: Shield Knight has never gotten the spotlight she deserves.  That's why I'm choosing her over Plague Knight, Specter Knight, and King Knight.  It would be awesome to see what they come up with as her moveset.

Honorable Mentions:
:bulletgreen: FE: Three Houses Representative.  Only because Fire Emblem is huge in Japan.
:bulletgreen: Final Fantasy Representative.  I don't know any other characters.
:bulletgreen: Waluigi, Shovel Knight, and Bomberman.  I know their Assist Trophies, but I love them.

That's all.  Man, this took forever to write.  Comment on anything you'd like to add.

Peace. :fish:

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Thanks for the fav
BlackCarrot1129 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2018
No problem.
SmashTekk Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hope you had a great day today and mentioned in Red's last gift, I'll have yours ready soon...
BlackCarrot1129 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2018
I can't wait to see what you got.
SonicUS1000 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday!  :party: :)
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Happy Birthday to you to sonamy kiss gif Sonamy Horse SONAMY smile 2 Sonamy 4ever Pix Icon Starfiku
birthdays Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2018

:woohoo: :party: :iconcakelickplz: !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :iconcakelickplz: :party: :woohoo:

It's November 29th which means it's that time of the year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team :love: 


Birthdays Team

This birthday greeting was brought to you by: GazSpaz :la: 

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 Scalpel (Left)Tini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeTini Vintage Syringe
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   Gothic LampMoving Eyeballs Tower Cake 50x50 icon  Blue Eye  Shuddering Letter: B Shuddering Letter: I Shuddering Letter: R Shuddering Letter: T Shuddering Letter: H Shuddering Letter: D Shuddering Letter: A Shuddering Letter: Y  Pastel Purple Eye Moving Eyeballs Tower Cake 50x50 iconGothic Lamp 
Tini Vintage Syringe leftTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeEyesTini EyeScalpel (Right)
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