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Welcome among the falling flowers!

The Black Camellia Utau Group -
that's us: SeerLight, archangel-prince & SoulfulDusk - or rather say:
We're the original core.
But we're not an exclusive club.
We're just little Utau users, making our own little original songs we'd like to share as well as the fun - and you are welcome to join our flower field!
Whether as fan, joyful Utau user or fellow song creator - we want you with us~
And who knows, one day you might earn yourself a -C! Our small sign of respect towards Utau users who create original songs and engage in projects, contributing their part to our small community with their encouragement!
It's not about being popular - but about your work being acknowledged - and that's a great feeling, isn't it?

:bulletred: Please be nice to other deviants and enjoy yourself~
:bulletyellow: Social and friendly collaborating on songs is highly encouraged!

Let's create something together!

:bulletred:We can also be found as:

Black Camellia CORE:
:bulletblack:archangel-prince = Hopeless-C
:bulletblack:SeerLight = Endless-C
:bulletblack:SoulfulDusk = Heartless-C

Black Camellia PETAL:
:bulletblack:ShiaSeki-Suishou = Crystal-C
:bulletblack:generalsin = Scandalized-C

Black Camellia LEAF:
:bulletblack: All our fellow group members! And you could be one of them!

Maybe you're on this list soon?

A list of our Utaus:

Submission Folders
Their number might be overwhelming at first sight, but they're meant to be self explaining and make browsing easier. Take a moment to read their descriptions and things should be fine!


Gallery Folders

[Concept] Impact RESET by SoulfulDusk
[Concept] Swift RESET by SoulfulDusk
Just a thought - Impact by SoulfulDusk
Just a thought - Swift by SoulfulDusk
Utau Song and Cover Journals
Official Black Camellia Designs
[Black Camellia Designs] Batch#4 ~ Hopeless by SoulfulDusk
[Black Camellia Designs] Batch#3 ~ Hopeless by SoulfulDusk
[Black Camellia Designs] Batch#2 ~ Hopeless by SoulfulDusk
[Black Camellia Designs] Batch#1 ~ Endless by SoulfulDusk
Black Camellia CORE Utauloids
Eden Nour DIAHTA by SoulfulDusk
[Concept 2017] Loulous McGriff by SoulfulDusk
[Concept 2017] Belladonna by SoulfulDusk
[AT] Kandy CALAMITY Redesign by SoulfulDusk
Black Camellia PETAL Utauloids
Halloween Lights by ShiaSeki-Suishou
Black Camellia LEAF Utauloids
Utau Nachika Morie by ElfLordofTime
{UTAU Concept } Zanna Urigiru by ElfLordofTime
Original BC CORE Songs - BC Utau
artificial sunlight by archangel-prince
[missing] by archangel-prince
Call Me Stupid (Original Song Collab) by SoulfulDusk
[Original Song] Wireless by SoulfulDusk
Original BC CORE Songs - Other Utau
Forward (Original Song) by SoulfulDusk
Redemption (Original Song) by SoulfulDusk
[Aino Erufu] Emotional Slave (Original Song) by SoulfulDusk
Crimson Carnival (Original Song) by SoulfulDusk
Original BC PETAL Songs
Rising Satellite (New Moon Version) by ShiaSeki-Suishou
Rising Satellite (Full Moon Version) by ShiaSeki-Suishou
Synthesis Machine (Original song) by ShiaSeki-Suishou
Sloth Filled Nights (Original Song) by ShiaSeki-Suishou
Original BC LEAF Songs
{UTAU Original} Setting Sun{Necomer Zanna Urigiru} by ElfLordofTime
Covers - BC CORE
(Rodoron) Hello Again by SoulfulDusk
Covers - BC PETAL
Covers - BC LEAF
Official Artwork - BC Core
Memories Of A Different Era by SoulfulDusk
Official Artwork - BC PETAL
Suine Sho - Pagedoll by ShiaSeki-Suishou
Official Artwork - BC LEAF
Fanart of all BC Utaus
[Request] Princess Of The Stage by SoulfulDusk
We got covered
Within the "Purple Box"
Within The Purple Box ~ No.3 by SoulfulDusk
Fun Stuff
A Fierce Impact by SoulfulDusk
Project Materials
[Album Cover] A Bouquet of Melodies by SoulfulDusk


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Journal Writers

Hello my little flowers, how are you?

I have some fancy news for you!

A small little utau group contacted us, searching for a composer for their group!
I'm still at gathering more info, but if anyone of you was, at least in theory, interested, let me know, in that case I'll keep you updated about it and help you there!
Meanwhile, show us your best and start gathering ideas for the contest we'll start at the beginning of December!

Also, I'm trying to settle another -C before the end of this year!

~ Lots of love, Nana :heart:
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Group Info

We're a little group of Utau users who create songs. Every beginning is hard, but only practice makes perfect~
Everyone with an interest in collaborating and creating music with Utauloids is highly welcome!
Founded 8 Years ago
Oct 10, 2014


Group Focus
Art Creation

14 Members
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