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Tribal Mega Charizard

Weell...what can I say....I'm pretty predictable, right?....But seriously, Mega Evolution of the old starters? Couldn't they think of anything else? This is soooo original...
But I hope you like it! :3

I take commissions, for information just send me a note.
Visit me on facebook:…

Original Characters by GAMEFREAK Inc.
Base taken from:…

Please ask me before using my art elsewhere! ^^
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Hi. I wasn't sure if you knew this Etsy seller is copying and selling your art so I thought I'd give you a head's up. Seems they are stealing art from quite a few Deviants. I've already contacted several other artists who've had their work stolen. Those listings are now gone.…
Hey this is an awesome work of art. Can i use this for my youtube channel im making?
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Sorry, I don't really want my art to be used for public work, unless it is a special commission for the person :/
Could I use this image?
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it`s not only cool... it`s f*cking awesome
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o.o thank you....X3 :hug: :D
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this is pretty cool!
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:D thank you very much, my friend! ^^
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Can I use this as a part of my rainmeter skin (for background of clock)?
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Sure, why long as you don't try to earn money with it :P ^^
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Hehe. Thanks.
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or may be something else.
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('0')  cacete....puta merda que incrível....

holy god.... sooooo cool 

great job man
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Thank you very much! Glad you like it^^
This is awesome! Will you be doing a Mega Charizard X? :D
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Hmmmh....I didn't even know that this exists XD but weeell...maaaybeee...:D
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yes but if pokemon is ripping off a rip-off of pokemon.... how is that original in any way? In my opinion, the mega evolutions are not really a last resort but an opportunity to make awesome stuff twice as awesome. I mean, charizard is actually one of the weakest of the starters in comparison. Mega charizard beats them with his drought ability (sunny day every battle/ super powered fire type moves). I love this tribal mega charizard, it's epic. :)
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Yeah, that might be true...the Mega evolutions all seem to be stronger than the usual forms...but that doesn't help me much since I won't be able to play it in the nearer future^^

But I'm glad you like my design, thank you very much :3
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I dunno, looks kinda like Digimon-like concept for me... :B But hey, at least those look epic, don't you agree? :D
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well....maybe because it is? XD
And well, some of them look pretty cool, and others are like..."what?" to me :D
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Mega evolution of charizard is amazing and combined with this makes it even prettier and amazing. This is just a wonderful piece of art for this evolution.
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Thank you very much, I really, really appreciate these words. Though I have to admit that I don't like the new Mega-thing too much...
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