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Winter greetings everyone,
  First and foremost thanks to those that have been sending me laptop recommendations over the past few months. I'm definitely taking them into consideration as I'll probably never buy from the current company due to incredibly poor customer service. Other than that, my laptop will FINALLY arrive after New Years (or so I've been told). That means till that time I'll still be on and drawing twice a week, so patience till then with projects, replies, and commissions are greatly appreciated;; as I'm still using my friend's laptop. 

Though that being said, I've received a lot of notes for commissions and I will be opening them!! This month I'm concentrating my time on the special commissions, though, meaning that whatever commissions I accept will be started in January. If interested you can find my commission journal here: Commissions [OPEN]

That's all I have for now. If any of you have more recommendations for laptops I'm basically looking for one with good enough specs to run multiple drawing programs and games without lag (The current laptop I'm suppose to receive is the XPS 15). Any help is appreciated! I'm sort of hoarding the recs. 

  As always, I hope everyone is doing well!
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December 10, 2015


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