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TM: Roman by BlackBunii TM: Roman by BlackBunii
"Do you need help with that?"

Name: Roman 
  Gender: Male
  Age Appearance: Twenty-Two
  Room theme: Modern-Minimalist Laundry Room
  Height: 5'8" 

〓 Personality 
O R G A N I Z E D  |  P U S H O V E R  |  H O N E S T |  SOFT-SPOKEN  |  E A R N E S T 
To say he has a weakness for helping others is an understatement. It's almost as if he has the inability to say no (without giving a thorough explanation), or just has a real knack for doing whatever given. Roman is a helping hand to a point where someone could throw their day's work at him with many expectations, and he'd make time to follow suit usually without a single complaint. 

Yet, even though he's a bit of a pushover, that's not to say he doesn't have his limits and won't mutter something under his breath. He has his own schedule/routine with the responsibility of taking care of laundry, as he should. Very rarely does he break this schedule because it's what keeps him secure, tidy, and with a sense of pride. Anyone who seeks to purposely interfer this or push his buttons will receive the cold shoulder; though he's quick to forgive if you're genuine about it. 

〓 Likes/Dislikes 
✔ Towels fresh from the dryer 
✔ Sticking to a routine/schedule
✔ Light conversation & company
✔ Keeping busy 

✖ When his schedule is messed with
✖ Things which are highly unsanitary
✖ Being manipulated
✖ Stolen hangers

〓 History  
From random food spills to scheduled days , dealing with a large family's laundry load wasn't easy. Roman saw many residents of the manor come and go with whatever they needed washed; whether it be daily, weekly or even monthly. Admittedly it was all he ever saw from whomever lived in the manor, though the lack of scenery never seemed to bore him. Infact, being such a highly-used room for a single purpose was what made him feel dependable if not the little part of a human's life which they took for granted. Perhaps even he took their presence for granted. 

On the tragic day and for many days to come, time stood still for Roman. There were still clothes on hangers to be brought back to rooms, a load in the dryer, and a few laundry baskets left to load as well. Those things didn't seem to matter as days crawled by, though, the dust collecting inside him and the air growing stale. He never thought to be so neglected. It wasn't till one day did he feel...alive? 

〓 Miscellaneous  
❖ Is slightly germaphobic and will avoid anything overly filthy 
❖ Ends up with many miscellenious coins, earrings, pocket money, etc 
❖ Always smells like fresh laundry with some days smelling more floral than just 'spring clean'
❖ His days start early and end early like a sleeping schedule (4am-9pm) 

RP style: Chat & Skype; I range from Mid-script to Lit depending, but mostly lean towards lit for more developmental RPs. 

TheManor belongs to: Aiaix
Roman belongs to : BlackBunii
lily-kat Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015   Digital Artist
Omg you made a boy!! :iconslashshine:
He has pretty blue eyes, he looks nice with the glasses on! :giggle:
BlackBunii Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015
Thank you and yes, I need to stop avoiding males! The pain :iconnashanosebleedplz:
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