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Lisette x Aria's first encounter

Always wanted revisit these two during their younger years, this one being when they first met as freshman and junior reps. In Lisette's mind she saw Aria as a chained dove who needed freeing, protecting, and to be her responsibility as the older classmate, especially when Aria was listed as an unstable type. Despite her character, Lisette was considered "stable" and a reliable leader when the apocalyptic situation started to unfold. 

I've still got a lot more couples to draw, though next plans for these two is a redesign of their military school uniform. Till then, thank you for viewing! I plan to keep up with personal work just as much (if not more) than my commission work~ 

Other work of these two (aged):
The Lovers by BlackBunii

Aria belongs to: purple-kitty
Lisette & Art belongs to: BlackBunii
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