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EDF- Kamada, Hisa by BlackBunii EDF- Kamada, Hisa by BlackBunii

{G E N E R A L.I N F O} 
|Name} Kamada, Hisa 
|Nickname} Beanstalk
|Nickname} NA
|Age} 17 
|Club} Flower Arrangement 
|Height} 5'9 ft
|Weight} 132lb


Clever  Assertive ❀ Caring  Daydreamer  Melancholy ❀ Obsessive 

Hisa was always a bright child, even if raised by her intelligible mother and father. It won't even take her a second to come up with an insitive remark, though her character can come off as being too much of a smarty-pants, and can even rub off on someone the wrong way. Once you get to know her she becomes more attentive to your needs & wants, except most of the time can be seen drifting off in contemplation about everything and anything (usually her next creation). That doesn't mean she's lazy about what she cares for. Finding her in the zone is quite a common site, as she picked up the compulsive behavior for perfection from her loving father. This can be both good and bad depending; being very hard on herself at times. 

{LIKE} Small flowers | Beetles | Lounging | Trendy Jackets | Making Bouquets
{DISLIKE} Cold weather | Shopping | Bulls | Nowhere to Rest | Fizzy drinks 


     Born and raised on an island among rows of rice patty fields, Hisa was fortunate enough to be surrounded in its agricultural splendor where she helped her parents in their rice wine business. Thanks to the abundance of lush fields that surrounded her, she was not only exposed to many agricultural crops, but to beautiful flowers both seasonal and annual that decorated their island. It was in her early junior years did her parents invest in a home in Celestia, Japan to open one of their many shops in major cities. This was when she enrolled to be in Celestia Academy.  

     To be graceful, feminine, beautiful...These were the traits she immediately found herself lacking in. Growing up in the country and moving to a city, she really was a rough-around-the-edges tomboy. Her first year she battled with the strain of being too much of a try-hard and took Choir club at first. It wasn't something she felt passionate about though, so by second year she resigned and instead joined Flower arrangement. If its one thing that reminded her of home, something she was comfortable with, it was flowers and plants; which worked out after all.

    Soon after, two years flew by and Hisa really blossomed to who she is today. While still very much a tomboy, she learned to express her feminity and grace through what she produces. Through flower arranging, she hopes to make her open her own shop one day. It was something she thought really complimented her character, and can be seen indulging in this activity whilst daydreaming for her 3rd year to pass. 

 Likes volunteering at her parents' rice wine shop on weekends
 Tends to have fingers bandaged from a clumsy pruning jobs
 Best friend Sakurai, Risa has a similar name as her Mom, Ririsa
 Tomboy; enjoys dressing her style on the weekends
 But has a secret, weird obsession over high heel shoes..
 She has a book of hundreds of pressed flowers with notes
 Can play the Ukelele & Pan Flute
 Has a dwarf rabbit at home named Miho


Lit and Script OK
◆ NO 18+ Please
 UTC -07:00 {CANADA}
◆ Discord RP Only
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blue-mithril Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018
ayyyy groups again! Gonna be great seeing more original work from you <3
BlackBunii Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2018
Planning on toning down the amount of non-original art to feel alive again PFT!
blue-mithril Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2018
yaaasss do it girl~! come back to the living!
PastelPeacockAdopts Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018
shes so pretty! 
BlackBunii Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2018
Thank you ❤!!
PastelPeacockAdopts Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2018
I can't wait to see more of her <3
Aiaix Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018
I love you Hisa 
BlackBunii Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2018
Hisa only loves Risa
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