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My OCs Helios and Nana!

It's been a long while since I last drew them together (since 2016) and they've both had revamps last year, so it was about time! Decided to do something different and draw a comfy, tender moment. Their relationship is anything but romantic atm but they at least like each other's close company. Wondering if I should draw more of these moments instead of melodramatic ones.

Their old art:  Heliocentric Heart by BlackBunii
Both characters belong to BlackBunii
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What a pleasant scene! It feels so natural :heart:

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I'm happy you think so, thank you!

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I absolutely love the scenic presentation and well, your shading in general :la: beautiful work on all the decoration, but of course also on the two characters (and what a cute tiny little puppet/ghost do I see next to the book in Helios' hands!!). It is a very careful work, I wonder what they're trying to research if it is not just for fun... they're both rather comfortable, and raising the blanket over Nana protectively is a nice touch ♥ As for whether melodramatic or comfy moments.... your characters surely thank you for moments just like THIS xD

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Thank you so much for the lovely comment!! ♥️

I'm trying to improve my shading and interactive poses so I'm happy someone noticed them xo

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This is so beautiful!!

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Thank you so much!! I put a lot into it.

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Thanks always, Tubi!!

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Your ocs I like their designs a lot !!

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Thank you! It took many years to revamp them but I'm happy with where they are :heart: rvmp

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