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Windows 7 Christmas Theme

~Halloween Before Christmas~
This is a Themepack file , extract it to your desktop or where ever you want and double click on it and it will auto change your theme ..

This theme includes
- 11 HD Christmas wallpaper
- 5 Christmas Icons
- Soft Cursor

Thank you!!
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this is Funky...
can u tell me the name of the mouse pointer because i like it but every time i turn on my computer it turns to the aero pointer......
thx ^^
yeah! sweet heart....!these themes are b-e-a-utiful as you are...!!![link]
ok thank you!!
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Looks promising - but not now!! really not!!!!!

Thanks for sharing
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This is a themepack, not a visual style. Please move to Misc. Utilities
Once again, *sergiogarcia9, you are not an admin. This themepack is where it belongs. Themepacks contain visual style files[IE; *.msstyles] and therefore, per DeviantArt rules, Themepacks can be placed in this area. Please stop pestering people.
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Once again, I'm not an admin no, but that ain't going to stop me from helping people posting in the right categories. Also, you're incorrect. Themepacks does not contain a msstyles. They are their own format called .themepack. If you knew anything about Windows theming, you would already know that. Also, you've now been blocked from commenting/replying to my posts. I have better things to do than a conversation with a guy like you.
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Ko ker buat? :P
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