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Yes, this is what you’ve been waiting for, mojmir’s bbzero 1.18 rc1, including the best features from the various Blackbox flavors of the past – split graphics from noccy’s BBClean, outline text from nocd5’s bbleanmod, wave and block style options from unkamunka’s Blackbox for Windows mod, menu grip from xzero450’s bbzero, and lots of plugins. This is the latest, best build for Blackbox, suitable for both 32- and 64-bit environments, thanks to mojmir's simple installation application.


* removed bbInterface in favor of bbInterface_iTunes
* added bbAnalogExMod plugin and removed very old bbAnalogEx
* assimilated better bbPager from bb4win, discarded old one
* merged menu grips from bbClean
* added old and classy styles from openbox and fluxbox. just for the sake of old times
* bbfoomp plugin code cleanup, added detection of foobar2000 window for recent versions
* assimilated bbleanbar+ from bb4win, fixed some bugs and renamed to blackboxbar. resistance is futile!
* merged bbleanskin+ from bb4win
* merged bbiconbox+ from bb4win. there are still parts to resolve
* merged bbPlugin, bbPlugin+ and bbPlugin+ from bb4win into single bbPlugin
* merged all the text drawing routines so that they support shadows and outlines.
* fixed bbInterface_iTunes crash on 64bit. also found and fixed a memory problem
* fixed some serious memory bugs in blackboxbar (may have caused crashes)

Wave may not work too well (we decided not to make you wait any longer till mojmir fixes it), this is to be taken care of in rc2, along with any bugs you may notice. Please keep us posted.
Get it from here…
A new Blackbox site was recently created to gap the void left by the demise of the three Blackbox sites that kept the BB for Windows community together since 2001: lostinthebox, bb4win and boxshots. Old, wise and respected figureheads that owned those sites, like tres’ni and NC-17, have gone on to other pastures and although Blackbox remains a fond memory, it’s all in the past for them. However, they did bless this new site with their best wishes for success.
The new site, combines the characteristics of all three sites into one including news, forum, downloads, uploads and live chat.
Created by pitkon with the help of my good friend adni18, one of the most prolific Windows artists and skinners around, the site aspires to become, among other things, a repository of Blackbox styles, themes and builds (core and plugins) and a vehicle for developers and users to get together and bring Blackbox to the next step of its existence.
Blackbox4Windows is hoping you’ll join us – not only you Blackbox style authors and users, but also wallpaper and icon artists, since there is a special section destined to help users decorate their desktops. There is also a niche for Linux Blackbox/Fluxbox/Openbox users AND a gallery where you can show off your screenshots, your themes and your wallpapers.
Come over, folks, you are all needed for a new start in the world of, perhaps, the best shell replacement around.
A new niche for Blackbox users has been added on the web. Adni18, one of the most prolific artists/skinners/themes around created the Skinning Community Forum, a site for all skinners/themers with a special Blackbox section you can find here…
Members can talk about Blackbox, upload their styles and screenshots, post tutorials and exchange ideas and information.
Join and start uploading!
Good day everyone.

It's been quite a while since this group was launched and there's been many new members and submissions.
We feel like it is time to add some new stuff in our Featured folder which hasn't really been updated for a long time.

We're open to suggestions, so if you have some particular *box shots/styles in your mind, feel free to let us know by adding a comment.

Thank you :)
Hows it going, guys?

Just posting this to let you guys know that the old bbLean's native 64 bit edition works best on modern (64 bit) Windows 7 operating systems. Makes sense, does it? Probably, but I didn't think of trying it at first, because it's pretty old build. So I thought I'd share my experience :D

Let me start from the beginning...
I was very sad at first to find out that bbLeanskin window skinning plugin didn't work well on my new PC.
I tried multiple flavors of blackbox and bbLeanskin plugins (such as BlackboxXZ and bbClean). Had success with none of them.

Until I fired up bbLean x64 edition today (you can get it here:
For some reason I had memories of this version only skinning the 64bit applications. So I was thinking of running ShellWM and bbLean 64 bit. I was wrong however, it skins all windows.

As I mentioned this is a very old variant of the blackbox shell. I haven't so far noticed any problems however.
Works like a charm. Even starts up lightning fast compared to the newer, but 32 bit bb4win forks.

Fully functional bbLeanskin is also nice and actually unique, considering the alternative windows skinning solutions - TrueTransparency and ShellWM - can only skin 32 bit applications.

There is just one negative side effect though: since this is a 64 bit build, it's compatible with only 64 bit plugins. As far as I know, there is none around (besides the essential ones that come bundled). But atleast we have the basis covered and Blackbox aint dead, right?  :)

PS. For those who are wondering what the heck am I blabbering about, bbLeanskin is a plug in that comes with the Blackbox shell by default. It skins the window frames. This lets you stick to the very lightweight Windows Classic theme, but with a frame style matching the blackbox style you're using and without the massive border padding. See my screenshot as an example:… - no shiny and transparent visual styles, just plain old Windows Classic.

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