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Like Death Moves
a tree seems too impossibly slow of a machine for something that lives the way we do to even notice something like us that lives loudly and looks only through the tiniest, most immediate windows of time but, to a tree we move like death moves, in a nearly invisible and consuming gaseous blur we are its insects our tiny eye-windows rippling in the same near-liquid state and frequency of our wings and want yet, as time peppers our outside, its words and pictures accumulate in layers of exoskeleton; chitin that wears into bark my children have already begun to move like death moves, faster than my knotted eyes can track; (because) we’
Kiyosumi Garden Pavillion
Tiny Tokyo Street Garden
Tokyo Street Lamp
Elevator - Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Perhaps Ghosts
Sunday morning and our bodies tangle embroiled in opposing currents, folds and swells stirred inward, like the marbled edges where Jupiter's bands of storm meet here, our limbs find an improbable traction where there should be none; find something to push from in the blank space of a bed kicked bare here, perhaps ghosts grant us leverage from their side; a foothold, an anchor for knee or elbow, to better position one’s weight and movement against the other’s leverage to better bridge their own state one stage closer to return; this better bridge begins from the destination, in the creation of new feet to carry them back here,
Look a Second Time
the last remaining nail holding our hot-orange saucer full of sun above us is about to let go and, as the drywall cracks, i’m back to boyhood and my grandfather sits across the breakfast table, train noises trailing from the corner of his mouth; he looks past me tracking something, left to right in the window behind me what? oh, it's the little train, runs 'long the sill' i turn around and i’ve  missed it and soon as i return to my plate wait.. (a distant) woowoo fades right missed again; how i wish i still wanted to turn around and look a second time that table’s now likely lonely in landfill quiet, the window sold house
Another Flower
a heavy late april snow crushed the tulips outside our office; as i approach, they lean toward me blooms burst ragged rarely viewed from this angle, they become another flower another season, a dying red and broken green both yellowing they're autumn in may; all the same certainty with expectations of otherwise straining their stalks even further sideways and i step quickly by like i don't see or feel that same season setting the weight of its skies on me hanging its own identically shaped mass of dying dreams cleverly behind my own, so that when i leave it follows and concealed, it sways in time with mine hung from my rearview mirror ra
The Open Door
i dream we've moved into a bigger place, a house too large on a day too long, that i'm tired enough to have fallen asleep between our scattered mounds of boxes their contents, like us, are still acclimating stacked into skyline, a listless town teleported to the moon while still adrift in dream where dull blades of lunar light sculpt night’s strange hooves into fathomable numbers and shapes that fall within a range of sound familiar enough to sleep through for when i’m woken well before dawn it’s not by noise, but by wind and the realization that i've slept, woken and not-woken, here before i know, before rising that eve
Where Nothing Dares Settle
we assume the fish that appears to advance without moving does so, effortlessly; as if the sea itself merely wills them forward we long to swim like this to hold our position in the universe while the earth churns its oceans past, as if its motion were ours and perhaps it might be if we could only comprehend how much lag truly resides in the linkage between space and time, then we'd know water like it knows us our ins and outs and the low places where nothing dares settle for long we'd know why sleep evades when we're most spent, as memories older than our own activate, once we traverse a certain set proximity
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