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i just wanna that you must know THAT I LOVE JULIET SIMMS lol <3

wanna more?..rawrrr

- Age: 24
- Animal: Snakes and Dragons..
- Actor/Actress: i don't even watch TV ._O

- Birthday/Birthplace: March 26. 1989
- Believe in yourself?: uhm..
- Believe in miracles: Yoah sometimes
- Believe in God: yeah.. i'm Satanist guys

- Candy: i dont like sweets :/
- Color: Green, Red

- Day or Night: Night

- Eyes: Blue

- Food: lettuce. *-*

- Glasses: NO_o

- Hair Color: steel-black
- Hate: fame bitches ._O

- Ice Cream: Vanilla
- Instrument: Guitar-bass, Guitar,

- Jewelry: rings, earrings, necklaces, labrets
- Job: chemical laboratory worker

- Keep a journal?: mnh.. no idea

- Languages: German, English, Italian, french
- Letter: L

- Milk flavor: vanilla!
- Movie: BATMAN !

- Number: 13
- Number of Piercings: 1 on each ear and 2 snakebites, 2 angelbites, and ... some other :)
- Number of Tattoos: yet.. one, stars on my neck

- One wish: see Batman in real

- Place you'd like to live: back home milwaukee @ my dad's house

- Questionnaires: uhm? ahm? lol w00t? WHAT!!? -___-

- Real live: give me a tutorial 4 it


- Slept outside: yo x_X
- Seen a dead body?: in the forest when i was a child and my grandmother.
- Shower daily?: everytime
- Sing well?: no. i only scream and growl
- Stuffed Animals?: a wolf

- Time for bed: 2 am.
- Thunderstorms: awww... aww.... aww... *-* cuddle time *-*

- Unpredictable: Wahahahaaa >:D yeah

- Vegetable you hate: fennel
- Vegetable you love: leek O_O

- Who makes you laugh the most: my mum xD she opens the door to my room, say huhu..and turn it off again, 3 seconds later.. the same x_x


- Year it is now: 2014.

- Zoo animal: dinosaur rawrr *-* xD

yayy dA besties <3:



Nachtmahr by CyberFee Nachtmahr by CyberFee Nachtmahr by CyberFee Nachtmahr by CyberFee

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I'M BACK !!!

I'M BACK !!!

Yes you may have questions about "Dave" it was always my stepbrother, so i just want to be honest to you guys, i left deviantart for some months but ill be back now, hope you enjoy my "Imvuartwork" and uh.. yeah thats it Arhm and it would be awesome if you would go and like this page <3 THANK you so much for your support ---> and here an edited one: my fave song atm: :D you need to check it out Sopor Aeternus <3

Seagulls, Toast and the UK

Seagulls, Toast and the UK

Heyyh guys im back from the UK, i was there to study english in the stafford house school ;) i was pretty nice and i saw a lot of seagulls the ppl there are awesome *-* And i also love Dover with the white cliffs <3 my lovely ones <3 gonna miss them... Stuff about imvu: Main outfit: ~yerp ive got a better fag now "created" <3 others: ~end

Guys im so damn happy *O*

Guys im so damn happy *O*

today i was in the cinema with my female best friend <3 shes so awesome *O* im such proud to know her <3 *O* and we've watched warm bodies cause i know the book and i love it <3 naww *-* it was just amazing with her *O* and oh pls pls pls guys rate for me *O* <3 : just look what she has made for me *O* <3 and those freaks ... you should know one of them xDD aaand now my imvu Char xD... yeah.. xD he should remind you of one special person xDDD and ik everyone knows him xD and now random! and ooh i've cutted my hair today: .

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JordddynStudent General Artist
:party: Happy Birthday :party:
Have some:cake:
aw thank you so much °-° :happybounce: 
JordddynStudent General Artist
Your most welcome:D
Deadfish-SilentArmyHobbyist General Artist
You've got an epic name!!!!! Oh yeah 
nah v_v i wanted to change it to my imvu acccount name :/
Deadfish-SilentArmyHobbyist General Artist

I like it though :)

anyway how you doing?

thanks aw.. well im doing awesome atm :) thanks for asking, how about you`?