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Ink and acrylic on illustration board. 11" x 14. 2013.
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Here are some interesting revenants from a Monster Musume fanfic if you're interested:

Jessica Scarlett:

"It was a tall girl abouth six two. She has a slim and curvy body, and short messy brown hair. She wore a long brown jacket, and torn up navy blue skinny jeans. On her shoulder was a haechet with blood on it, and in her othern hand a machete. Under her jacket she wore a blue jube top and her jeans seemed to have large holes around the inner she was covered."

Gina Scarlett (a.k.a the stuntwoman from the grave,viral zombie-revenant):

"a woman with a knife in her gut, a fornk in her shoulder, and a plate in her arm" "Gina has green skin, a curvy body....and a long orange hair"

Mother and daughter.

Gina's son Donny isn't a undead, but will be fantastic if you draw him as a gjenganger/nachzerer/draugar hybrid.