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Akiva and Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone by  @lainitaylor

Akiva is one of those problematic characters to draw. Because he is described as very beautiful, we are all bound to disagree on what that looks like. So many diff ideas of beauty and each of us having diff tastes. I’ll just keep drawing him, and hopefully, one day stumble upon one that I feel is just right.  

Also, I should be sleeping but sketch turned into a really fun painting. 

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This is beautiful!!
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ah, I love your Daughter of Smoke and Bone fanart so much ^/////////^
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I don't know the background story. But it's one of my favourite themes, angels guiding humans to safety. This pic is especially wonderful because of the flaming wings, the beautiful faces, the girls tattoo and blue hair. :)
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You are just too good at drawing Laini's characters. I mean, it IS true that beauty is different for different people, but there's something in your drawing style that, in my opinion, would appeal to all Laini fans out there. Just... marvelous.
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I think illustrating all of her current and future work would be a dream job *dreamy smile*
thank you for saying so!
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You're very welcome, I have been a fan of your work for quite a while now.
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Ahhh, they are both so beautiful!! :heart: I love this painting. :)
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