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FanArt_Labyrinth Kiss

because it needed to happen ^__^

characters (c) to whom ever they belong to. not me.
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Oh god, I adore this... <3
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Oh my. This is exquisitely lovely!  Bravo!
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Aww! :blush:
This is too adorable, I love you FOREVER for this alone! ;P
~ Pris
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I love the way you've conveyed the dream-like quality of the moment, the detailing is just right re the high and low-lights and their expressions are perfect; he can't quite not look at her and her instinctive response a beat later...
I love love love this couple and you've captured my ideal of them so well. Thank you, this has inspired me to start a new Labyrinth fanart.

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I really really like how Jareth's eye isn't quite shut. As though he can't get enough of that moment. Awwwwww!
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It totally should have happened!! Thank you for making it happen, at least in my imagination!!
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This is gorgeous. the character design is delectable and the colors just so sensual.
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Agh. Pure beauty! Excellent work.
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Beautiful work! The detail around the eyes is amazing!
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This is so beautiful! Amazing work!
The funny thing is that I just had a dream about labyrinth last night.
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My Labyrinth OTP :squee: *cheers*
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Woo hoo! Love it.
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*squee* ^__^ My little fangirl fantasies have been fulfilled :hooray: :squee:
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This is very beautiful! I love the glitter detailing around the eyes!
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