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Blue Sargent


Blue Sargent from The Raven Cycle by  Maggie Stiefvater

I’ve been dragging my feet on this one. Read all three books twice and now the story is incomplete and I have to wait so long for the rest of it. 

The lovely Blue. I think its interesting how each reader/ artist portrays her differently. And not because we disagree on the description, but because we put ourselves in her shoes and so she takes on some of our traits. Because each mind that reads the books is so different from another, the imaginations sculpt different variations of the same characters. 

Apart from that, this has been a shoddy week. Very little inspirations or inclination to do ANYTHING, not just art. I'm trying to change that. 

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I used this in a blog post yesterday to show Blue (in a list of my top 10 female characters in books I read this year), but I think I misunderstood the copyright---I thought since you had a download button it was okay to use if I credited you, but now I'm not sure. I am taking it out of the post for now, but let me know if you're okay with me putting it back in. And I'm very sorry if I violated your copyright, even just for a day. Here's my
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Hello, yes its alright to use it if you credit me. I see you have a link to the creator for Scarlett. If you do that for me as well, I think it would be lovely =)
Wonderful! That's what I thought at first, but then I thought I should just make sure when I noticed your copyright symbol---I certainly don't want to steal anyone's work! I added it back into the post! Love all your artwork, by the way!!
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This is so perfectly Blue! I think you nailed every detail about her.
And it is very interesting that all artists portray her differently, but I think that's because the books have almost zero description. All we know is she's short (re)makes most of her clothes, and has a choppy hairstyle. The author is far more concerned with internal traits than external, I think. Of course, that's partially what makes it such a great story.
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I love how you made it so that Blue not only makes things louder but you also showed that part at bllb with her becoming the mirror she always had been was supposed to be.
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*sigh* I look at this and think to myself..."why am I not home listening to this book and making clay dragons or working on my new blanket" and then I remember I have to work to eat! LOL :) Love it. I'm just entering the world of the Raven boys, but so far I'm hooked! And a great side effect is that it has drawn me back to Sybil and Foster. I'm actually getting work done!
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I really like your versionof her (It's pretty much how I picture her myself). Also, I like the idea of these "speaker-thingys" (don't know how to call them), I think they are a good symbol of her powers :) (and of course the mirror, too)
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I'd go with amplifiers? =) well, they do say she makes things louder, and she's an energy source, so there you go. 
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