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SparkxRhyia ~ My Feet! ~
     The door to Spark's apartment that connected to his business opened allowing us back in. It was humid and hot outside just miserable, I was panting carrying a handful of Pokeballs and one egg that hadn't hatched yet.
    I plopped down on the couch kicking off my shoes the walking shoes black and yellow striped went flying across the room as they flew off. They were swollen and sore in terrible pain, as I took the socks off, they damp from sweat. Spark walked over to me chuckling taking the Pokeballs out of my right arm, were they were clutched against me. He tugged on a purple strand of hair giving me a cheeky grin.
    “Feet hurt you Rhyia, dear?” He asked, a teasing tone of voice.
    “Yes! We walked over ten miles today Spark in the heat! It's hot here in Florida!” I shouted in a frustrated tone of vo
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It's Cold! Erenxreader (ft various AOT peeps)
 I read the text over again it came from my boyfriend who had just moved into my apartment with me. We weren't sleeping in the same room – yet we've made the decision to live together but we haven't done many relationship couple things yet. Like sex. Sure we've made out several times but we haven't made that leap yet into the pleasures of physical contact.  

    'Hey the heat is out in the apartment. I left the water running as it's suppose to get really cold tonight.'
    That was the text why was the landlord away on vacation to Paris during a really bad cold spree and not checking things before he left? I had left a message with our dear landlord, Mr Smith but he hasn't replied to any of my messages. There was several of us on the plot of this apartment complex my other classmates as this apartment complex seems to only house college students.
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Mature content
Final Fantasy 7 ~ Pet (Perfect Circle Song Fic) :iconblackbirdandcat:blackbirdandcat 1 0
OC Quiz. . .ft Morana, Dez and Rhyia
1.  Comment on your favorite question of the person who tagged you.
2. Pick 3 to 5 characters (OCs, fanchars, or canon)
3. Use them to answer the questions.
4. Tag 5 friends
Character Questionnaire
Introduce yourselves.
 What’s your name?
Morana: Morana Evans
Dezerea: Dezerea Scarlet
Rhyia: Rhyia Ama
 What gender are you?
Morana: Female
Dezerea: Female
Rhyia: Female
 How old are you?
Morana: 30
Dezerea: 19
Rhyia: 22
 What species are you?
Morana: Human. . .
Dezerea: Human.
Rhyia: Human.
 Hair color?
Morana: currently, black and purple
Dezerea: red
Rhyia: black
 Eye color? Sight status?
Morana: emerald green, perfect vision.
Dezerea: brown, almost perfect vision.
Rhyia: light green, bad eyesight need glasses but I can't afford any.
What series you from?
Morana: Final Fantasy 7
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The Food Quiz ft Morana
The Food Quiz
The Food Quiz - Blank
1) As one of your own characters have them answer the following food based questions no matter how ridiculous the question, or answer, may seem.
2) Feel free to answer with your character as yourself; it adds to the fun and makes it more amusing to read.
3) Once all the questions have been answered, upload this to your deviantART with the title being the last food your character mentions in the quiz.
4) Feel free to tag people, but it's not required
5) Please don't remove these guidelines, it makes it confusing for others if they get the quiz but no guide :<
6) Quizamajig created by: The-Bone-Snatcher. But who else could come up with this nonsense –laughs-
Name of your character: Morana Evans (Final Fantasy OC)
..:: || Rise and Shine, it's Breakfast Time! || ::..
What's the first thing you grab to eat in the morni
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In Spark We Trust (Pokemon Go) Chp 1
It's year 2026, Florida USA. 
It is four years after the release of Pokemon Go and two years after the Great Outbreak. It happened mainly in the US and Europe but something happened to all that played the game. All the sudden two years ago on Christmas all of the people playing Pokemon had their phones explode. Then all sorts of Pokemon broke free from those phones, the strange phenomenon happened for a week straight in waves. Three waves in fact. The government told the players to delete the app to stop playing the game but no matter what the people were fascinated by the strange creatures emerging from the rubble of the broken phones. The government went through rigid laws to make sure that they are regulated so not all towns and states allow the pocket monsters in due to public safety. 
The town I live in just passed the Pokemon Law a month ago. They still have restrictions of course, not in food establishments, permits to battle and to train them. So no animal abuse cases
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The Friendly Cat by blackbirdandcat The Friendly Cat :iconblackbirdandcat:blackbirdandcat 4 5
Unrequited Feelings (AoT AU JeanxReader)
    Warnings: Drug, alcohol and language usage! A/N: It's set in college, it's popular for the AU's kinda like them. are not currently taking a class as you couldn't afford to go this semester so you are just working to be able to afford the next semester of school. You live with a horse-boy. . .I'm new to AoT so if people are out of character it's just because I'm new to them, I do try my best to make people in character for the story realm they are in. :D || e/c = eye color, h/c = hair color
    “Hey!” You were day dreaming but all the sudden a cell phone was shoved into your face and a loud voice knocked you out of your day dreams.
    All the sudden your (e/c) eyes focused on a picture that was sent by Eren Jeager via text message to your roommate's phone. Yo
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A Day at the Soup Kitchen (Dezerea Scarlet Bonus)
Dezerea tied the faded white apron behind her narrow waist, securing it into a tiny bow. No one would expect her to be at a Soup Kitchen, in fact she was volunteering there doling out food to the less fortunate people in the town. She looked different than normal, not wearing clothes you would normally see on her curvy frame, all dressed modestly hair pulled back into a tight bun. In atonement she  did some charity work at at village she stayed at for any amount of time, it was something that was just drilled into her head by her mother during the years that Erza was gone Dezerea learned that she was a vile child that needed to repent for making her twin sister get kidnapped. So it would be to the Soup Kitchen, to dole out food to the poor, read to the children at the orphanages, take care of the pets needing homes, cleaning homes for the elderly. Even though her family was dead and long gone only Erza remaining Dezerea felt the need to do the work still. She felt ill if she didn'
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Can't get you off my mind. . . (LevixReader AU)
I wake up every day with your smile on my mind.
It's a beautiful sight to behold, so soft and so kind.
My dreams are filled with the thought of me and you.

     It was a brief smile as his dull blue eyes flitted over to the figure sleeping on the nearby bed, he had fallen asleep again at the huge leather chair. It was the same smile that you would give him in the morning the only smile he could mimic was that one. He didn't have much to smile about just the dreams that filled his mind after the nightmares came - the dreams of you holding him tightly telling him it was going to be okay.
     Levi had to retire from the police force early due to a severe injury that sent his commander in a tirade. It was a foolish move he had made to get this injury, if Jeager hadn't made that foolish move on that drug bust it wouldn't have happened. But Eren Jeager was your younger brother and Levi knew you would be heart broken if he died so he made the l
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Our First Date? (GajeelxDezerea Fairy Tail bonus)
~Gajeel's POV~
We are sitting on the opposite side of the shop - she doesn't even notice I am here. Then again I am hiding behind the booth ducking down so she can't spot me so I can make sneak peaks at her. Dezerea is sitting by the window the morning sunlight splashing on her lightly tanned skin, shining off that vibrant red hair that is in a messy bun. She goes to this coffee shop every morning after a run just as they open to order a black coffee and a blueberry muffin, the barista flirts heavily with her. It pisses me off greatly, I must do something about that arrogant jerk before he messes things up - she's with me. Well suppose to be with me. She still doesn't understand that we are meant to be I feel it in my heart that this goddess of a women is meant for me. There is a green tea sitting in front of me, it's getting colder by the minute I'm just listening to her sing under her breath every once in a while or read a poem out loud. I had to focus really well since the pl
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In Her Sister's Shadow PT 7 (Fairy Tail AU)
    “Hey look guys!” Mirajane shouted, running down the stairs carrying a bottle of medicine.
    I looked up from my spot kneeling beside Master Makarov who was on the ground grasping at his chest in pain. I felt a hand on my arm looking up I saw Gajeel staring at me nudging his head out at the window.
    “What is that bastard doing now?” I questioned – what was a Thunder Palace?
    Mirajane brought Master Makarov to the hospital wing. I followed the rest up the stairs, Can and Bisca went on explaining what we were seeing – Lightning Lacrima. Laxus' 'Thunder Palace' was hundreds of Lightning Lacrima orbs floating around the town of Magnolia. Since I freed everyone Laxus lost his Fairy Tail hostages – but he stepped up his foolish game. Now the whole town was his hostages!
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Bio for Dezerea
Information of Character
Name (last, first): Scarlet Dezerea
Nickname: Dez, Dezzy and Erza (doll face by Gajeel)
Age: 19
Birthday (if known): April 4th
Gender: Female
Species: human
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
About Him/Her
Personality: a mix of tsundere and kuudere
Good Habits: pays off all debts
Bad Habits: says bad stuff about herself all the time
Strengths in battle: able to plan way ahead of herself
Weaknesses in battle: if stuck in the heights gets nervous.
Likes: ice cream lavender flavor and raspberry cake
Dislikes: her sister, being called Erza, disloyal people
Hobbies: soaking in the tub, listening to music.
Dreams: To move to Helios – to a place where people know her as her and not her twin sister Erza.
Life Story:
Fairy Tail Information
Type of magic (caster/holder): Mimicry Magic
If caster: Mimicry
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In Her Sister's Shadow ~ PT 6 (Fairy Tail AU)
    “I'm going to strangle you Mirajane.” I growled as she combed my hair playing with it as I sat backstage.
    “I don't know what you are talking about! I am glad that you are joining the contest this year – this is the first time ever to have you in it.”
    “Well if I didn't lose that bet to Gajeel I wouldn't be here.” I grumbled.
    I ended up having to enter the Miss Fairy Tail contest because I lost at a game of poker against Gajeel. It became a spectacle of a game – I never lost a game before I should have been suspicious when he challenged me to the game. Since he had been stalking Cana lately – I'm pretty sure he learned a few cheating tricks from her. He had me winning for a while leading me into a false sense of security – then the betting came on.
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Birthday Game. . .
As you were browsing deviantART, Greece, adorably snuck into your bed.
I sat at my computer browsing through this art site called DeviantArt looking at some interesting pictures of dragons and Game of Thrones fanart. Ludwig wasn't home he was out shopping for some things for our little trip tomorrow I had broke down and told him we were going to see a football game together. He was able to extract that information out of me easily. . .he was just too good with torture! So he wanted to pick up a few things as it would be a bit of a road trip to the stadium and he didn't want me to wear any of my Welsh football team clothes so he felt I needed to wear some for Germany. As he made it clear that I couldn't root for Brazil. So he and Feliciano were out shopping while I was at home curled up on the couch on my laptop.
Unknown to me with earbuds in listening to music I had a secret visitor. Heracles Karpusi aka Greece and about five cats following behind him and one sitting on top of his head
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Happy Birthday Alfred! (PT 2) The Party <---- Chapter 1
    I buried myself in my work, I managed five tables at a time I did my best to be my most cheerful self so no one would question me. I was still feeling rather upset with what Ludwig had said about us, that I was practically a object to him. I am my own person! I am not some collectable possession, I expected that type of talk from Arthur but I really didn't from Ludwig. I tried my best not to let it show that I was feeling upset but I have a feeling I was failing at it as a lot of people that new me as a regular was asking if I was okay. I kept writing it off as I'm tired but fine in the end, it was true I was rather tired I've been putting in a lot of over time lately. Checking the clock it was twenty minutes before closing time I had worked five hours plus gaining thirty-five dollars in tips. Going into the back room I started to change, pulling my
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Transformations by TixieLix Transformations :icontixielix:TixieLix 1,154 251 Gladio by SavaageNymph Gladio :iconsavaagenymph:SavaageNymph 143 12
Mature content
If the Van's a Rockin'... (Gladiolus x Reader) :iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 99 37
Keep Her Safe | Shiro x Reader
“Shiro, can you promise me something,” the ebony haired soldier asked, all his attention placed on bucking all the belts and snaps on his uniform, his voice holding a more serious tone than it usually did.
“What’s wrong Keith?” he asked, his tone capturing his attention.
“It’s about (Y/N),” his violet eyes meeting dark onyx, not doing much to hide the sorrow that was beneath them.
“What’s wrong with (Y/N)?” worry growing the moment that she was mentioned, “you two just got engaged, don’t tell me she's backing out now that we’re being deployed?”
“No, she's not, we’re still getting married when we come back but I need you to promise me that if something happens to me-“
“No, don’t you dare finish that sentence,” knowing where this conversation was going.
“Shiro just listen to me, I know I shouldn’t be thinki
:iconmoonlight53:Moonlight53 192 9
Shiro x Reader [Voltron] | Sorry
Everyone in the castle had already settled down by the time he came to your room. Lights had been dimmed, doors had been locked, and the ship had been put on autopilot, so when the brash noise of your room's sliding door cut through your not-quite-asleep thoughts, you were very startled. 
Thinking that it had something to do with Allura, you jolted awake and threw off your covers, only to be surprised by the sight of Shiro, standing in your doorway. His face was barely illuminated by the dull blue light in the hallway, and you could tell his shoulders were slouching in his shadow. You didn't know what to say, what to do, so you planted your feet back in bed and pulled you covers up over your chest. It was only once you were staring at the ceiling again, that you heard Shiro's feet shuffling towards you.
It had been a while since Shiro's last spontaneous visit to your room. Usually there was a warning, some sort of sign or distress signal that he sent during the day; a bruised lip
:iconkissmeyoufoolfanfict:kissmeyoufoolfanfict 228 26
Meeting Team MARS
Carmyne was sitting in the garden when she heard a different foot step moving around. She walked just outside the garden fence to see one of the new students walking around. It was the student that made rumors a couple days ago by jumping into a fight in the cafeteria. The truly unique thing about this student besides having blue hair and blue horns was that she was doubling back over her our footsteps. “Interesting habit you have there,” Carmyne said to break the silence. The girl locked eyes with Carmyne. “Good evening Miss Piedra,” Carmyne said making the corner.
“Good evening Professor Byrch,” Mana said as she shifted into a stance like attention.
“We haven’t had a class together yet. How did you know who I am?” Carmyne wondered.
“You are on the Beacon Academy facility list,” Mana said. “Ma’am what are you doing out at this hour?” Mana questioned.
“The gardens are one of my quiet
:iconlady-blackwings:lady-blackwings 5 5
Birthday Confusion
Qrow circled in the air as his wings kept flapping the recent declaration replayed in his mind. Qrow was in Ozpin’s office after the event of Qrow being body flipped into the elevator. Ozpin wanted to make something very clear to Qrow; there would be no public birthday party for Carmyne, her birthday is never to be publicly acknowledged, she is not permited to leave the school grounds for several days before and following her birthday, and all time away from Beacon is limited. But the comment that finally pushed Qrow over the edge though was when Ozpin said, “The way things are right now Qrow I can not permit Carmyne to travel with you. Your next assignment will be a solo mission.”
Something bright red against the green of the grass and blue of the rivers caught Qrow’s attention. He buzzed the area to see Carmyne playing with the river’s edge. He turned back into a human fast enough to keep him momentum. “Carmyne!” Qrow began screaming as he st
:iconlady-blackwings:lady-blackwings 7 15
Dreaming of Family by lady-blackwings Dreaming of Family :iconlady-blackwings:lady-blackwings 62 13 Caroling at Beacon by lady-blackwings Caroling at Beacon :iconlady-blackwings:lady-blackwings 37 13
. magique | Sugawara Koushi
Magical. That's what it was.
It was the first word to pop into his head as soon as his lips touched hers. "Magical," he thought. That single word was also followed by "and everything I've ever imagined."
He literally couldn't help himself. As he watched her beautiful face turn beet red and her perfect pink lips spout off endless scolding words directed toward yours truly, he just could not resist. He had to end the sleepless nights, lying awake and wondering what she might taste like. He had to feel silk against his lips, the same tempting silk that he caught himself staring at more often than he cared to admit.
Aside from his own selfish reasons, he also needed to satisfy her dilated pupils that he could tell were torturing her. She needed to be put out of her misery.
And if he’s being completely honestly, he also needed to entertain her dark pupils because he missed her gorgeous [e/c] jewels of irises.
So as she stood in front of him in the middle of her room, longingly gazing
:iconangelicinferno:AngelicInferno 68 14
What does Miran's Coworkers and Friends think....
Akiyoshi - “Miran is a good worker she is very dedicated to her job she’s good at all computer related stuff. Even at the Shared House she fixed the issues with the internet that Shusei couldn’t do. She is a very nice girl Miran is very sweet and always helping out everyone when she can. Her grasp on the English language is good as Kaoru is the only other one in the office that speaks fluent English. I like catching her when she’s cooking singing softly in Korean, it’s cute.”
Minato - “K-popper? She’s a cheerful girl, hardworking and can do things with the computer easily without any problem. Her cooking is fantastic I’ve tried to get her to cook in my brother’s restaurant but she doesn’t want to for strangers but for people she cares for. She watches V-App videos of her favorite k-pop idols.”
Kaoru - “Miran is a sweet girl. She’s really considerate towards the others at work and she does all these othe
:iconitshaejinju:itshaejinju 1 0
[Tsukishima] Feelings
Tsukishima Kei x Reader
He still felt terrible for what he had done.
Constantly watching over her from a distance, he was at least comforted by the fact that she was starting to smile again. It had been a long time since he last saw an inkling of cheerfulness on her features. Although he could tell that she was faking it, at least she bothered to amuse her friend. At least she seemed more alive than how she had been acting the past couple of weeks.
“Tsukki, you should go talk to her.”
“Shut up Yamaguchi…” the tall blonde muttered, his insult missing its usual spite. “It’s not as simple as that.”
Resting his head on the table, Tsukishima sighed heavily, thoughts completely filled with one person.

’I fucking messed up.’
‘I want her back.’
‘I need her.’

The words had tumbled out of his mouth before he could stop himself.
“You’re such a burden, sometimes I
:iconicyfalls:icyfalls 340 41
[Kuroo] Second Button
Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader
Graduation is always a bittersweet event.
After spending years together, the prospect of leaving a school to begin a new adventure in life was exciting yet daunting. Leaving behind friends and teammates will always be the most difficult part of graduation, and there is always the possibility of drifting apart from someone dear to you. But nothing can ever take away the memories forged together.
Cheers resounded through the school halls as the principal finished a final speech for the graduating students. People started filling out of the hall into the courtyard, where graduating students said their goodbyes to their friends and juniors. All around her, she could see people hugging and giving away gifts.
The third years were graduating, and this was the last time they’d be around in school.
[Name] squeezed through the crowd of people, determined to find him.
Her legs were sore from running by the time she did, and he gave her an amused look when she
:iconicyfalls:icyfalls 555 54
:FFXV: junk doodle 01 by PrinceOfRedroses :FFXV: junk doodle 01 :iconprinceofredroses:PrinceOfRedroses 331 8
Daichi Sawamura x GN!Reader
"Argh, I cannot believe you!" Cheeks flushed in anger, your feet stomped small tremors in the dirt beneath you. 
You were walking home with your childhood friend, the sky already turning dark above you. Sugawara and Asahi had immediately left when they noticed your angered state, so it was only you and him. 
"I'm sorry, (Name), but practice ran late," Daichi responded with an apologetic smile, rubbing the back of his neck as he glanced at the setting sun. 
"I was sitting out there for two freaking hours!" You scowled, lips pouted and eyebrows furrowed. "You're always doing this!"
"Sorry," the boy could only mutter sheepishly, awkward and stiff when it came to your outbursts. 
"'Sorry'? 'Sorry' doesn't cut it, Daichi!" You continued to rant despite his obvious discomfort. "I will, however, accept my apology in the form of a ramen dinner, your treat. Scratch that--make it dinner everyday for the whole week!"
:iconimaginationseeker:ImaginationSeeker 45 9
Out loud - Sugawara Koushi Drabble
The kisses were sloppy and messy and you were half afraid he was going to eat you.  But at the moment you couldn’t bring yourself to care.  The week had been terrible and you’d all but cried when he called you.  You were worried he was going to run away, you’d only been together for a few months.  But here you were, on his couch, his breath heavy on your skin.  
“You’re so brave,” he whispered, laying soft kisses on your neck and cheek.  “And you’re so smart and kind.”  He continued murmuring compliments into your collarbone as he hugged you close.  “You bring so much joy into my life.  I’ve never met anyone like you.”
“Koushi,” you whispered, tears running down your face.  You wanted to say that you didn’t need to hear him say it.  Your inner strength didn’t rely on his flattery or his touch, but the words sounded empty in your head.
:iconcreepofish:Creepofish 268 18




blackbirdandcat's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am a writer. My preferred method is good old pen and paper, something about ink on the paper, it's magical. But my lazy method; OpenOffice vrinda 15p. 0.o;

I am originally from New Hampshire then transplanted myself to North Florida. The heat is insane. . .

Secretly I am married to Park Chanyeol and my man on the side is T.O.P. (Like so secretly they don't even know it. . .lol)

Renji's Girl Stamp by shinobi2b Stamp - Hetalia Fan by MJ-Kagamine APH-Ludwig stamp by Tokis APH-Kiku stamp by Tokis Noblesse M-21 stamp by bluegayfish Noblesse Frankenstein stamp by bluegayfish Grimmjow Stamp by Jokersita Amnesia Stamp by LaraLeeL Otome Game Fan Stamp by ShinigamiKitten I am a writer by NicoleMarch Kpop is my life stamp by dreamless-night-sky EXO Stamp by nicolenikka13 Stamp EXO-K ChanYeol 01 by AtsuKiro Stamp - Cute Kris by ajikaji STAMP Luhan Ceci by ajikaji STAMP Tao Ceci by ajikaji G-Dragon Stamp by PurplePeople1995 Big Bang T.O.P Stamp by JackdawStamps SNSD Girls Generation group stamp by AnaInTheStars 2NE1 CRUSH stamp by kas7ia 2NE1 CL stamp by kas7ia Stamp - Hyuna by ajikaji Fanfiction Writer on DA by Pearly-There Writers Stamp by shadow-wolf-haunts iPhone Stamp by Dead-Deviant OpenOffice stamp by bigfunkychiken Dragon Age Stamp: Alistair by Karithina Dragon Age Stamp: Anders by Karithina Cullen Stamp 5 by ValHydra Disney Cheshire Cat Stamp by TwilightProwler Supernatural Season 9 Gif by Cammerel DOCTOR?? by Totalrandomness Archer by MissGingerIce Studio Ghibli Fan by Sharkfold I love Tortoiseshells by WishmasterAlchemist libra stamp by maryduran Year of the Ox :FB Edition: by KTstamps Tosh.0 Stamp by Krisderp - Stamp: Jenna and Marbles. - by ChicaTH YouTube by Th3EmOo Facebook by Th3EmOo Etsy by Th3EmOo I Heart Tea Stamp by croaky Stamp - Kuroshitsuji: Sebast by Suxinn Final Fantasy Stamp by winter-ame Reno by winter-ame Jedi Feeling Stamp by AcidaliaAdrasteia Firefly by somethingunuasul Jurassic Park by TheStampKing :thumb399745050: Grumpy Cat Stamp by Aidenny South Korea Stamp by Still-AteS Vintage America Stamp by Gasara Tifa Lockhart by Tifa22 Wolf's Rain Stamp 2 by Schmidte17 :thumb161876945: Red Sox Stamp by kittizak I Love Tama by itshaejinju :thumb281231122: Stamp Fairy Tail 4 by Dirty-Dreams Gajeel Stamp by ZombieGirl01 :thumb482005439: Mirajane stamp by Aurion84 Lucy Heartfilia - Stamp gif by YaYa-chin Gray Fullbuster stamp by SakamakiJustine :thumb501806120: Happy Stamp by RigelWeiss Tumblr by Th3EmOo Corporal Clean Levi Stamp by VioletsInEden Kuudere Stamp by TwistedWytch I support tsundere by VAlZARD Stamp: Gintoki Hotness by sirohikari :thumb621484721: Team Rocket Stamp by TeamRocketGurl Meowth Stamp by Kadajo Jean stamp by Superpluplush + Cheritz Co., ltd Stamp + by kuu-jou + Yoosung Kim (Mystic Messenger) Stamp {2} + by kuu-jou + Luciel Choi (Mystic Messenger) Stamp {2} + by kuu-jou + Mystic Messenger Stamp + by kuu-jou + Jaehee Kang (Mystic Messenger) Stamp + by kuu-jou + Elizabeth 3rd (Mystic Messenger) Stamp + by kuu-jou + V (Mystic Messenger) Stamp + by kuu-jou + Unknown (Mystic Messenger) Stamp + by kuu-jou + Zen (Mystic Messenger) Stamp + by kuu-jou Mystic Messenger - Jumin Stamp 1 - F2U by sinayas Mystic Messenger - Zen stamp - F2U by sinayas 707 / seven / luciel / saeyoung choi stamp by goredoq :thumb623352195: + Jumin Han (Mystic Messenger) Stamp + by kuu-jou SH Sherlock Wink Stamp by TwilightProwler SH Sherlock and John Stamp by TwilightProwler Nameless Stamp by Naraji-Aranoi AMNESIA ~ Kent ~ Stamp 1 by KiraiMirai AMNSESIA ~ Shin ~ Stamp 1 by KiraiMirai Dandelion: Wishes bought to you STAMP by RainbowThought Kuzco Stamp by MintyMaguire Gladiolus Amiticia Stamp by LexLithium


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Thank you so so very much for the watch!!!!^^^ :iconaawplz::iconrubcheeksplz: I really appreciate it sooo much, and I hope you have a lovely day, and a super blessed and successful future ahead of you! Thank you again dear!!^^ And I see that you're a K-pop fan too!!^^ I love that Chanyeol stamp!!! XDXDXD Hehheepullmonaria pullmonaria moonflower moonflower Pink Heart IconGreen Heart Icon Blue Heart Icon last rain drop last rain drop Give it to me Give it to me :SheIsCute: :SheIsCute: holding hands holding hands holding hands  Gold Star Sticker Icon Gold Star Sticker Icon :heart: revamp :heart: revamp LOLLIPOP' LOLLIPOP' First Kaoani First Kaoani Art is love Art is love Art is love 
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Thank you for the watch!!!!
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Your are welcome! =^.^= Thanks for the watch back!
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Thanks for the faves! Feel free to watch me to see more from the 2016 photo shoot!
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