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It happened in the season in which it is always cold and dark, that the weather fairy started to be bored. She sat on one of her clouds and watched the earth very closely. For years she did not change the weather during the seasons. It always was the same. There was snow in winter, rain in spring, sunshine in summer and wind in autumn. But the humans never were happy with the weather.
Suddenly she started flying. ‘That’s it.’, she screamed. ‘I will ask what they want.’  And without anyone stopping her, she flew down to earth.
For a while she flew over the land when she saw a farmer. ‘Greetings to you, farmer. I’m the weather fairy.’, she started telling him. ‘What weather are you wishing for?’ That was the question she wanted to be answered. Curiously she looked at him. ‘It is too cold.’ he informed her after a moment of thinking. ‘When it is a little warmer I could work at the fields. Rain would help a lot for that too.’ he added. The fairy nodded and flew away.
Back on her cloud she started with her work. She brought the clouds to rain and the sun to shine. It began to get warmer on earth. Moments later she could watch the farmers on their fields working. This weather was perfect.

From her cloud she watched the humans for some hours. Suddenly she realized that not all of them were happy. So again she flew down to earth. This time she flew through a town. There she met a woman and her child. They tried to get out of the rain. The fairy flew to them and stopped them walking. ‘Greetings to you. I’m the weather fairy.’ she started her text the second time on that day. ‘I noticed that you don’t like the weather. So what would you like to have?’ she asked. “I want the sun. I don’t like the rain.’ The child answered immediately. The fairy nodded and flew away.
She made the clouds go away so that the sun could shine. The humans on earth should be happy. For a while she watched the children play in the streets. But soon an exhausting day came to an end.

The next day the sun woke her. Quickly she flew to her cloud to watch the humans again. The children still played in the street. But the other inhabitants of the town were not happy at all.
So the weather fairy made her way down to earth again. This time she flew to a palace. There she found a king sitting bored on his throne. ‘Greetings to you, your majesty. I’m the weather fairy.’ she introduced herself. ‚You are the weather fairy? So you are responsible for the weather?‘ the king asked and sat a little up. He looked at the fairy who was a little irritated. Nobody ever asked her a question but she was willing to answer. ‘That is who I’m.’ she nodded. ‘I asked a farmer and child how they want to have the weather. But not everyone was happy with it. So now I ask you how the weather should be.’ she tried to explain the weather to him. The king started laughing. ‘You want to make everyone happy.’ He said and waited until the fairy nodded. ‘I am the king for many years now and I always try to make everyone happy at the same time. But I have never done that. Everyone is different and want something else. You cannot make everyone happy at the same time. It is impossible. A farmer wants to have other weather than a child as you already noticed. There is no solution for everyone to be happy.’
She looked at him thoughtfully. She could not make everyone happy. ‘So what should I do?’ she asked. ‘In this season it is cold and dark. You should stay with that. The winter is not for working on the fields.‘ the king answered. The fairy nodded and flew away.
The weather fairy got back the dark clouds. She does not want the sun to reach the earth so that it could get cold. Like it is in winter. As well she decided to let it snow.
Within some hours the earth was white all over. In the town the children played in the snow. Their parents watched them closely. The farmers were not at the fields any more. They were sitting in front of the fireplaces together with their wives and children and told them stories. The king was standing at a window of his palace and watched the white landscape.

The weather fairy learned something that she, when she did not forget it, still does.
Making everyone happy is not an easy task. When you are the weather fairy it is even harder. Everyone likes the weather to be different. What is the perfect solution then?
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May 4, 2014