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Pirate vs Tropical Snowmen


Will the evil Tropical Mountain Snowmen steal the treasure of the ancients, or will the Pirate pillage and take it for himself! Who will win this fight of mass portportions! And when will I get a life?!
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:lmao: I like this! I definitely needed something silly like this to cheer me up today, and it worked! Is this part of an ongoing work? If not, I hope you expound on it. Tropical snowmen rule! :w00t:
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Obviously what you're saying is that it is my mission in life to create a franchise out of Tropical Mountain Snowmen, and you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!! The world should-- nay, NEEDS the likes of this!

When I become a great animator, I will see to it that there is a proper cartoon series! WITH LOTS OF FLASHING LIGHTS! Beautifully painted, colorful images! And a story full of heart, with characters so emotionally charged that it'll blow away every single Miyazaki, Satoshi Kon, Pixar, Rankin/Bass, Disney, Don Bluth EVER MADE!

Or, uh, it'll flop terribly. Same thing, right?

(I also like how I lumped Rankin/Bass in that list, as if they're remembered for being great animators)

(and yes, I still make really bad, nerdy references that no on gets after all these years!)
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Didn't they do "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reigndeer"? That's one of my favorite Christmas shows! Even though it's sort of sexist... But it's still nostalgic.
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THEY DID! and..wait.. Sexist?! How is it...

*thinks about it*

....oh my God, I never noticed before. But it is!
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Sad, but true... :shrug: When Donner says "This is man's work," I was willing to shrug it off as them just showing what a He-Man he was trying to be. And then, later on, the narrator said, "They both agreed that it was more important to get the women back home." :lol: When I watched it this last Christmas, I just had to exclaim, "OMG, it's SEXIST!!!" :omg: Oh, well, it was the sixties (seventies?), what can ya do? :D
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This, is so awosme :clap: hehe.
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I'm glad you think so! I aim to please.. and make people laugh till they fall out of their chairs.
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Whoa, those snowmen are hardcore. They even pilage in the heat! Niiice. Arrrrrr! :pirate: Nice drawing, bro!
blackbeardpirate's avatar
Why thank you. Any one who can see the humor of piraetes and tropical mountain snowmen is a friend of mine!
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get em pirate dude! XD
blackbeardpirate's avatar
Dun dun dun, go go pirate hero go go!

oh the things I do at 1 am for entertainment.
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This is so cool! Love it:horns:
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haha, thanks Ibanez, you're awesome!
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LOL That's a tough call! Especially if the snowmen can still fight after being chopped...hmmm...

And no! Never get a life! Then I'll be alone in my life-lessness!
blackbeardpirate's avatar
the Pirate has to win! for all pirates are ...well, all mighty! granted, snowmen are pretty cold dudes.

ah, al right, then we shall be lifeless together!
ru-shin's avatar
Yes, pirates are awsome! :D

We shall live our lifeless lives to the fullest! XD
sumomochan's avatar
LOL... poor tropical snowmen! They'll melt :(
blackbeardpirate's avatar
Don't worry, their magic! ...or at least i'm led to believe that.
sumomochan's avatar
Wow... O_O how cool is that!!! I wish that all snowpeople have that power!
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I worry about you BBP-kun....coolies to the snowmen! BEAT DA PIRATE'S ASS!

p.s Plue from Rave Master scares me

blackbeardpirate's avatar
Heh, I'm a very strange man.

Does he really? I love Plue! It's funny when people do strange things with him, like use him as a weapon.
dranzer-star's avatar

thankyou and goodnight

xxYami Marik rules!!!! Evil cookies all round!xx
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