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Happy Birthday Josh

Don't ask me. It wasn't my idea!

Jesus is probably really good with nunchaku.

Happy birthday !
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:iconjesuschristplz: I love all the children! No pedophilia!
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I love you kung-fu Jesus!
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Legend has it when Kung-Fu Jesus combines with Karate Chop Ghandi and Ninja Warrior Oliver Cromwell, they form a giant robot!
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"Jesus is probably really good with nunchaku."

You know, I bet it would look a little something like this [link] :nod:
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BOW!!!!!!!! BOW DOWN YOU FOOLS!!! ALLL OF YOU BOW!!!!!!!!!! ^_^
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Hahaha! Glad you like it, man!
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freaking eh!.....the caption just adds a bit of hominess to it.. *giggle* XD
and your right he's probly the 'freaking eh' of teh chucks
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dang right he IS the freakin' eh of the chucks. Accept no substitutes. Even if Dan Rathers threatens you! GOT IT?! YEAH!

...I need a life, huh?
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*giggle, life smife, you need internet adn crazy random excripts
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*stares* Ya know....I bet He is. *ponders* This looks great. :D

*waves to this Josh-person* Happy B-day!! :D

(*hugs you* I've missed yah! :D )
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Come on, it's Jesus. He could own anyone. Even (dare I say it..) CHUCK NORRIS!
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He would pwn Chuck Norris AND Bruce Lee! At the same time!! XD
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You know, Im actually glad to see a tan Jesus romping about, nunchaku and all. :P
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You should be! the man is good with 'dem t'ings!
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Dude I think I'm gunna die by laughing at that... and for laughing at it I will prolly be sent to the ninth layer of hell... Kentucky
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Hahaha, That was a good one. If I had a dollar for every time I drove to kentucky and kicked myself for it... well, I'd have about five bucks.

I like your signature btw.
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Five bucks in kentucky makes your rich, five bucks in alabama makes you god!
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:paranoid: Is it wrong I find this funny as hell? (Pun intended) :XD:
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HELL! (intedended there too, muahaha. Ha.) I love it.
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I wo't say anything bad because its your drawing and its very ell done. some might have something to say but thats thier opinion right? right. anyway good shading job hope he likes it.
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Like I said to someone else, we actually watched a video in church (meant for kids i think) where Jesus goes down to hell and Kung Fu fights satan. If that's not blasphemy, then I can get away with this!
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that was some video its a image i would never think of thinking of.
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True, but then, I can think of a million worse things than the lord carrying nunchuku.
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